• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Keep Calm and Chaos on - Foal Star

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

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Chapter One: Why you don't Piss Off Fluttershy

Fluttershy was quite groggy early one spring morning as she slowly woke up and started climbing out of her bed. She groaned slowly sliding her large snake like a cumbersome body out of bed. It has been about a year since she was transformed into a draconequus and she was still quite not used to having her new form. Her long serpentine body being longer and with her giant eagle wings popping out of her back she was still quite clumsy and seemed to be still getting used to her new body.

She then slowly got up from bed to see an angry little Angel bunny stomping a paw and giving her an angry glare. Fluttershy just gave her pet an unamused stare right back and growled, "You don't give me a break do you?"

Angel threw his feeding bowl on the ground which made Fluttershy shout, "Fine, I'll feed you! It's not like there are hundreds of baby bunnies who need to be fed first!”

Fluttershy simply snapped a claw and feed instantly appeared in the bowl. She gave a small smile seeing how her abilities with chaos magic were now adapting quite nicely seeing she had been taking lessons with Discord for the past several months. The draconequus then flew over to a mirror and looked herself over in the mirror with he elongated scaled body her long strand of frizzy pink mane wrapped around her shoulders, two cute antlers poking above her head, and a scruff of yellow fur near her chest with cute lion paws where her hooves should be. With a snap of a claw, her mane was perfectly groomed flowing down her body and her fluffy fur was now perfectly scrubbed and clean. Fluttershy gave a sigh of relief seeing that nothing crazy happened and explained with a smile. "That's good, it seems the lessons that Discord has given me are finally paying off. Usually, when I do that I would end up in a tutu or something equally embarrassing."

The draconequus then flew outside and gently went by the burrows and whispered, come cuties, come on out time to eat.” Baby bunnies all over started popping out yawning and stretching their little limbs. They then hopped together towards Fluttershy who snapped her claw again as the grass grew out a little with clovers sprinkled with feed. Afterward, the cute draconequus drifted into the kitchen and with a sprinkle of magic and a snap she had a full breakfast already with fresh waffles drizzled lightly with syrup, a cup of orange juice and a fresh cup coffee. She sat down and began to eat her fill then she turned to see that Angel was back giving her an angry glare. Fluttershy simply looked at her sassy bunny and explained. "That's enough food for now. I don't want you getting fat on me."

Angel started to throw a temper tantrum stomping about and whining. Fluttershy shook her head. “throw a temper tantrum all you want you're not getting any more food.”

Angel’s face became a deep red and started to stomp up and down even more. The draconequus watched her angry spoiled bunny having a temper tantrum and thought back to the respectful baby bunnies outside grazing and finally snapped, “seriously Angel! You’ve been spoiled for far too long! I have baby bunnies only a few weeks old that behave better than you! I think it's about time you were taught some manners!"

Without realizing it she snapped a claw and gasped seeing tendrils of pink magic swirl around her pet bunny. Angel had pink tendrils swirled around his tiny body and was starting to transform as Fluttershy watched to her amazement as the little bunny slowly morphed into a mare. She was now a white coated pegasus with deep green eyes and a braided blonde mane with a cutie mark of a feather duster decorated with a carrot as a handle appeared on her rump. Then all of a sudden a white blouse appeared over her midriff and a frilly black dress with black mary jane shoes and white frilly socks appeared over her hooves along with a black frilly bonnet tied around her head. Fluttershy was quite stunned when the maid who simply curtsied in her new uniform and bent her head down as she calmly whispered. "I apologize, my lady, I'll leave you to your meal."

Fluttershy who was a bit stunned at the sudden transformation and was about to turn him back to normal. But the maid then went about collecting dishes and placing them in the sink. Fluttershy paused mid-snap for a second before she shrugged and chirped. “You know what, fine you can stay as a maid for today for being such a brat. I need to go get groceries you can clean the dishes, feed the chickens and make sure the rest of the baby bunnies are fed and taken care of.”

The maid performed another curtsey and whispered, “of course madam Fluttershy I'll do as you command.” The maid then strode off as the draconequus gave a smirk and giggled. “Well, that's more like it. Maybe being a maid for a little will teach you some manners Angel."

Fluttershy resumed her meal and ate in peace as she pondered on what happened. Why did she just transform Angel into a maid that was completely unlike her? But she felt good and giddy inside using her chaos magic. Fluttershy shook her head and whispered, “it's just some chaos magic Discord said I should use it once in a while. That's it I'll leave Angel like that to teach him a lesson. While he's doing the chores this will be a perfect opportunity to go shopping."

After finishing her meal Fluttershy then fluttered out into the cottage and spotted the old brown coated earth pony stallion whistling a tune while flooding her garden with a water hose again! The draconequus was quite frustrated seeing this was like the hundredth time she’s caught him doing this. The mare grumbled, “you might as well be an elephant shooting water out of your trunk.”

She squealed as out of nowhere pink magic tendrils wrapped around him and transformed him making him bigger and plumped up with grey leathery skin and a large trunk formed where his nose would be. Fluttershy squealed at what happened seeing she transformed her gardner into an elephant. However, she also noticed how he was now lightly sprinkling out water from his trunk gently onto the flowers and the draconequus just shrugged and grumbled, “fine whatever as long as he doesn’t trample on them. Maybe that'll teach him a lesson in learning how to not overwater my flowers."

She then flew off towards Ponyville with a crazy look in her eyes. “I wonder why am I'm feeling like this today? I haven't used my chaos magic like this in over a year.”

She then landed in the middle of Ponyville and spotted Rarity who was seemingly heading to her cottage. The white-coated unicorn waved a hoof at her with a bright smile and called out. “Hey, Fluttershy! Over here!”

The draconequus smiled at her friend and drifted over and replied, “Hey Rarity! Do you have those designs you wanted to test out for me!”

Rarity clopped her hooves together and exclaimed, “of course darling! Your proportions were the oddest and most difficult I've ever dealt with. But I think the outfits I designed were worth the wait.”

Fluttershy was then taken over to Rarity’s boutique and the white-coated unicorn began taking out a long green flowing dress. It looked much like the one she wore to the galloping gala years ago. Fluttershy smiled and exclaimed, “oh wow! It looks so beautiful!”

She took the dress as Rarity helped put it on her. It was quite nice and it seemed to fit well. But then Rarity smirked,” oh you like that one!”

She then took out an entire clothing line filled with the giant dresses. Fluttershy’s mouth dropped upon seeing rows and rows of clothes. Rarity turned around and asked,” I hope you don’t mind but I was quite busy this past winter working on designs for you. Would it be okay if we go through them?”

Fluttershy shrugged, “well I don’t have much going on today...that's fine I guess.” Rarity clopped her hooves together and chirped,” awesome! Now just stand there and let me work my magic.”

Fluttershy was getting quite irritated as Rarity was dressing her up in the hundredth dress it was a little girly for her taste is a light purple with bubble sleeves and a frilled outline near the bottom of the dress. Rarity was tapping a hoof to her chin and she whispered, “it seems that this dress could use some work. But I have a few more I want you to try on.”

Fluttershy finally snapped shouting, “No that's it! I've had enough! I am not a bucking ponyquin!” Without realizing tendrils of pink magic swirled around Rarity she gasped in horror as her body stiffened and turned into a white plastic material. Her tail and mane turned into a cloth-like material as her cutie mark look painted on her rump fully completing her as a plastic model of a ponyquin. But the mare's face still retained her purple eyes and she could still talk as she squeaked, “Fluttershy what did you do to me! Change me back now!”

The draconequus gave an evil smile as she scoffed,” as if! I'm having way too much fun!" She snapped a claw and a pink frilly dress with white frills, appeared over her body with a pink bonnet decorated with white frills was tied around her head. Rarity gaped in horror and shouted, "Fluttershy, please! This outfit is way too gaudy even for me!” The draconequus smirked she wasn't done she snapped a claw as black mary jane shoes appeared on each hoof along with frilly white stockings, and a big white sparkling bow tied around her midriff. Fluttershy placed a claw over her mouth and giggled,” you now have an outfit fillies all over Equestria will adore. Don't worry I'll be back, I have some shopping I need to do.”

She then snapped a claw and poofed in a puff of smoke. Rarity was teleported into the front of the shop with a pink banner with white poofy letters that read, "pretty princess dress shop." where any passerby could see. Rarity's cheeks were growing red as she shouted, "Fluttershy stop it please!"

She smirked, "oh don't worry I'll come back for you after I finish shopping." Fluttershy then drifted off down the road still quite giddy with excitment and she now had that crazed look in her eyes seeming to be more dangerous than before, “that's was exhilarating! I've never felt so powerful in my life!”

Fluttershy gave a deep breath “ok that’s it no more chaos magic I need to calm down."

She then went about shopping, most ponies gave her a nervous glance but then went about their days more have gotten used to Fluttershy’s draconequus form. As the annoyed draconequus stood in line Pinkie Pie of all ponies came bounding over chirping, “hey Fluttershy so cool to see you this morning! Are you going to do anything cool with your chaos magic! Huh! Huh!”

Fluttershy gave a sigh. “No Pinkie Pie, I told you I don't like using it okay? I just came to get a few things.”

Pinkie Pie popped out of her mane and asked, “why? You're a draconequus! You can conjure up anything you want!”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “I’m not going to use chaos magic for everything Pinkie. I don’t mind going out shopping.”

Pinkie then bounded up into Fluttershy’s face and shouted,” why not!? Come on do some chaos magic please!”

Fluttershy looked down at her friend with a glare then gave a smirk,” You know what? Sure, I can use some chaos magic just hold still.” The draconequus snapped a claw as pink tendrils of magic around Pinkie Pie and was instantly transformed into pink coated poodle with a big poofy pink scuff of pink fur formed on her head, with little scruffs of poof fur grew over her paws, and one ball of pink fur formed on her long tail. Fluttershy giggled a little and then she gave a command, "sit!”

Pinkie Pie sat down on her rump as Fluttershy giggled,” good girl, now roll over.” Pinkie Pie did just so rolling on her back. Fluttershy gave a nod of approval and cooed, “Good girl! now go on and bug somepony else.”

Pinkie Pie gave a bark and ran off down the road while Fluttershy continued towards the cherry stand. As the cute draconequus picked a bag of ripe cherries the tan-coated mare behind the stand. "Five bits for a pound."

Fluttershy's eye flicked as she was quite irritated from this mare trying to bring up her prices again. She grumbled, “greedy pig,” Fluttershy then snapped a claw as magic tendrils swirled around the mare and she was instantly transformed into a giant fat pink piggy bank with big slits on its back. Fluttershy threw three bits into the slots and scoffed, "there I hope you're happy!"

The piggy bank gave happy oink as it shook about making the bits rattle around inside. Fluttershy then turned around and gasped as Many ponies gave horrified looks and they began to run off in fear. The draconequus reared up and roared, "oh you're all scared huh!? You're all just a bunch of sheep!"

She snaps a claw turning them into sheep bawwing and bouncing around. She scoffed taking her cherries and strode off. Twilight then flew over and in a concerned tone she exclaimed, “Fluttershy what's gotten into you!”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed, “Oh look here’s Princess Twilight coming to save the day!” She snapped a claw and twilight had magic hit her giving her a big poofy purple dress frilly dress, with shiny glass slippers, and a golden tiara on her mane which was now perfectly flowing around her face. She squealed stumbling backward, “huh what did you do to me?!

The mare placed a hoof to her mouth in surprise upon hearing her voice sounding so soft much like a mix between Cadence and Fluttershy's and squeaked, "Why's my voice so soft and cute!”

Fluttershy snickered, “now you are a true princess congratulations! Now go find a prince to marry and leave me alone.”

She then flew off as Twilight blinked with a dull look on her face and chirped. “Oh...okay! I'll go find myself a handsome prince! We're going to get married in Canterlot! Have our Honeymoon at Las Pegasus then we'll have tons of kids!” The princess alicorn looked her dress over and commented, "this dress is quite beautiful but I think my friend Rarity can make it prettier!"

Discord was in front of Fluttershy’s cottage as he whispered, “there was a huge spike in chaos magic here? I hope things are doing okay?” he knocked and the door opened with a white coated mare pegasus opened the door as she performed a simple curtsy. “Good morning Discord.”

He rolled his eyes and commented, “honestly Angel this is the second time you were transformed into a mare are you sure you don’t want to stay like this?”

The maid blushed a little and waved a hoof. “Oh stop Discord, I think I was always a mare silly.”

Discord rolled his eyes and asked, “anyways Fluttershy is obviously performing chaos magic without my supervision where is she?”

Angel shrugged and simply replied, "I'm not sure, I think she went out to do some shopping.”

Discord then turned to see an elephant watering the trees around the cottage with its trunk and gave an exasperated sigh, “Well it's about time she started using it. But, I don't want her going too far and get in trouble with the princesses.”

He then took out his odd-looking "chaos meter" and it pointed towards Ponyville. “It seems that there’s another spike in chaos magic in Ponyville.”

Discord then flew off to Ponyville's market placed and the first he came upon a bunch of sheep bouncing around and eating the produce on the stands while a piggy bank was oinking happily as it took bits off the ground and threw them into its slot. Discord rolled his eyes and quickly snapped his claws reverting everypony back to normal with many ponies spitting out the food in their mouths and the tan-coated mare that ran the cherry stand blushed hard as she started coughing up bits. Discord gave an exasperated sigh and asked, “hey I know that Fluttershy did this but I need to know where she's going?”

Everypony blinked and then started running away making Discord slam a claw into his face and then he flew off towards Rarity's boutique. He first came upon Twilight admiring A poofy pink dress outside Rarity's boutique with drool coming down her chin moaning," I need that dress."

Suddenly seemingly out of nowhere Rainbow Dash crashed down out of nowhere slammed down next to the princess and shouted, " Twilight what's gotten into you! Your acting like a zombie! snap out of it! Someone is turning ponies into sheep and we need to do something about it!"

Twilight kicked about in her dress and whined like a toddler. "I am a princess! I need to get a pretty pink dress like that so I can marry a prince!"

Rainbow Dash shouted back. "seriously?! what's wrong with you! did you buck up a spell or something!?"

Discord came over and shook his head. "No our little princess is acting strange because Fluttershy used chaos magic on her."

Rainbow Dash eyed Discord who was known for his antics and asked in a suspicious tone. "Oh really? Fluttershy who's barely used her chaos magic outside of caring for her animals turned dozens of ponies into sheep and Twilight into a brainless fairytale princess?"

She shoved a hoof into Discord's nose and growled, "I bet you had something to do with this!"

The draconequus rolled his eyes and scoffed, "please, if I did this I would be way more imaginative." He snapped a claw as Twilight's dress became more frilly with a dozen petticoats underneath, her mane was now all braided into a poofy mass, and huge white puffs of blush were powdered on her cheeks. She squealed stumbling around on golden stilettos as she tried to keep her poofy dress down.

Rainbow Dash couldn't help but snicker and comment, "okay, that was funny but can you turn her back to normal?"

Discord snapped his claw again as Twilight was poofed back to normal except for her poofy frilly purple dress and golden tiara still in her mane.

Twilight groaned as she rubbed her head. "Ugh, what happened?"

Discord was going to explain but just then Pinkie Pie who was still a poodle barking and trying to get his attention. He dawwed and gave the poodle a pat on the head as Rainbow Dash's mouth and exclaimed, "Is that Pinkie Pie!"

They then both her muffled cries and everypony turned to see Rarity as a ponyquin who was the one modeling the embarrassing pink frilly dress Twilight was gawking at earlier.

Rainbow Dash was beyond angry at this point she flew up into the sky and roared, "that's it! I'm going to find Fluttershy and give her a piece of my mind!"

She then zoomed off towards Fluttershy's cottage leaving a rainbow trail as Discord watched Rarity bounce around and shouting through the glass window and snickered. "Oh my, Fluttershy did a marvelous job on you. Do I have to turn her back to normal?"

Twilight who was also enraged shouted, "yes! yes, you do!"

He grumbled but reluctantly snapped a claw as he poofed Pinkie Pie and Rarity back to normal and sighed,” so I guess that Fluttershy is really using chaos magic now? She could've at least told me?"

Twilight squeaked as her face turned bright red seeing the embarrassing dress she was wearing and shouted, “you think! You need to go stop her before she does anything crazier!!”

Pinkie Pie was still shaking her tail like a dog and giggled. ”I don't know? You look cute in that dress! Maybe we should let Fluttershy use her chaos magic even more!"

Rarity then burst through the front doors of boutique wearing her embarrassing outfit and shouted,” Discord you need to stop her! I mean look what she made me wear!"

Discord, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie all turned around and looked upon Rarity in her frilly pink outfit. After a long pause, they all burst into fits of laughter. Rarity gave a long wail of embarrassment and ran back inside her boutique. Discord just gave another sigh, ”alright I'll go find Fluttershy and see what's going on.”

Twilight turned towards Discord with a concerned look and asked, "Discord you sure you can handle her she seems to be very angry.”

Discord shook his head. "Trust me only a draconequus can handle another draconequus. Now go have a tea party with Rarity or something.”

He then snapped a claw teleporting Twilight and Pinkie Pie as he flew off into the air. As Discord flew off to find Fluttershy Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie (who was also now in a frilly poofy pink dress) were now all sitting around a pink table with a porcelain tea set on the table in the middle of the boutique. Before anypony could say or do anything Sweetie Belle walked in snickering as she asked, "Um Rarity what’s going on here? Are you and your friends having a tea party?”

Fluttershy was grumbling irritably as she flew back to her cottage when she spotted Rainbow Dash who was shouting, “hey what’s going on! I just saw Twilight drooling over some dress? Are you going crazy or something!?”

Fluttershy turned around and spat. “Oh please, Twilight will be fine. I just want ponies to leave me in peace!”

Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves across her chest and replied in an angry tone, “look, I think you being a draconequus is cool and all. But you need to turn Twilight and the other ponies back to normal right now.”

Fluttershy growled, “I think that you can be twenty percent cooler and chill out!” She snapped a claw as Rainbow Dash was transformed into a snowmare plopped on the ground with coals for eyes, a carrot nose, and her wings were made of sticks.

Fluttershy smirked and she was going to leave but saw Discord flying over as he asked, "hey Fluttershy are you doing ok?! What’s up with you turning ponies into sheep! I mean I don't mind you using your chaos magic. But I don't want you getting in trouble with Celestia and Luna."

Fluttershy flew up to face Discord and explained, "I don’t know! I just woke up this morning and I just started spamming out chaos magic for some reason!"

Discord waved a claw and snapped, "hey calm down! You've had chaos magic for a year, and you've been doing fine so far? Just slow down and tell me what happened.”

Fluttershy took a deep breath and then slowly explained her day, "well I have to admit! It hasn't always been easy keeping myself in check. First, Angel was being quite a brat this morning and I accidentally changed him into a maid. Then, I found my gardener over watering my flowers again and I turned him into an elephant. After that, I went to the market to buy some groceries. But, Rarity wanted to have me try out some dresses. However, she went on for so long and I got really irritated and transformed ber into a Ponyquin, which I don't know why I didn't mean to. Then Pinkie Pie started bugging me about using my chaos magic more and something clicked inside me and I just wanted her to leave me alone and transformed her into a poodle. But that mare at the stand was overcharging for her cherries again! that was just the icing on this shit Sunday that made me snap!"

She then roared in anger and shot magic at Rainbow dash who was then turned into a giant scoop of blue colored ice cream in a glass bowl with caramel drizzle and rainbow sprinkles all over.

Discord sighed, “that was pretty good, but come on do something more creative.” He then snapped a claw and the ice cream turned into a "Rainbow Dash" shaped ice pop on a stick. Fluttershy giggled as she snapped a claw and transformed her into a container of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with Rainbow Dash's face on the container with big white letters printed over her head that read. “Rainbow Berry Blitz! including, raspberry, blackberry, cherries, and blueberry.”

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a coy smile and snickered, “was that good enough for you?”

Discord gave her back a pat. “That was quite impressive my young pupil.” He then flicked a claw and Rainbow Dash was turned back to normal who looked quite surprised and confused on what happened. She looked over at Discord with a confused look as he waved a claw making her fly off as fast as possible. Discord then turned his attention to Fluttershy and explained, "I think I know what's going on. I think you're going through what is known as, "pent up chaos magic.”

Fluttershy blinked with a confused expression and shouted, "what!?"

Discord came over and replied, "ever since you became a draconequus you've been reluctant in using chaos magic. Its been built up over a year and your frustration over Angel and these other ponies was just the trigger it needed to be released."

Fluttershy shouted, “so what am I supposed to do!?"

Discord tapped a claw to his chin. “Well this can’t continue, so I would say you need chaos therapy and just let it all out.”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed. “You made that up. Honestly Discord you could have called it something more original.”

The elephant gardener came bounding out of nowhere and chirped, “all the gardening is done Fluttershy!”

Discord snapped a claw and the elephant was turned into the gardener who quickly ran off as the draconequus sighed, “well...it’s my own version. We can do it together and we can try to fix this before you get out of control. I would rather Celestia not turn you into stone.”

Fluttershy paused and then whimpered, ”Oh my Celestia! I...I didn't realize…” She started to tear up and Discord came over and hugged her rubbing her mane. “hey its okay no one is going to turn you into stone I meant that more as a metaphor."

She gave a small nod and rubbed her head into Discord's chest. She then suddenly roared shoving him back and shouting, "Oh I get what you're doing! You're trying to go on a date with me!"

Discord squeaked as his face turned red and stammered, ”wait...no! That's not what I want... you're taking this the wrong way!”

Fluttershy snapped a claw turning Discord into a baby draconequus in a thick white diaper between his legs with "Chaos Baby" printed in pink bubble letters on the padding, along with pink leak guards lining the diaper. The baby draconequus gulped and quivered seeing the angry Fluttershy glaring down at him as she growled, “come back when you grow up and maybe I'll go to therapy!”

She slammed the door as Discord squeaked waving his claws as he fell on his padded rump. He then rubbed his head and sighed, “oh dear, this is going to be harder than I thought.”

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