Keep Calm and Chaos on

by Foal Star

First published

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

Fluttershy has been a draconequus for a year but she hasn't really used her chaos magic. This has caused an issue where now her chaos magic is bursting from her body and causing her to be more aggitated. After a few incidents where she unleashed her power Discord sends her to chaos therapy. In which he created a world for Fluttershy to unleash all her chaos magic without consequences and where she can learn to control her power. But will Fluttershy remain clam and sweet or will she turn into a mistress of chaos.

Chapter One: Why you don't Piss Off Fluttershy

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Fluttershy was quite groggy early one spring morning as she slowly woke up and started climbing out of her bed. She groaned slowly sliding her large snake like a cumbersome body out of bed. It has been about a year since she was transformed into a draconequus and she was still quite not used to having her new form. Her long serpentine body being longer and with her giant eagle wings popping out of her back she was still quite clumsy and seemed to be still getting used to her new body.

She then slowly got up from bed to see an angry little Angel bunny stomping a paw and giving her an angry glare. Fluttershy just gave her pet an unamused stare right back and growled, "You don't give me a break do you?"

Angel threw his feeding bowl on the ground which made Fluttershy shout, "Fine, I'll feed you! It's not like there are hundreds of baby bunnies who need to be fed first!”

Fluttershy simply snapped a claw and feed instantly appeared in the bowl. She gave a small smile seeing how her abilities with chaos magic were now adapting quite nicely seeing she had been taking lessons with Discord for the past several months. The draconequus then flew over to a mirror and looked herself over in the mirror with he elongated scaled body her long strand of frizzy pink mane wrapped around her shoulders, two cute antlers poking above her head, and a scruff of yellow fur near her chest with cute lion paws where her hooves should be. With a snap of a claw, her mane was perfectly groomed flowing down her body and her fluffy fur was now perfectly scrubbed and clean. Fluttershy gave a sigh of relief seeing that nothing crazy happened and explained with a smile. "That's good, it seems the lessons that Discord has given me are finally paying off. Usually, when I do that I would end up in a tutu or something equally embarrassing."

The draconequus then flew outside and gently went by the burrows and whispered, come cuties, come on out time to eat.” Baby bunnies all over started popping out yawning and stretching their little limbs. They then hopped together towards Fluttershy who snapped her claw again as the grass grew out a little with clovers sprinkled with feed. Afterward, the cute draconequus drifted into the kitchen and with a sprinkle of magic and a snap she had a full breakfast already with fresh waffles drizzled lightly with syrup, a cup of orange juice and a fresh cup coffee. She sat down and began to eat her fill then she turned to see that Angel was back giving her an angry glare. Fluttershy simply looked at her sassy bunny and explained. "That's enough food for now. I don't want you getting fat on me."

Angel started to throw a temper tantrum stomping about and whining. Fluttershy shook her head. “throw a temper tantrum all you want you're not getting any more food.”

Angel’s face became a deep red and started to stomp up and down even more. The draconequus watched her angry spoiled bunny having a temper tantrum and thought back to the respectful baby bunnies outside grazing and finally snapped, “seriously Angel! You’ve been spoiled for far too long! I have baby bunnies only a few weeks old that behave better than you! I think it's about time you were taught some manners!"

Without realizing it she snapped a claw and gasped seeing tendrils of pink magic swirl around her pet bunny. Angel had pink tendrils swirled around his tiny body and was starting to transform as Fluttershy watched to her amazement as the little bunny slowly morphed into a mare. She was now a white coated pegasus with deep green eyes and a braided blonde mane with a cutie mark of a feather duster decorated with a carrot as a handle appeared on her rump. Then all of a sudden a white blouse appeared over her midriff and a frilly black dress with black mary jane shoes and white frilly socks appeared over her hooves along with a black frilly bonnet tied around her head. Fluttershy was quite stunned when the maid who simply curtsied in her new uniform and bent her head down as she calmly whispered. "I apologize, my lady, I'll leave you to your meal."

Fluttershy who was a bit stunned at the sudden transformation and was about to turn him back to normal. But the maid then went about collecting dishes and placing them in the sink. Fluttershy paused mid-snap for a second before she shrugged and chirped. “You know what, fine you can stay as a maid for today for being such a brat. I need to go get groceries you can clean the dishes, feed the chickens and make sure the rest of the baby bunnies are fed and taken care of.”

The maid performed another curtsey and whispered, “of course madam Fluttershy I'll do as you command.” The maid then strode off as the draconequus gave a smirk and giggled. “Well, that's more like it. Maybe being a maid for a little will teach you some manners Angel."

Fluttershy resumed her meal and ate in peace as she pondered on what happened. Why did she just transform Angel into a maid that was completely unlike her? But she felt good and giddy inside using her chaos magic. Fluttershy shook her head and whispered, “it's just some chaos magic Discord said I should use it once in a while. That's it I'll leave Angel like that to teach him a lesson. While he's doing the chores this will be a perfect opportunity to go shopping."

After finishing her meal Fluttershy then fluttered out into the cottage and spotted the old brown coated earth pony stallion whistling a tune while flooding her garden with a water hose again! The draconequus was quite frustrated seeing this was like the hundredth time she’s caught him doing this. The mare grumbled, “you might as well be an elephant shooting water out of your trunk.”

She squealed as out of nowhere pink magic tendrils wrapped around him and transformed him making him bigger and plumped up with grey leathery skin and a large trunk formed where his nose would be. Fluttershy squealed at what happened seeing she transformed her gardner into an elephant. However, she also noticed how he was now lightly sprinkling out water from his trunk gently onto the flowers and the draconequus just shrugged and grumbled, “fine whatever as long as he doesn’t trample on them. Maybe that'll teach him a lesson in learning how to not overwater my flowers."

She then flew off towards Ponyville with a crazy look in her eyes. “I wonder why am I'm feeling like this today? I haven't used my chaos magic like this in over a year.”

She then landed in the middle of Ponyville and spotted Rarity who was seemingly heading to her cottage. The white-coated unicorn waved a hoof at her with a bright smile and called out. “Hey, Fluttershy! Over here!”

The draconequus smiled at her friend and drifted over and replied, “Hey Rarity! Do you have those designs you wanted to test out for me!”

Rarity clopped her hooves together and exclaimed, “of course darling! Your proportions were the oddest and most difficult I've ever dealt with. But I think the outfits I designed were worth the wait.”

Fluttershy was then taken over to Rarity’s boutique and the white-coated unicorn began taking out a long green flowing dress. It looked much like the one she wore to the galloping gala years ago. Fluttershy smiled and exclaimed, “oh wow! It looks so beautiful!”

She took the dress as Rarity helped put it on her. It was quite nice and it seemed to fit well. But then Rarity smirked,” oh you like that one!”

She then took out an entire clothing line filled with the giant dresses. Fluttershy’s mouth dropped upon seeing rows and rows of clothes. Rarity turned around and asked,” I hope you don’t mind but I was quite busy this past winter working on designs for you. Would it be okay if we go through them?”

Fluttershy shrugged, “well I don’t have much going on today...that's fine I guess.” Rarity clopped her hooves together and chirped,” awesome! Now just stand there and let me work my magic.”

Fluttershy was getting quite irritated as Rarity was dressing her up in the hundredth dress it was a little girly for her taste is a light purple with bubble sleeves and a frilled outline near the bottom of the dress. Rarity was tapping a hoof to her chin and she whispered, “it seems that this dress could use some work. But I have a few more I want you to try on.”

Fluttershy finally snapped shouting, “No that's it! I've had enough! I am not a bucking ponyquin!” Without realizing tendrils of pink magic swirled around Rarity she gasped in horror as her body stiffened and turned into a white plastic material. Her tail and mane turned into a cloth-like material as her cutie mark look painted on her rump fully completing her as a plastic model of a ponyquin. But the mare's face still retained her purple eyes and she could still talk as she squeaked, “Fluttershy what did you do to me! Change me back now!”

The draconequus gave an evil smile as she scoffed,” as if! I'm having way too much fun!" She snapped a claw and a pink frilly dress with white frills, appeared over her body with a pink bonnet decorated with white frills was tied around her head. Rarity gaped in horror and shouted, "Fluttershy, please! This outfit is way too gaudy even for me!” The draconequus smirked she wasn't done she snapped a claw as black mary jane shoes appeared on each hoof along with frilly white stockings, and a big white sparkling bow tied around her midriff. Fluttershy placed a claw over her mouth and giggled,” you now have an outfit fillies all over Equestria will adore. Don't worry I'll be back, I have some shopping I need to do.”

She then snapped a claw and poofed in a puff of smoke. Rarity was teleported into the front of the shop with a pink banner with white poofy letters that read, "pretty princess dress shop." where any passerby could see. Rarity's cheeks were growing red as she shouted, "Fluttershy stop it please!"

She smirked, "oh don't worry I'll come back for you after I finish shopping." Fluttershy then drifted off down the road still quite giddy with excitment and she now had that crazed look in her eyes seeming to be more dangerous than before, “that's was exhilarating! I've never felt so powerful in my life!”

Fluttershy gave a deep breath “ok that’s it no more chaos magic I need to calm down."

She then went about shopping, most ponies gave her a nervous glance but then went about their days more have gotten used to Fluttershy’s draconequus form. As the annoyed draconequus stood in line Pinkie Pie of all ponies came bounding over chirping, “hey Fluttershy so cool to see you this morning! Are you going to do anything cool with your chaos magic! Huh! Huh!”

Fluttershy gave a sigh. “No Pinkie Pie, I told you I don't like using it okay? I just came to get a few things.”

Pinkie Pie popped out of her mane and asked, “why? You're a draconequus! You can conjure up anything you want!”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “I’m not going to use chaos magic for everything Pinkie. I don’t mind going out shopping.”

Pinkie then bounded up into Fluttershy’s face and shouted,” why not!? Come on do some chaos magic please!”

Fluttershy looked down at her friend with a glare then gave a smirk,” You know what? Sure, I can use some chaos magic just hold still.” The draconequus snapped a claw as pink tendrils of magic around Pinkie Pie and was instantly transformed into pink coated poodle with a big poofy pink scuff of pink fur formed on her head, with little scruffs of poof fur grew over her paws, and one ball of pink fur formed on her long tail. Fluttershy giggled a little and then she gave a command, "sit!”

Pinkie Pie sat down on her rump as Fluttershy giggled,” good girl, now roll over.” Pinkie Pie did just so rolling on her back. Fluttershy gave a nod of approval and cooed, “Good girl! now go on and bug somepony else.”

Pinkie Pie gave a bark and ran off down the road while Fluttershy continued towards the cherry stand. As the cute draconequus picked a bag of ripe cherries the tan-coated mare behind the stand. "Five bits for a pound."

Fluttershy's eye flicked as she was quite irritated from this mare trying to bring up her prices again. She grumbled, “greedy pig,” Fluttershy then snapped a claw as magic tendrils swirled around the mare and she was instantly transformed into a giant fat pink piggy bank with big slits on its back. Fluttershy threw three bits into the slots and scoffed, "there I hope you're happy!"

The piggy bank gave happy oink as it shook about making the bits rattle around inside. Fluttershy then turned around and gasped as Many ponies gave horrified looks and they began to run off in fear. The draconequus reared up and roared, "oh you're all scared huh!? You're all just a bunch of sheep!"

She snaps a claw turning them into sheep bawwing and bouncing around. She scoffed taking her cherries and strode off. Twilight then flew over and in a concerned tone she exclaimed, “Fluttershy what's gotten into you!”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed, “Oh look here’s Princess Twilight coming to save the day!” She snapped a claw and twilight had magic hit her giving her a big poofy purple dress frilly dress, with shiny glass slippers, and a golden tiara on her mane which was now perfectly flowing around her face. She squealed stumbling backward, “huh what did you do to me?!

The mare placed a hoof to her mouth in surprise upon hearing her voice sounding so soft much like a mix between Cadence and Fluttershy's and squeaked, "Why's my voice so soft and cute!”

Fluttershy snickered, “now you are a true princess congratulations! Now go find a prince to marry and leave me alone.”

She then flew off as Twilight blinked with a dull look on her face and chirped. “Oh...okay! I'll go find myself a handsome prince! We're going to get married in Canterlot! Have our Honeymoon at Las Pegasus then we'll have tons of kids!” The princess alicorn looked her dress over and commented, "this dress is quite beautiful but I think my friend Rarity can make it prettier!"

Discord was in front of Fluttershy’s cottage as he whispered, “there was a huge spike in chaos magic here? I hope things are doing okay?” he knocked and the door opened with a white coated mare pegasus opened the door as she performed a simple curtsy. “Good morning Discord.”

He rolled his eyes and commented, “honestly Angel this is the second time you were transformed into a mare are you sure you don’t want to stay like this?”

The maid blushed a little and waved a hoof. “Oh stop Discord, I think I was always a mare silly.”

Discord rolled his eyes and asked, “anyways Fluttershy is obviously performing chaos magic without my supervision where is she?”

Angel shrugged and simply replied, "I'm not sure, I think she went out to do some shopping.”

Discord then turned to see an elephant watering the trees around the cottage with its trunk and gave an exasperated sigh, “Well it's about time she started using it. But, I don't want her going too far and get in trouble with the princesses.”

He then took out his odd-looking "chaos meter" and it pointed towards Ponyville. “It seems that there’s another spike in chaos magic in Ponyville.”

Discord then flew off to Ponyville's market placed and the first he came upon a bunch of sheep bouncing around and eating the produce on the stands while a piggy bank was oinking happily as it took bits off the ground and threw them into its slot. Discord rolled his eyes and quickly snapped his claws reverting everypony back to normal with many ponies spitting out the food in their mouths and the tan-coated mare that ran the cherry stand blushed hard as she started coughing up bits. Discord gave an exasperated sigh and asked, “hey I know that Fluttershy did this but I need to know where she's going?”

Everypony blinked and then started running away making Discord slam a claw into his face and then he flew off towards Rarity's boutique. He first came upon Twilight admiring A poofy pink dress outside Rarity's boutique with drool coming down her chin moaning," I need that dress."

Suddenly seemingly out of nowhere Rainbow Dash crashed down out of nowhere slammed down next to the princess and shouted, " Twilight what's gotten into you! Your acting like a zombie! snap out of it! Someone is turning ponies into sheep and we need to do something about it!"

Twilight kicked about in her dress and whined like a toddler. "I am a princess! I need to get a pretty pink dress like that so I can marry a prince!"

Rainbow Dash shouted back. "seriously?! what's wrong with you! did you buck up a spell or something!?"

Discord came over and shook his head. "No our little princess is acting strange because Fluttershy used chaos magic on her."

Rainbow Dash eyed Discord who was known for his antics and asked in a suspicious tone. "Oh really? Fluttershy who's barely used her chaos magic outside of caring for her animals turned dozens of ponies into sheep and Twilight into a brainless fairytale princess?"

She shoved a hoof into Discord's nose and growled, "I bet you had something to do with this!"

The draconequus rolled his eyes and scoffed, "please, if I did this I would be way more imaginative." He snapped a claw as Twilight's dress became more frilly with a dozen petticoats underneath, her mane was now all braided into a poofy mass, and huge white puffs of blush were powdered on her cheeks. She squealed stumbling around on golden stilettos as she tried to keep her poofy dress down.

Rainbow Dash couldn't help but snicker and comment, "okay, that was funny but can you turn her back to normal?"

Discord snapped his claw again as Twilight was poofed back to normal except for her poofy frilly purple dress and golden tiara still in her mane.

Twilight groaned as she rubbed her head. "Ugh, what happened?"

Discord was going to explain but just then Pinkie Pie who was still a poodle barking and trying to get his attention. He dawwed and gave the poodle a pat on the head as Rainbow Dash's mouth and exclaimed, "Is that Pinkie Pie!"

They then both her muffled cries and everypony turned to see Rarity as a ponyquin who was the one modeling the embarrassing pink frilly dress Twilight was gawking at earlier.

Rainbow Dash was beyond angry at this point she flew up into the sky and roared, "that's it! I'm going to find Fluttershy and give her a piece of my mind!"

She then zoomed off towards Fluttershy's cottage leaving a rainbow trail as Discord watched Rarity bounce around and shouting through the glass window and snickered. "Oh my, Fluttershy did a marvelous job on you. Do I have to turn her back to normal?"

Twilight who was also enraged shouted, "yes! yes, you do!"

He grumbled but reluctantly snapped a claw as he poofed Pinkie Pie and Rarity back to normal and sighed,” so I guess that Fluttershy is really using chaos magic now? She could've at least told me?"

Twilight squeaked as her face turned bright red seeing the embarrassing dress she was wearing and shouted, “you think! You need to go stop her before she does anything crazier!!”

Pinkie Pie was still shaking her tail like a dog and giggled. ”I don't know? You look cute in that dress! Maybe we should let Fluttershy use her chaos magic even more!"

Rarity then burst through the front doors of boutique wearing her embarrassing outfit and shouted,” Discord you need to stop her! I mean look what she made me wear!"

Discord, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie all turned around and looked upon Rarity in her frilly pink outfit. After a long pause, they all burst into fits of laughter. Rarity gave a long wail of embarrassment and ran back inside her boutique. Discord just gave another sigh, ”alright I'll go find Fluttershy and see what's going on.”

Twilight turned towards Discord with a concerned look and asked, "Discord you sure you can handle her she seems to be very angry.”

Discord shook his head. "Trust me only a draconequus can handle another draconequus. Now go have a tea party with Rarity or something.”

He then snapped a claw teleporting Twilight and Pinkie Pie as he flew off into the air. As Discord flew off to find Fluttershy Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie (who was also now in a frilly poofy pink dress) were now all sitting around a pink table with a porcelain tea set on the table in the middle of the boutique. Before anypony could say or do anything Sweetie Belle walked in snickering as she asked, "Um Rarity what’s going on here? Are you and your friends having a tea party?”

Fluttershy was grumbling irritably as she flew back to her cottage when she spotted Rainbow Dash who was shouting, “hey what’s going on! I just saw Twilight drooling over some dress? Are you going crazy or something!?”

Fluttershy turned around and spat. “Oh please, Twilight will be fine. I just want ponies to leave me in peace!”

Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves across her chest and replied in an angry tone, “look, I think you being a draconequus is cool and all. But you need to turn Twilight and the other ponies back to normal right now.”

Fluttershy growled, “I think that you can be twenty percent cooler and chill out!” She snapped a claw as Rainbow Dash was transformed into a snowmare plopped on the ground with coals for eyes, a carrot nose, and her wings were made of sticks.

Fluttershy smirked and she was going to leave but saw Discord flying over as he asked, "hey Fluttershy are you doing ok?! What’s up with you turning ponies into sheep! I mean I don't mind you using your chaos magic. But I don't want you getting in trouble with Celestia and Luna."

Fluttershy flew up to face Discord and explained, "I don’t know! I just woke up this morning and I just started spamming out chaos magic for some reason!"

Discord waved a claw and snapped, "hey calm down! You've had chaos magic for a year, and you've been doing fine so far? Just slow down and tell me what happened.”

Fluttershy took a deep breath and then slowly explained her day, "well I have to admit! It hasn't always been easy keeping myself in check. First, Angel was being quite a brat this morning and I accidentally changed him into a maid. Then, I found my gardener over watering my flowers again and I turned him into an elephant. After that, I went to the market to buy some groceries. But, Rarity wanted to have me try out some dresses. However, she went on for so long and I got really irritated and transformed ber into a Ponyquin, which I don't know why I didn't mean to. Then Pinkie Pie started bugging me about using my chaos magic more and something clicked inside me and I just wanted her to leave me alone and transformed her into a poodle. But that mare at the stand was overcharging for her cherries again! that was just the icing on this shit Sunday that made me snap!"

She then roared in anger and shot magic at Rainbow dash who was then turned into a giant scoop of blue colored ice cream in a glass bowl with caramel drizzle and rainbow sprinkles all over.

Discord sighed, “that was pretty good, but come on do something more creative.” He then snapped a claw and the ice cream turned into a "Rainbow Dash" shaped ice pop on a stick. Fluttershy giggled as she snapped a claw and transformed her into a container of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with Rainbow Dash's face on the container with big white letters printed over her head that read. “Rainbow Berry Blitz! including, raspberry, blackberry, cherries, and blueberry.”

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a coy smile and snickered, “was that good enough for you?”

Discord gave her back a pat. “That was quite impressive my young pupil.” He then flicked a claw and Rainbow Dash was turned back to normal who looked quite surprised and confused on what happened. She looked over at Discord with a confused look as he waved a claw making her fly off as fast as possible. Discord then turned his attention to Fluttershy and explained, "I think I know what's going on. I think you're going through what is known as, "pent up chaos magic.”

Fluttershy blinked with a confused expression and shouted, "what!?"

Discord came over and replied, "ever since you became a draconequus you've been reluctant in using chaos magic. Its been built up over a year and your frustration over Angel and these other ponies was just the trigger it needed to be released."

Fluttershy shouted, “so what am I supposed to do!?"

Discord tapped a claw to his chin. “Well this can’t continue, so I would say you need chaos therapy and just let it all out.”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed. “You made that up. Honestly Discord you could have called it something more original.”

The elephant gardener came bounding out of nowhere and chirped, “all the gardening is done Fluttershy!”

Discord snapped a claw and the elephant was turned into the gardener who quickly ran off as the draconequus sighed, “’s my own version. We can do it together and we can try to fix this before you get out of control. I would rather Celestia not turn you into stone.”

Fluttershy paused and then whimpered, ”Oh my Celestia! I...I didn't realize…” She started to tear up and Discord came over and hugged her rubbing her mane. “hey its okay no one is going to turn you into stone I meant that more as a metaphor."

She gave a small nod and rubbed her head into Discord's chest. She then suddenly roared shoving him back and shouting, "Oh I get what you're doing! You're trying to go on a date with me!"

Discord squeaked as his face turned red and stammered, ”! That's not what I want... you're taking this the wrong way!”

Fluttershy snapped a claw turning Discord into a baby draconequus in a thick white diaper between his legs with "Chaos Baby" printed in pink bubble letters on the padding, along with pink leak guards lining the diaper. The baby draconequus gulped and quivered seeing the angry Fluttershy glaring down at him as she growled, “come back when you grow up and maybe I'll go to therapy!”

She slammed the door as Discord squeaked waving his claws as he fell on his padded rump. He then rubbed his head and sighed, “oh dear, this is going to be harder than I thought.”

Chapter Two: Why you don't have Fluttershy assign jobs

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Discord was still quite angry about being turned into a baby was he knocked on Fluttershy's door while shouting, "open up! Hey, I'm going to stay out here all day!"

Angel, the maid, opened the door slowly with a blush on her face and whispered, "um…Fluttershy said you may come in, but she advises that you stick your arms out and waddle inside shaking your padded tush. Her words, not mine."

The draconequus rolled his eyes and waddled into the living room with his arms spread out and making his diaper crinkle between his legs. Fluttershy looked down with an angry scowl on her face. She seemed upset and asked, "why are you still here?"

He scoffed, "oh really, that's your question?!" he pointed to his diaper and shout, "I think this is why I'm here!"

Fluttershy fluttered over and poked his chubby belly. "Like I said I was hoping you would grow up a little."

Discord gave Fluttershy a long look and growled, "you honestly think this is gonna help anything? I was just trying to help you, and this is how you repay me? You have some nerve."

Fluttershy flew over with a sigh, "fine, I'll admit it, I went too far turning you into a baby."

He gave a nod and asked, "so can you turn me back into an adult?"

Fluttershy looked the cute baby draconequus over, and an idea suddenly popped into her head. She then snapped a claw, and the board game Candy Land My Little Pony edition with the Hasbro logo on it appeared, and she explained, "How about we play a game, and I'll think about it."

The little draconequus waddled over and plopped down onto his diaper blushing a little as he grumbled, "fine then I'll play your stupid game."

They sat together, and the two both started to play. They began to pick up cards and moving their tokens. As they played, the two started revealing cards with various cutie marks of the mane six printed on them down and moving their token across the board. As they played, Fluttershy asked, "so how does this chaos therapy work?"

Discord explained, "so, I'll place you in an alternate universe and have you do whatever you want. It will look like Equestria, and you can use your chaos magic to your heart's content."

Fluttershy replied, "ok, that sounds fun, so this will help me calm down?"

Discord nodded and continued to explain, "yeah, you can get all your anger out and do whatever. When your done you come back, and everything will be fine. Easy peasy."

Fluttershy marked seeing she was now ahead of Discord. "you better catch up if I win I'm going to baby you more."

The draconequus scoffed, "I am not going down without a fight!"

He flipped a card revealing a distinctive Big Macintosh’s cutie mark. The baby draconequus smirked and placed his plastic pony piece on the space with a big green apple and shouted, "see, I'm ahead of you now!"

He then was suddenly transformed into a baby version of Big Macintosh in a thick diaper with his green apple cutie mark printed on it. Fluttershy dawwed, "Oh, that's so adorable! I can't believe that Big Mac was so chubby as a baby."

He grumbled, crossing his stubby hooves and growled, "Eyyup."

Fluttershy took out a card and cooed, "oh! look at that I got Cup Cake." She then placed her counter ahead of Discord's and squeaked as she was transformed into Mrs.Cake dressed in her yellow, pink frilly apron. She squealed, feeling something kicking in her belly and blushed, "am I pregnant!"

The baby Macintosh snickered, "Ey’yup."

The copy of Mrs cake rolled her eyes . "Looks like my chaos magic still needs work, huh?"

The baby Mac shook his head and simply replied, "Ey'nope."

Mrs. Cake eyed him and asked, "What do you mean? This is how chaos magic work just being random and crazy."

The colt gave another nod. "Eyyup."

Mrs. Cake sighed as she rubbed her belly. "well, now I'm really craving ice cream and cake, Angel!"

Angel meekly walked over and meekly asked, "um, mam, do you require anything?"

The mare turned around and explained, "yes I want chocolate cake covered in a caramel drizzle, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate drizzled over it and soft served with a banana...also bring some peanut butter and pickles."

The mare blinked and bowed, "as you wish madam." the maid quickly left the room to get the pregnant mare her food.

Discord rolled his eyes as he then picked up another card, and the two continued to play. Angel eventually brought back the food and Fluttershy was gorging on the food, making Big Mac giggle as he picked up another special card. It had a Wonderbolt symbol and squeaked as his body transformed into a toddler version of Soarin in a Wonderbolt designed baby bouncer going up and down. He growled, "ugh does everything I deal with has to be foalish."

Fluttershy couldn’t help but cooed, "oh, you're just adorable, go on, keep bouncing, and make that cute diaper crinkle.

He stopped bouncing and scoffed, "whatever just go, it's your turn."

The mare then flipped a card and squeaked seeing a cloud being blown by a gust of wind on it and was slowly transformed into blue coated mare as she shrunk down, her mane turn orange. She looked herself over seeing she was now Rainbow Dash's mom Windy Whistles. She jumped up and down as she, "oh, wow! I'm Rainbow Dash's mom!" She started flying around the room and squealed, "I'm just so energetic, Dashie's number one! Dashie's number one!"

The baby Sprain blushed and picked up a black crystal printed on card and cheered, "yes!" They then placed his counter ahead, and Fluttershy snickered, "oh, dear looks like you landed on a Sombra space, you lose one turn."

He grumbled, crossing his hooves adorably across his chest as the baby bouncer turned into a crib made of black crystal bars. Fluttershy then flipped two cards over and moved in front of Discord's piece making the little draconequus pouted and stomped about having a tantrum. "that's not fair your cheating! I bet you're using chaos magic!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. "I would never use chaos magic like that!"

Discord smirked, "I don't believe you, but fine next turn we'll see what happens."

The crib disappeared as he then flipped a card and revealed a Sun symbol which was clearly Celestia's cutie mark. The baby draconequus squealed as he slammed his token onto the winning space and shouted, "I win!"

Fluttershy sighed, "fine, I guess you won fair and square."

But suddenly tendrils she snapped a claw and Discord was swarmed by pink tendrils that made his cost turn white. His mane became a lightly rainbow color, and his diaper now had a prominent sun symbol printed on the seat of his diaper. Discord squeaked as Fluttershy laughed and cooed "aww, you're a baby Celestia what a cutie!"

She then flipped her last card, revealing Cadence's crystal heart cutie mark. She placed it on the last space and was slowly into Princess Cadence, with her long pink coated body with a lengthy pink and yellow striped mane with a pregnant belly as well. The alicorn dawwed, "oh look at you big eyes and giant wings you look like Flurry Heart."

The mare scooped the filly up, the mare whined as she flapped her wings. "Stop it! I won, so turn me back to normal right now!"

Fluttershy sighed irritably and grumbled, "fine, alright..before you do can you try raising the sun?"

The filly eyed her and growled, "What are you talking about? The sun is already out?"

The mare smirked, "do it, and I'll turn us both back to normal deal?"

Discord relented grumbling as he squinted his eyes and focused his energy into his horn as a sun made of cardboard and glue somehow rose into the middle of the room. He just rolled his eyes as Cadence clapped and cheered, "oh that's just adorable!

She then snapped a claw instantly transforming Discord back into his adult draconequus form and Fluttershy grew into a normal female draconequus.

Discord looked himself over as he grumbled, "Well, I'm glad that's over. Now, the chaos therapy is going to take about a week, and I know springtime is very busy for you."

Fluttershy gave a nod and grumbled, "true, I guess I could ask my friends to help?"

Discord crossed his arms and scoffed at the notion. "Not to be rude, but your friends don't have any idea how to care for animals."

Fluttershy looked up with a confused look and asked, "so...what do you suggest we do?"

The draconequus gave a laugh as he rubbed his claws together with an evil grin as he explained, "ill give them a little makeover, of course. It'll only be for a week and itll be fun."

Fluttershy thought about it for a moment before relenting, "fine, but they have to agree to it as well."

Discord rolled his eyes and grumbled, "fine, but you also owe me for turning me into a baby. So, They don't know what I'll be doing to them into."

Fluttershy blushed "actually I thought it would be best If I dictate their jobs, and you just transform them."

Discord gave a nod. "Fine whatever, its a Deal!"

Applejack was walking down the road one early morning seeing the streets were oddly empty with no ponies about. She continued onward for some time talking to herself. "Where is everypony?" She eventually found Rainbow Dash sitting on the ground, with a scared look on her face and shaking all over. Applejack quickly ran over and asked, "Hey, what's up Rainbow! Are you doing, ok?"

The mare looked up and replied, " nothing really I was just turned into bucking ice cream!"

Applejack blinked and asked, "huh? say what again?"

Rainbow Dash continued to explain in a hysterical tone. "Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! I mean it was the weirdest feeling I've ever felt! Everything went black for a few minutes, and I just remember being cold!"

Applejack rubbed a hoof over her mane confused as she asked, "look I don't mean to pry but who turned you into ice cream?"

Rainbow Dash looked up with a glare. "Bucking Fluttershy that's who! She went crazy, turning ponies into sheep and one into a piggy bank! she turned Twilight info a fairy tale princess and Rarity into a ponyquin!"

Applejack squeaked, "seriously!" she rushed over to Carousel Boutique and slammed the door open shouting. "Rarity! Twilight! are you two, alright!"

She then looked down and saw the two mares in frilly dresses along with Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle, who was also in a frilly purple dress. Pinkie Pie turned around and asked, "they want to join in this tea is delicious!"

Applejack turned towards the princess alicorn wearing the poofiest dress out of all them and asked, "Twilight what's going on here!"

The alicorn princess blushed as she sipped her tea and whispered, "um I think it'll be best if you sit down. I have a lot of explaining to do."

After they sat down and Twilight explained everything to Applejack, she whispered: " should we go over to Fluttershy's and see if Discord got things under control?"

Twilight shrugged "I'm not sure if that's a good idea considering Fluttershy is a draconequus she may still be too much for us to handle. That's why we thought just to hang out here and play with Sweetie Belle for a little."

Sweetie Belle blushed a little as she placed her hooves over her silly dress and replied, "yeah, I mean I'm not really into this over the top filly stuff. But this was worth it seeing Rarity is such a silly dress."

Rarity growled under her breath. "This better stay between us. I don't need anypony talking about me wearing such a gaudy dress it would ruin my reputation."

Just then Discord appeared with a giant camera and snapped a picture making the ponies all freak out trying to hide their dresses. As he chuckled, "oh I have to show this to Celestia! you two are just adorable!"

He then took out a quill and some pink paper.

"Dear Celestia,

Today I learned to be a silly poofy princess is so much fun! Having a silly tea party with my friends was the best experience I've ever had, and I want you to join us!

Sincerely your poofy princess student Twilight Sparkle."

He then snapped a claw as he teleported the letter to Celestia. Twilight's face was steaming red as she slammed her hooves on the table and roared "Discord! I'm going to kill you!"

Discord scoffed, "that is very unprincess like Twilight and after I just helped calm down poor Fluttershy. For shame."

Applejack turned around and growled, "ya did! good, now go on and get outta here before I buck ya into next week!"

Discord rolled his eyes and continued to explain. "You mares are so unladylike. However, I'm not done. You all need to know that I'm taking fluttershy on a trip to learn how to control her chaos magic. Well be gone for a week, so I need you all to help with her baby animals."

Twilight scoffed, "so what? you're going to turn us into random animals or something?"

Discord smirked "something like that, Fluttershy will decide your job, and I will do the transforming?"

Applejack asked, "ya said just for a week? well ok, that doesn't sound bad."

Rarity crossed her hooves and scoffed." As if! She's not the only one who has a job! I need someone to care for my dress shop!"

Discord rolled his eyes. "You'll still be doing your own stuff. I just need you to help with Fluttershy's animals while she's gone."

Twilight shrugged, "yeah, your right that doesn't sound too bad."

Then suddenly, letters appeared in front of Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity. It had a cute picture of baby Discord waddling in his diaper and the caption reading.

Dear Discord,

Twilight looks so cute in her princess dress and having a filly style tea party. But Fluttershy sent me some of your adorable baby photos of you! I hope you don't mind, I share them."

From your Still pissed Off Ex- Princess Celestia

He squeaked as he dropped the letter, and the rest of the mares pointed at him and burst into laughter. Discord's face turned a beat red from embarrassment as he whined, "Fluttershy!" He then snapped a claw and teleported in a puff of smoke.

After a few hours of some fighting between Fluttershy and Discord discussing having his "baby" photos shown to Celestia. All of her friends gathered together in her cottage. Discord just crossed his arms and grumbled irritably as Fluttershy gave a nervous smile as she explained, "I'm happy you all agreed to do this and I'm sorry for what happened with what I did to you earlier I wasn't myself."

The ponies looked each other with unsure looks as Rainbow Dash flew into Fluttershy's face and shouted "yeah! You're going to owe us when you get back! Turning me into bucking ice cream!"

Fluttershy nodded, "I know that's why I'm going to do this chaos therapy. Now, Angel will remain in charge of keeping things clean in my cottage. For the rest of you I have assigned your jobs and Discord will transform you into animals that pertain to each job."

They all huddled together and discussed things as everypony not really trusting Discord, but Twilight got up and turned to Discord as she gave a sigh, "fine we agree to your terms."

All five friends gave nods as the draconequus cracked his knuckles. "Alright time to get to work whose first."

Fluttershy blushed as she turned to Applejack. "Um I'm going to need you to turn you into a pony to care for the new baby bunnies."

She growled, "it better not be something super embarrassing."

Discord flicked a claw turning her cutie mark of three apples into three carrots as her mane turned a lot furrier. Her ears grew out and became floppy just as her tail grew shorter into a little cotton ball of blonde fur, her back hooves turned into giant feet, while here fore hooves turned into small paws. Fully transformed Applejack was now a giant orange bunny with a light yellow fluffy underbelly. As she sat there in her new body the former farm mare rubbed her head, groaning, " I have to grow carrots and care for them baby bunnies correct?"

Fluttershy giggled and gave a nod of approval. Rainbow Dash was going to fly off but was suddenly hit by a blast of magic as her body morphed and her wings grew smaller. Her rainbow tail became long straight as it turned into her tail feathers. The mare's mouth became a small rainbow colored beak, while her body shrank to a small size, with a small cutie mark printed on her back side with rainbow colored music notes. As the former pegasus flapped her wings having to keep herself from falling she cried, "are you kidding me! I'm a bucking bird!"

She gasped seeing how her voice was sounding so squeaky. Discord patted the bird on the head. "Yup, your now a little bluejay and your job will be to teach the baby birds how to fly and sing while Fluttershy is gone."

She chirped angrily as Fluttershy giggled, "aww your so cute Rainbow. I'm sorry, but you are the best flier in Ponyville and Discord gave you such a lovely voice."

Rainbow Dash snapped back. "Don't even Fluttershy! How am I supposed to train with the wonderbolts like this!" She cried hearing herself, "Ugh! why do I sound like a filly sized Pinkie Pie!"

Discord rolled his eyes. "You can still fly with them if you want? besides it's just for a week."

He then turned to Pinkie Pie and snapped a claw tas she grew thicker and plumper with her body expanding into that of a giant pink bear with her hooves turning into giant paws. But her belly turned into fluffy white with her cutie mark appeared in the middle of the thick white furry belly. Discord raised his claws and exclaimed, "you are now officially will Care for the baby bears of the forest and keep them from rampaging through Ponyville." Pinkie Pie saluted and chirped, "of course Discord but first mat I get a hug?"

Discord hugged the big pink bear and giggled he then turned to Rarity who was backing up as Discord asked, "what should she be?"

Fluttershy smirked as she snapped a claw and Rarity slowly shrank in size as her fur turned into white feathers and her neck lengthened. Her face morphed as a big purple beak grew from her mouth, while her bottom hooves turned into orange webbed feet, and her forelegs turned into two big white wings. Rarity sat there as she was now a white feathered goose with a her new cutie mark a cracked egg with a chick peeping from it printed on her feathery rump. But Fluttershy wasn't done as she wrapped a big baby blue bonnet was tied around her head and placed glasses over her eyes. Fluttershy then proclaimed, "You are now Mother goose you will collect my chickens' eggs. I also want you to watch and care for their newborn chicks."

Rarity grumbled irritably as she waddled around getting used to her new body and growled, "fine whatever. But I'm just going to close up my shop there's no way any pony can see me like this!"

Discord held up a claw, "alright, alright now we need a leader, and that, of course, goes to Twilight Sparkle herself."

He then turned around and snapped a claw at Twilight and she slowly shrank in size as her fur turned into feathers, her face scrunched up as her front legs turned into wings. Her bottom hooves gradually transformed into birds feet as her body morphed a big scruff of pink fluff appeared under her neck as a cutie mark of a scroll appeared on the fur. The final touch came as a pink graduation cap appeared on her head along with a giant book bag appeared strung around her body. She then took out a feather which was already designed as a quill. Fluttershy was going to start explaining what she will be doing but The excited owl hooted, "There's no need for that I know my duties. They will be to record everything that happens while your gone and to make sure everything runs smoothly. Am I correct?"

Fluttershy blushed as she gave a nod and explained, "Right as always Twilight. We didn't need to transform you for the job I just thought it wouldn't be fair for the rest if you weren't…"

Discord snickered and admired his work before turning towards Fluttershy and asked, "how was that? You think they can handle things for a week?"

Fluttershy looked over her friends who were all walking (or flying) trying to get used to their new bodies and nodded in approval as she replied, "Yes, you all look amazing. Now you all can stay and live here in my cottage there's plenty of room, and there's a ton of feed for you all. I do apologize for my behavior, and I'm glad you're doing this for me while I try to get a hold of myself. Thank you."

All of Fluttershy's friends looked at each other and gave nods. As Twilight turned around and hooted, "there's no need to apologize happy about helping you. Don't worry about anything here we have it covered."

Rainbow Dash flew over and chirped, "yeah were fine! Just get your bucking head together ok?"

Fluttershy gave a nod and kissed Rainbow on the cheek, making her blush as she fluttered away. Pinkie Pie stumbled over and gave Fluttershy a big warm hug as she exclaimed, "Yeah! you just go and have fun with Discord ok!"

Fluttershy gasped for breath and wheezed, "thanks, but can you let go! you're crushing my ribs!" Pinkie squeaked as she stumbled back apologizing as Rarity waddled over and replied, "I have to admit darling I'm not happy about being a mother goose as you put it. But if it means that you two can finally get some alone time and finally tie the knot I think it's going to be worth it."

Fluttershy eyed Rarity and asked, "what does that suppose to mean?" The goose just winked as she waddled back shaking her feathery rump. Then the big orange bunny hopped over to Fluttershy and stuck out a paw. "Yeah, ya can count on us to keep things running smoothly here. Just go and do your thing!"

Fluttershy blushed as she instead hugged Applejack and nuzzled her fluffy white chest. "Thank you, Applejack, I know my baby bunnies are in good paws."

The farm bunny blushed as she hopped back and Fluttershy turned to Angel, who was still a maid and replied, "now you better take care of my friends and give them anything they need understand?"

Angel performed a curtsey. "yes, madam."

Fluttershy gave a nod before turning towards Discord who chuckled, "well alright, come on, we better get going." With a snap of the claw, the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Chapter Three: Bunnies here, Bunnies there, Bunnies everywhere!

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Fluttershy was quite surprised as a flash of light emanated throughout her cottage, and without realizing it, she was suddenly teleported into the new dimension by Discord's magic. The mare looked around her cottage seeing that nothing really changed and she sat there scratching her head trying to figure out what was going on and asked, "So…are we in another dimension now?"

Discord rolled his eyes as he simply walked over to Fluttershy and explained, "Well not exactly, this is just a simulation of an alternate version of Ponyville. Where you can let loose and get your anger out!"

The lord of chaos then strode to the front door and opened it while performing a bow. "Go on and see for yourself, you'll see that everything looks as if you never left."

The female draconequus gulped as she was feeling quite nervous and followed Discord outside. Fluttershy looked around and scratched her face with a confused expression seeing that nothing really has changed seeing with her chickens going about clucking in her yard. Fluttershy could see in the distance that ponies were going about their business, it seemed as if she never even left and asked, "So this is just a copy of Equestria?"

Discord gave a nod and continued to explain. "Yeah, now you need to understand that this really isn't your Ponyville."

The mare turned around and saw that Gilda was flying down from the sky with an angry glare on her face. The griffin slammed onto the ground and stomped over towards Fluttershy as she shouted, "Fluttershy! Look at you crazy draconequus! You're just a monster now so get the buck out of here!"

Fluttershy's eyes slanted, giving Gilda a cold stare as she continued to jeer. "Are you getting angry now!? Oh, I'm so scared! Get the buck out of here! Rainbow Dash doesn't want anything to do with you!"

Discord flew over with a smirk at Fluttershy and cooed," So what are you going to do? Are you going to just let her talk to you like that?"

Fluttershy gulped as she twiddled her claws and stammered, "look I'm not comfortable with this. Can you not make…simulations so mean?"

Discord fluttered over and proclaimed, "Well, the point of this is to get you angry and to let it out! So come on, transform her into a bunny! Make her wear an embarrassing outfit! Come on go wild!"

Gilda pointed a claw at Fluttershy and shouted, "Come on Fluttershy what are ya gonna do!? Are ya chicken?!" She started to bawk and flapped her wings in a mocking tone.

Fluttershy glared at the griffin as she slowly pulled out an arm and snapped her claw. Pink magical tendrils swirled around Gilda and slowly morphed her wings into small white chicken wings, her beak grew smaller into a tiny flat chicken beak, and a long red waddle grew down from her chin. The transformed chicken flapped her wings and began bawking hysterically as she cried out. "What did you do to me! Change me back!"

But Fluttershy was laughing maniacally and continued to snap her claw while her long lion tail shrank into her body as a cute white fluffy bunny tail poofed out from her rump. Long white bunny ears burst from her head and flopped over the griffin's face. She squeaked stumbling backward as her paws became soft with huge tufts of white fur sprouted out from each paw. Gilda bawked and squawked flapping her tiny wings and squealed as an egg from her underbelly which splattered the yolky contents on the ground.

Fluttershy burst into more laughter and dawwed, "aww your so cute now! Plopping eggs out of your cute rump!"

The mare picked up the fluffy Gilda and pulled her into a big hug and began to rub her face over the griffin's soft feathery body and cooed softly "Oh your just so adorable. Come on, let's get you comfortable cutie."

Fluttershy then took the transformed Gilda by a paw and led her to the chicken coop. It was quite big with dozens of chickens laying in their nests, and there's one giant nest in the back designed just for Gilda. The Gryphon seemed to be quite nervous looking down the aisle and quivered a lot as Fluttershy slowly stroked her feathers and whispered, "Hey, it's ok go on."

The griffin gave a nod and bawked as she slowly waddled down the aisle shaking her feathery chicken butt with her big poofy bunny tail sticking out. The cute griffin then plopped into her nest and snuggled in as Fluttershy dawwed and cooed, "now little Gilda, you sit here and lay eggs like a good little chicken. I want a dozen when I return."

The scared griffin gulped looking deep into Fluttershy's eyes, but she started to feel comfortable settling herself in the straw of her nest. Gilda continued to plop out eggs from her underside while bawking and flapping her tiny wings, not unlike a chicken. The female draconequus slowly came out and with a blush growing on her face as she jumped into the air and squealed, "that was awesome! I wanted to do something like that to Gilda for years!"

Discord was proud of Fluttershy's work on Gilda and gave her a pat on the back and chuckled, "I'm glad to hear! You're doing an excellent job so far!"

Fluttershy hugged Discord back and chirped, "Yeah, it felt good getting some cute revenge on Gilda!"

Discord threw up his claws and bowed as he asked, "Shall we continue milady? We have a lot more to explore."

The draconequus flew along with Fluttershy along with her, as they came to the fake Ponyville with ponies walking around and going about their own business as if it was a typical day. Fluttershy was quite stunned and amazed at what she saw and asked, "Hey Discord, how were you able to do this?"

The draconequus snickered as she continued, "well, it was quite easy everypony here formed from your memories, including your friends. They all live in a world where I can do whatever I want in it."

Fluttershy was quite impressed as she gave a nod. The mare paused though and asked, "So? Who am I going to meet next?"

Discord smirked around and pointed a claw at Flim and Flam who were on top of a stage in the middle of Ponyville. The draconequus continued, "those are your targets! Now, this is where I'm going to leave you, my dear Fluttershy. I think you know what to do from here."

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and gave a deep, exasperated sigh, "fine, but I'm not going to do anything too crazy."

Discord threw up a claw and exclaimed, "just do what you think is best! Remember to use your imagination!" With a snap of a claw, the lord of chaos poofed in a puff of smoke. Fluttershy turned around, facing the two con brothers to observe them.

Flim threw up a cane and proclaimed, “now fillies and gentle colts! Welcome to our demonstration of the super-strength serum we created right brother!"

Flam chirped back. "Of course, brother! I am quite pleased to say its perfected and will make you a hundred times stronger! Do you want to see it!"

The crowds of ponies cheered and Fluttershy gave the two brothers a cold stare as she started having a feeling that some cute animals were going to be the test subjects.

Flim turned to his brother and replied back. "Well, I think we have our answer! Bring out the bunnies!"

Fluttershy gasped in horror upon seeing two bunnies brought out to each of the brothers, injected them with syringes filled with some kind of green concoction. The cute bunnies were turned into giant buff bunnies looking a lot like the ones Discord transformed on the day he was reformed and Fluttershy roared in anger. "How dare they test their horrible serums on my poor bunnies!"

In the mare's unbridled rage she snapped a claw and then turned the big buff bunnies back to their small cute selves again. However, magic tendrils wrapped around the two making their manes grow out, their bodies shortened, their faces and heads morphed becoming rounder the hair on their tails grew out. The sisters both blushed as they crossed their front legs over their underbellies knowing something else disappeared. This made the crowd of ponies point and laugh at the two mares.

Flim had a blush growing on her face she looked among the crowd and stammered, "d..di we mess up our serum?" He squeaked hearing how new girly voice hearing how high pitched it was.

Flam was doing the same as Flim, and she squirmed as she stammered back. "I d...don't know sister! But I do believe that something must have gone terribly wrong!"

Fluttershy, who was laughing quite loudly, wasn't done yet. She tapped a claw to her chin thinking of what to do to the two next and snapped again as their suits transformed into sexy black leotards, their ears grew out into floppy black coated bunny ears that flopped over their heads, and then their long tails fell off and they were replaced by two poofy cotton tails that suddenly poofed out from their backsides. The two mares were even more embarrassed, only able to look down at their new uniforms. Everypony around the stage burst into loud fits of laughter as Fluttershy couldn't help but smirk seeing how embarrassed the two newly created mares were. The two were now wearing those sexy bunny costumes while crossing their forelegs over their crotch areas. The female draconequus snickered as she flew down and jeered, "there how do you like being paraded in front of everypony."

Flim looked up at the draconequus with an angry expression on her face and snapped, "it was you! You turned us into sexy mares!"

Flam stomped about shaking her bunny tail and cried out, "change us back, please! We promise we won't touch any bunnies ever again!"

Fluttershy thought about it, but she turned to the crowds of ponies looking up with confused expressions on their faces. Then an idea suddenly popped into her head, and she shook her head as she simply replied, "Nope, I think you two have brought all these ponies to show off your stupid serum. They want a show, and I think we should give it to them."

She produced a few balls and tossed them over they squeaked as they started to juggle the balls with their forehooves. The two blushed and were quite embarrassed showing off their leotards to the cheering of the ponies surrounding them. The crowd began to clop and cheer the sisters on though seeing they were qhite talented. The two mares botd suddenly both squeaked in surprise as two unicycles appeared underneath their legs. The mares were squealing and crying out as they rolled around trying to keep thsir balance while juggling the balls at the same time making the crowd go wild. Flim and Flam both gave each other a confident smile seeing they were getting a lot of attention, and the two started to bounce around and began performing more complicated tricks on their unicycles.

Fluttershy seeing her job was done she flew off still smirking and laughing saw that mayor mare was giving a speech on top of a palpurt. Fluttershy walked over with a curious look on her face. The mayor was acting like a crazed dictator shouting, "we need to purge this town of the evil bunnies that plague it! We cannot abide by this as our crops and flowers are devoured by these monsters!"

The ponies around her cheered making Fluttershy furious. Steam poured out from her nostrils, and she growled, "I know this is just a simulation. But I can't allow this to continue!"

The pegasus flicked a claw once again and poofed the mayor's professional suit into a big poofy pink bunny costume complete with two giant hind legs, a white poofy tail, and pink floppy ears. She seemed to have a new expression on her face with a big smile and twinkle in her eyes Ponies were chuckling as she continued, "bunnies are super cute! And cuddly! In fact, we should have a holiday for these special creatures!"

Suddenly out of nowhere, a group of bunnies came into the town center holding up signs while cheering and started clapping their paws. The ponies, however, were scratching their heads and were completely confused as to what was going on. The mayor continued shouting, "Actually, I love bunnies! They are the cutest most adorable creatures to live in Equestria! They should be treated with our respect, and we should care for them as if they were other ponies!"

The angry ponies suddenly became confused, scratching their heads and muttering amongst themselves. Suddenly out of nowhere bunnies started bouncing from out of nowhere wielding picket signs and chanting, "Mayor Mare! Mayor Mare! Mayor Mare!"

The ponies gaped in awe at the crowd of bunnies bouncing up and down cheering for Mayor Mare who was only calling for their destruction only moments before. Fluttershy just stayed in the air chuckling as the mayor continued her embarrassing speech. "So, I want to have the Apples replace all their apple trees with carrots, lettuce, and cabbages. I want everything designed to be both pony and bunny friendly, and I think that everything we eat or cook should have carrots in it! Bunnies have been treated like second class citizens long enough its time that we embrace them like family! Let's make Ponyville Carrot again!"

The bunnies cheered and started to bounce towards the mayor and began dogpiling onto the mare. All the while the ponies just watched the mayor get buried under doznes of fluffy bunnies and grumbled as they all started leaving. Mayor Mare laughed manically as she somehow poked through the hordes of bunnies grabbed a whole bunch of the adorable creatures and snuggled them all at once as she squealed, "Thank you! Thank you! Awww, look at you cute bunnies!"

Fluttershy burst into a fit of laughter and chirped, "another job well done! Now let's go out and see if there's another rude pony who needs to be taught a lesson."

Fluttershy then flew off down the streets and was quite surprised to see ponies were running and screaming in terror. She looked up at a giant red-scaled dragon standing overhead it roared as ponies ran for their lives. The pegasus gave the dragon a cold stare as she flew up to face him and snapped. "I remember you meanie! you tried to cover all of Equestria with smoke!"

The dragon roared spouting flame as he shouted, "so what!? I don't care who you are! Nopony can defeat me!"

The dragon was about to shoot out a big fireball at Fluttershy which was coming right for her. The female draconequus smirked, taking out a claw, and with a quick snap of a claw, the big ball of flame poofed into a whole bunch of butterflies. The dragon squeaked as he rubbed a claw across his face. "huh? what happened?"

He squealed as his claw was slowly turning into the big pink bunny paw and his scales along with his red scales turning into thick pink fur. His long red tail was slowly sucked up into his body and was replaced by a big poofy white tail burst out, making him squeak. The dragon flailed and cried as his back legs became stocky bunny paws. The terrified dragon gulped looking at his giant dragon body was now covered in thick pink fur with two big floppy ears. It wasn't long until he came to the realization he was now a hybrid half-dragon half-giant pink bunny creature!

Fluttershy burst out laughing seeing how the dragon’s scales was turned into pink fur with a white coated underbelly with his claws now soft bunny paws with two pink bunny ears and a giant bunny tail poofed out in the back. The dragon cried out in embarrassment as many ponies began laughing and jeering at the creature. The big pink bunny hybrid instantly burst into tears and caused small earthquakes bouncing out of Ponyville as fast as he could. Fluttershy waved a claw snickering at the hybrid dragon she then heard clopping hooves and turned to face a crowd of ponies chanting her name. "Fluttershy! Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy looked down at the ponies with a evik grin and a crazed look in her eyes and shouted, "thank you! Now, I shall change Ponyville and make it more bunny friendly!"

The draconequus flew into the sky and flicked a claw and everypony in the crowd were all poofed into cute bunny costumes. They all squealed in delight and started bouncing around as Fluttershy threw claw in the air and shouted, "From this day forth Ponyville will be known as Bunnyville!" She then snapped a claw a bright light exploded and enveloped Ponyville within its aura.

Chapter Four: Discord The Lord of the Runway

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Discord woke up after having a long three-day break. He yawned and stretched his claws out as he slowly got out of his bed. It's three days since he left Fluttershy and took a long relaxing nap the entire time. The draconequus slowly rolled out of bed as he took a giant cup of chocolate milk from a floating nightstand near his bed and started to suck it up through a pink curly straw. He sat there sucking down his chocolate milk thinking about Fluttershy and mumbled, "I wonder how Fluttershy's doing? I hope she finally got out of her shell and is having fun with her chaos magic?"

He placed his cup down and snapped a claw the draconequus teleported himself and appeared right in front of the fake Ponyville, and his mouth dropped at what he saw. Right above his head stood a pink sign overhead with "Bunnyville" printed on the wood. The draconequus slowly drifted into the town and was astonished on seeing bunnies and ponies in bunny suits bouncing around the town, surprised how everything has been "bunnified." The houses were now little green burrows with windows and small circular doors they looked like something from a fantasy novel. In the middle of the town was a statue of a big bunny of Celestia with her cutie mark printed on her forehead while she was munching on a stone carrot cake. The draconequus turned to see that Sugarcube corner looked like a giant carrot cake with literal carrots poking through the shop. Discord flew around and saw that Twilight's castle looks more like a giant salad. The towers were giant carrots, the walls were made of lettuce and cabbage leaves, and the door was now a solid hunk of tomato. The draconequus snickered as he then flew over The Apples orchard which was now replaced by rows of various vegetables down buried under long lines of dirt with the green steam sticking out. The draconequus sped faster along through the town and saw that The Mayor in her big pink bunny outfit covered from head to hoof with cute adorable bunnies snuggling the mare while a photographer pegasus in a blue bunny suit snapped pictures. Discord shook his head seeing that Fluttershy went way to far and commented, "ok, hopefully, things aren't too crazy. Hopefully this is the extent of her chaos magic."

He continued down the road and eventually came upon Roseluck who was wearing a cute yellow bunny costume selling flowers at her stand. Discord gave a sigh of relief and asked, "Hey, she seems to be normal?"

Then the pony in the bunny suit she sold it too unfurled it and started to munch on the flowers on it like a tofu dog with petals and leaves falling out of his mouth. Discord slammed a claw to his face and grumbled, "I love chaos, but I think she definetly went overboard."

He continued flying off and down the streets of Ponyville until he came upon the Carousel Boutique. It was now a big white building with big stone purple bunnies circling the structure holding it together as stone pillars. He slowly entered the shop, and he saw ponies going about browsing the rows of the full bunny suits and the sexy bunny suits. There were even actual bunnies looking through rows of small outfits designed for them. "Oh, Discord! It's so good to see you, darling!"

The draconequus squeaked and turned around to face the pony who spoke to him and gasped upon seeing Rarity dressed in her own sexy purple bunny suit. She had a purple cotton tail coming out her back and some purple bunny ears coming down her face standing behind a counter with that seductive smile on her face. Upon seeing the Lord of chaos the mare clapped her hooves together and greeted him, "Hello darling! Do you wish to try one of our fancy bunny suits on! I'm sure to have one that even fits you!"

Discord politely waved a claw with a big blush on his face as he responded, "It's quite alright. I'm just looking for my dear Fluttershy do you know where she is?"

Rarity returned the gesture as she respodned, "Oh of course, darling she's in the main hall area you can't miss it! We're having a fashion show!" Discord gave a nod and continued on his way and saw that Rarity wasn't kidding. In this main room with flashing lights and the tiles flashing many different colors, there were dozens of ponies dressed in their silly bunny suits all surrounding a catwalk cheering and clopping their hooves.

Discord looked up and roared in laughter seeing Flim and Flam strutting down the catwalk in their sexy bunny suits with big poofy tails poking out their rear ends. Discord squeaked and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I had no idea Fluttershy was into this fetish!"

He continued flying around and came upon Fluttershy. She was sitting in a booth filled with a bunch of bunnies bouncing around and cuddling her. The female draconequus who was giggling and having a good time looked up to see Discord and gave him a big smile and shouted, "Hey, Discord over here!"

The draconequus eyed the mare as he flew over and asked in a suspicous tone. "So, you're the one who turned Ponyville into Bunnyville?"

Fluttershy Threw her claws in the air and exclaimed, "Yeah I did what you asked, and I'm embracing my chaotic side! What do you think?"

Discord sighed as he dragged a claw down his face and explained as calmly as possible. "Yes, Fluttershy I was hoping you would use your chaos magic in any way you want! But you're starting to let the chaos magic control you!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed, "I'm not doing anything too crazy I just turned Ponyville into a sanctuary for bunnies."

Discord threw his claws in the air and shouted back. "You were supposed only to change the evil ponies! Not everypony!"

Fluttershy feeling angry seeing Discord was being hypocritical and cried out, "hey you turned Ponyville into your playground before! Besides, this isn't real!"

Discord snapped back. "Yeah if this was me before being turned to stone I'll be cheering you on right now. But you don't want to be causing all this chaos in the real Ponyville to do you?"

Fluttershy sat back down snuggling the bunnies in her claws as she responded, "I wana relax and do what I want? You said I should cause more chaos!"

Discord plopped down and sat next to the former pegasus and asked, "so you think this is chaos?"

Fluttershy took a martini with a carrot in it and took a small sip and asked, "yeah, why do you ask? You think this isn't good enough?"

Discord snapped a claw and everypony squeaked as they all instantly turned into oversized chocolate covered bunnies. Flim and Flam cried as they slid on their big chocolate covered behinds and into the crowd. The draconequus waved a claw and casually explained, "I'll admit you did a great job with this place but you lack imagination."

Fluttershy smirked seeing Discord had started abusing his chaos which was what he scolded her for and replied, "well, I see you're finally in a chaotic mood. Maybe it should be I teaching you about chaos magic?"

She snapped a claw and the chocolate bunnies all instantly transformed into giant Easter bunnies in multi-colored tuxedos laying candy eggs everywhere. Discord laughed as he then snapped a claw and turned them into pink energizer bunnies all slamming their mallets on big bass drums strapped around his chest. The draconequus smirked as he exclaimed, "there you go! That's how you use chaos magic!"

Fluttershy was rolling on the ground laughing as she snickered, "oh yeah! What happened to " I'm not Imaginitive enough?" She then snapped a claw transforming everypony into big white poofy bunnies wearing waistcoats with pocket watches shouting, "I'm late! I'm late!"

Discord burst into fits of laughter with tears rolling down his eyes as he tried to snap claw. "Alright, you win! I feel like your getting a hand on your chaos mag…"

The draconequus squeaked in surprise seeing his claw was now a light brown coated hoof, and he looked his new body overseeing his light brown coated frame wearing a sexy black leotard. The confused and nervous lord of chaos slowly looked behind him to see a big white cottontail sticking out of his rump. He turned to a mirror and looked at himself in a mirror and cried out in horror. The lord of chaos was now a sexy light brown earth pony mare, with a long soft blonde mane with a big poofy white colored cotton tail sticking out of her backend. All the while dressed in a sexy bunny costume. Discord's face turned a bright red as she tried to cover the front of her body with hooves and blushed as she cried out, "What did you do to me!?"

Fluttershy snickered as the ponies around slowly turned back to normal in their silly bunny suits as she explained, "Oh stop, I just made you into an adorable sexy bunny mare!"

Discord was now blowing steam through his nostrils and shouted, "turn me back to normal right now!"

Fluttershy smirked as she snapped a claw and Discord now stood there with a platter with cups of carrot juice. The female draconequus then started to suck up the carrot juice from a long pink curly straw as Discord who was still quite furious snapped, "seriously! What's wrong with you!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes as she snapped a claw, and the sexy bunny mare began to hop around while balancing the tray with a single hoof. Discord tried to stop this but was unable to do anything she gasped, "my chaos magic! What did you do to me?"

Fluttershy shrugged and casually explained, "I just turned you into a more suitable form and now that your more subservient I do believe you have to do what I ask?"

Discord stomped a hoof and snapped back. "This isn't what I meant you're taking this too far!"

Fluttershy flew over and cooed, "well, maybe I haven't taken it far enough!"

She snapped, and her tail turned it into a poofy cottontail, and her ears grew out. Two buck teeth started to grow from her upper lip. Fluttershy produced a carrot and placed it into the mare's mouth and watched as Discord sniffed at it then started nibble at the long vegetable quite adorably. After she finished the carrot Discord was starting to feel nervous as she scrunched her outfit between her legs realizing that Fluttershy in complete control of her mind and was subservient to every word Fluttershy said. The pegasus was quite pleased with herself as an idea popped into her head. She clapped her claws and shouted, "Flim, and Flam, please come over!"

The two mares strutted over, and they both replied in unison. "Yes, mistress Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy gave them a lovely smile and cooed, "would you be so kind as to get Discord spruced up for his debut?"

Flim clapped her hooves together and exclaimed, "of course mistress! We shall make Discord the hottest mare ever!"

Flam gave an excited squeal. "Oh yeah come, Discord! Let's get you all spruced up!"

They took the kicking and screaming mare away as he cried and shouted, "Stop it! I'm the lord of chaos!"

The two mares lead the screaming transformed draconequus backstage and placed Discord in a swivel chair. Flim clapped her hooves and squealed, "Ok Flam, let's begin Discord's super cute bunny makeover!"

Flam took out a makeup kit and chirped, "alright let's do it, sister! Let's make Discord shine!"

Discord roared and shouted, "don't you dare touch me!"

They ignored the Lord of Chaos's pleas and started smearing makeup over his eyes. Both mares lifted a bunch of brushes and powder pads into the air and went to work. It was a swarm of powder and creams getting applied to her face and Discord could do nothing but cough and shout trying to endure the makeover. The sisters then took eyeliner and started to apply it to her eyelashes. After finishing applying the make-up Flim snapped, "pucker those lips please."

Discord was going to try fighting back but his face instantly went into a pucker making embersssing kissing noises as Flam applied red lipstick to Discord's lips. Flam made sure to do a few passes over the mare's mouth a few times until the Lord of Chaos's lips were a glossy red and cooed, "I do believe Discord is ready, dear sister!"

Flam nodded in agreement, "oh yes, Discord is looking adorable! All she needs a new sexy bunny suit too!"

Discord was seething with smoke coming out of his nose and shouted, "I swear you touch me again. I'm- gon!"

The two other mares didn't let Discord finish and started to undress him. Making the former draconequus squeaked as she pressed her hooves over her body. They continued and quickly dressed him in a white sparkling bunny outfit and Discord blushed to see his new white bunny tail poofing through. Discord was still quite embarrassed and slowly walked down the catwalk with ponies laughing and jeering at him. He eventually made it to the end of the catwalk and did some cute poses making ponies cheer and snap some photos. Discord stood there blushing and squeaking with the camera flashes when the photographers finished she did a quick trot backstage with her face now a bright red knowing her tush was being shown to everypony.

The two mares then quickly went about undressing the embarrassed Discord as Flim cooed, "oh your just so adorable how about you hop down the catwalk this time."

Discord crossed her hooves over the chest with a cute pout and snapped. "No way! I'll walk down and do those stupid poses, but I'm not going to hop around like a foalish bunny!

Flim strutted over and shoved her nos into Discord's face as she ordered, " your going to wear the sexy pink bunny suit and your going to hop down that cat walk and give those ponies a show!"

Discord simply bowed his head and whimpered, "of course I'll do as you ask."

The other mares then went about and began to dress Discord up in a sparkling cute pink sexy leotard. Once finished Flam pointed a hoof down the aisle and shouted, "now go out there and hop like you mean it!"

Discord twitched his tail and quickly began hopping down the catwalk not unlike a excited school filly making the ponies in the crowd break out into fits of rancorous laughter. As Discord reached the end of the catwalk, she squeaked as her body quickly turned around facing her rear to the photographers on its own. She then bent down and shook her big white cotton tail to the crowd as ponies catcalled and cheered her on shouting "Discord! Discord! Discord!"

The draconequus was now beyond embarrassed and quickly hopped backstage where Flim and Flam took hold of her and dressed the former Lord of Chaos in a new bunny outfit. Her new one was similar to the first bunny suit but this one had black frills going around her waist. But the outfit wasn't complete as Flim and Flam lifted Discord into the air in a green aura. The mare cried and flailed about as the two mares started pulling up frilly black stockings over each of her hooves. After they finished the two slowly set the emberassed Discord who's face was now a bright pink back down in front of them.

The sisters stepped back and admired their work as Flim held her hooves to her chin and exclaimed, "We did it dear sister! We have made the sexist mare alive!"

Flam walked around the shaking Discord and scrutinized the outfit and gave a nod of approval. "Right she's all ready to go!"

Flam then got into Discord's face and pointed a hoof down the aisle and ordered. "Now Discord I want you to go out there and strut your stuff! Remeber be as sexy as possible!"

The Lord of chaos wanted to protest but the nervous sweaty mare instead strutted out onto the stage. She continued to strut down the catwalk and exaggerating her stride to show off her long legs and making her big cotton tail shake side to side. Many ponies were either taking photos and gawking at her at this point. As she reached the end of the catwalk, Discord instantly crossed her forehooves over her body and lowered her head slightly, letting her mane come down over her face. Ponies cheered and clopped loudly as more photographers continued taking photos as the mare became uncomfortable and cried out, "Fluttershy, please Stop it!"

The draconequus in question was laughing hystericlly as she snapped a claw and chortled, "alright, I'll stop."

Discord groaned as his body poofed in a puff of smoke and his body longeated with his hooves turning into claws, his horn growing out of his head, his mane falling out, his poofy cotton-tail growing into a reddish serpentine tail and his face grew out and became longated. He twirled around in his old draconequus form happy to be back to normal while Fluttershy flew over with her claws on her hips and asked, "so, do you think I'm chaotic enough now?"

Discord gave a few small nervous nods and squeaked out. "Yeah your so much better, and you have a good knack on using your chaos magic."

The female draconequus clapped her claws and exclaimed, "excellent! Can we move onto my next phase then!"

He casually waved a claw and explained as plainly as possible, "Of course you are, you finally broke out of your shell. But you also need to learn how not go overboard and turn everypony into bunnies."

Fluttershy looked around the place seeing the bunnies and ponies in bunny suits and finally realizing she did go overboard. The female draconequus turned to Discord with her head lowered in disgrace and replied in a apologetic tone. "Alright I see what you mean..I'll have more control of my chaos magic this time."

Discord gave a sigh as he hated seeing Flittershy looking so downtrodden and responded, "hey you did a good job. Honestly you just need to work on control. Now you ready to try again?"

Fluttershy looked over at Discord with her big wide eyes and chriped, "of course I'm ready when you are!"

The Lord of chaos scoffed, "well, were just going to have to see about that. Because for your next task were taking a trip to Canterlot!" Then with a snap of a claw he teleported the two in a puff of smoke.

Chapter Five: Chaos in Canterlot

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Fluttershy and Discord suddenly teleported outside a copy of Canterlot Palace in a puff of smoke. The palace was an exact replica towering before the two draconequuses which stood before them. Fluttershy was now feeling a bit uncomfortable about this and asked, "so we're going to mess around with princess Celestia and Luna now?"

Discord gave Fluttershy a smirk as he anticipated this potion of his test for awhile as he explained to the female draconequus. "Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do. But, were going to do it in a controlled environment and make sure you don't lose control."

Fluttershy giggled as she thought about all the fun things she can turn the princesses into. She couldn't help but respond with a smile on her face. "Alright, well, should we get some practice with some other ponies first? I rather not mess up this opportunity to have fun with the princesses."

"Sure, why not!?" Discord exclaimed with a big smile on his face as he hoped Fluttershy would say that.

They both turned their attention to face Prince Blueblood who was walking down the courtyard with his pompous demeanour with his snout in the air. Discord tapped a claw to his chin pondering about what they should do, and then he explained, "So how about we play a game I'll say a subject, and you have to transform said pony within those parameters."

"Sure that sounds like a fun idea so...what should I do first?" Fluttershy whispered to herself as she watched the pompous stallion walk through the courtyard. She had so many ideas of embarrassing transformations running through her mind she never and her friends never forgave him for how he treated Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala all those years ago.

Discord snapped a claw freezing Blueblood in his tracks as he exclaimed, "How about you turn him into an inanimate object!"

The former pegasus turned around with smirk watching Blueblood quiver and shouting at them to stop. That strange gleam appeared in Fluttershy eyes again as she whispered, "alright…"

Fluttershy thought about what she should do to Blueblood who was now pleading for his life and and then an idea suddenly popped in her head. The female draconequus suddenly snapped a claw and the fake Blueblood was stunned as his entire body slowly transformed into stone. It started with his hooves crystallizing in a stone substance as his body straightened out and was postured into a prancing position. Blueblood screamed for help but soon his whole head was now stone with water sporting out of his mouth. His fancy clothes disappeared and replaced with a toga. pond filled with lily pads, frogs, and ducks swimming about emerged around him. Discord nodded and explained, "well, I guess that works...But I think you can get a little more creative."

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and snapped another claw as his body shortened and slowly turned to that of a foal where his toga turned into a cloth like diaper around his cubby bottom and he seemed to be standing on one back hoof, he spouted out water from his mouth while with his forehooves a small bow, he held a small bow with a heart shaped point on the arrow lodged in the center.

"Well done, you did a great job!" Discord clapped his claws together with a smile on his face. "I never would have imagined you had a thing for the arts."

Fluttershy turned around with her claws on her hips with a smirk on her face as she snapped back. "Well, obviously, I'm not as cultured as Rarity, but I dabble in these sorts of things now and again."

Discord tapped a claw on his chin and asked, "How about you do an animal this time?"

Fluttershy took some thought into what she wanted to turn Blueblood into next; she then extended out a claw, and with a quick snap, Blueblood's stone body fell apart as his body elongated a bit with his legs becoming longer, his tail shortening to a small stub. Blueblood was now a young white coated fawn with blue spots printed all over his backside shaking all over on his cute stilt legs with his tail flagging upwards and looking around whimpering.

"That was awesome! You really got the hang of your chaos magic!" Discord exclaimed as he slapped his knee he sent a stream of chaos magic hitting Blueblood and the pond turning it into an ice skating rink as Blueblood squeaked and cried out as he skidded across the ice on his stilt legs while the frogs and ducks cheered him on.

Fluttershy laughed watching the scene play out as Blueblood skidded off the rink and Discord snapped a claw once again creating a giant pile of snow where the little fawn slammed into it with a loud plop! The fawn squeaked and whined as she sturrgled to get himself out of the snow while shaking his cute butt in the air. Eventually he got out landing on his backside with those big cute eyes and both Fluttershy and Discord were laughing and dawwing at the scene. She turned to face Discord with a shy smile as she was a bit unsure if she really was using her chaos magic well and asked in a nervous tone. "Do you really think so!?"

He nodded clapping his claws. "That was amazing! You were able to use your chaos magic so well and kept it from running out of control, and you were quite creative."

Fluttershy was so excited and flew straight over and slammed Discord with a hug and wrapping her arms around the draconequus and nuzzled him. "Thank you so much for all of this! I wouldn't have been able to get this far if it weren't for you."

Discord face turned a beat red seeing Fluttershy snuggling him, and he was quite nervous slowly wrapped his arms around her as well, blushed and asked," you still want to mess with the fake Celestia and Luna? I mean, there really isn't a reason now seeing your good to go back to the real Equestria."

Fluttershy snaked her head over to Discord until their snouts touched as she snickered, "I wouldn't want to miss such an opportunity now, would I?"

They entered the castle, and they merely made their way to the throne as Princess Celestia grew angry at them as she lit her horn, but Discord suddenly froze he in place, and he yawned, "that was too easy, now Fluttershy I think I think I'm burning up a little. I think I need some sunscreen."

Fluttershy gave the fake princess an evil smile as magic tendrils wrapped around Celestia, and with a poof Celestia was suddenly transformed into a pink bottle of sunscreen that read "Sun Butt Cream." in big poofy letters with a picture of Celestia on the bottle wearing a bikini with a puppy pulling her bikini bottom back. Discord laughed, taking the bottle and pouring a glop of the white sunscreen into his claw and smeared it on his nose. "Oh, it even smells like her how about you put some on." He threw the bottle at Fluttershy who caught it and gave it an odd look. She began smearing the white creamy substance over her body and it smelt like a summer breeze with a hint of seawater.

"Y...Yeah, it actually does." Fluttershy responded with a surprised expression on her face as she was quite amazed at her handiwork. It was as if she didn't need to even think about what to do, and she still had full control of her chaos magic.

Discord turned around with a smile at Fluttershy being quite proud with her. He wanted to see what else she can do and asked, "Can you turn her into a pool toy?"

Fluttershy took her claws and cracked them sending a jolt of magic and turning the bottle of sunscreen into a big rubber sized version of Celestia filled with air making her loong graceful mane now a rubber mesh material, there was even a small rubber ring to blow air into placed on her plot. Discord took it as he snapped a claw and turning the middle of the castle into a giant ground pool and threw himself into pool causing a giant explosion of water erupted from within. Discord laughed maniacally splashing about as he exclaimed "Come on, Fluttershy, and join me. The water is great!"

Fluttershy squeaked, she jumped and did a cannonball into the water and giggled, "I think I need my own pool toy."

Just then, the fake Luna walked in with a surprised look on her face as she asked, "who dares place a pool in the middle of our palace!"

Fluttershy took a claw and snapped it, turning the princess of the night started to morph, turning into a spherical shape with dark blue and violet stripes with a picture of Luna's cutie mark printed on it. Discord who was now doing a backstroke chuckled, "Well done, my young apprentice, you're magic has greatly improved."

Fluttershy gave Discord a smirk as she took the ball and smacked it with a claw sending it Discord who simply materialized a bat which it hit right back at Fluttershy. They laughed and played a game of water polo smacking the rubber ball back and forth. It wasn't long until the two got bored, and they both got out of the pool. Both draconequuss also turned Celestia and Luna into towels and laying them down and lying on top of the sheets. It didn't take long for them lying on their towels, and Discord was quite nervous as he asked, " wanted to ask you something for a while...but I've been too nervous to say it."

Fluttershy turned to face him with a look of uncertainty and asked in a questioning tone. "What is it?"

Discord who was still quite nervous gulped as he continued, "I know my mother turned you into a draconequus and that we have...we...have been together for over a year...I just wanted to ask"

He groaned smacking a claw to his face then rolled around and grumbled irritably."Forget it."

Fluttershy blushed as she had a feeling what Discord wanted to say, and she was feeling braver and whispered into his ear, "I love you."

The lord of chaos's face turned a bright red with him quivering, turning to face Fluttershy once again and squeaked, "wait, are you serious!"

Fluttershy gave a small nod as she nuzzled into Discord and cooed, "yes, I do mean so. I love who is crazy and powerful you are, but underneath that facade, I know your just a big softie."

He was still quite tuned as he asked," so...does that mean we...we...l…"

Fluttershy snickered," you mean you wanna start dating? Sure, I wouldn't mind that at all."

She kissed Discord on the lips. He stood there holding onto the kiss as his face went from red to pink making him panic as they held the embrace for awhile. Discord pulled out and being unsure and nervous with a bunch of feelings rushing through him he asked, "so? I guess we should head back to the real Equestria your friends probably wanna get back to being ponies, and I'm sure Angel is tired being a cute maid."

"Actually I have other plans." Fluttershy whispered as her eyes now had a green glow in them.

Discord was confused and now a bit concerned seeing Fluttershy's change in tone and he asked," what do you mean other plans?"

Fluttershy smirked as she crossed her claws over chest and replied in an overly confident tone. "What if I told you that we were never in that fake Equestria you made and really are in the real Canterlot?"

Discord felt like Fluttershy had to be just teasing him as he crossed his arms and scoffed, "trust me, this is the fake Canterlot? I mean, if this were the real Canterlot, wouldn't every guard in the castle be on us by now?"

Just then a bunch of guards burst through the doors and they all began charging the two dracquinouses. Fluttershy laughed maniacally as pink tendrils of magic wrapped around the guards. One by one they were transformed some were turned into cute mares, with their manes growing out and their armor turning into play colt bunny costumes with their tails turning into big cotton balls. While others were turned into cute little bunnies wielding carrot-shaped spear that they began to nibble on them. Discord was heaving in anger as he realized that this was the real Canterlot and turned to the female dracquinous and shouted, "Fluttershy! You have to stop this! You're going to get yourself turned to stone please you need to snap out of it!"

The female draconequus turned around to face Discord and gave him a cold glare seeing how hypocritical he was and scoffed," As if your one to talk?If you had the chance you would use your chaos magic for your own ends, this is what you wanted, right? To rule Equestria and make it your chaotic playground?"

Discord was stunned as if this was a few years ago he would say yes in a heartbeat. But this, this wasn't the Fluttershy he knew and loved. She was corrupted by the chaos magic flowing through her and he knew deep down this was wrong as he shouted," no! If you don't stand down and turn all these ponies back to normal, you'll leave me no choice, I'll have to stop you!"

Fluttershy growled as the chaos magic filled the castle, slowly turning it into a big white painted barn filled with hay and pens. The Celestia towel suddenly poofed with magic as she was transformed into a white-coated pig in a pen labeled "Cake Pig," and she had trough filled with cake. She squealed and began snacking on it shaking ehr cute twirly tail as she did so. While Luna was suddenly transformed growing bigger and fatter with her body now covered in dark blue and purple spots all over her body. She mooed as giant dark blue udders grew under her belly and over her pen a sign stood over reading "Moon Cheese". Luna turned her attention to her trough giant rolls of cheddar cheese shaped into giant crater filled moons and began snacking on them. Before Discord could do anything he squeaked as he gree smaller. His body puffed up in a brown fur and his horns grew smaller turning into little nubs. Soon he was on all fours and he knew that he was now a baby goat. He peered up at Fluttershy towering over him. The baby goat quivered as the female dracquinous smirking down at him. "Your right, I know how to use my chaos magic, and I really love it; in fact, I know you're going to try to stop me. I want to turn the real Equestria into a land perfect for cute animals. Until you decide to agree with me, you'll be one too." The goat bawwed and pawed at fence bleating out for help as Fluttershy snapped a claw opening a portal and disappeared.

Chapter six: Zooquestria

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Discord was quite unsure of what he should do, having been turned into a normal young billy goat. The transformed draconequus wandered back and forth in his pen with a scared and confused look printed on his face as he never felt so unsure of what to do. The draconequus realized that there wasn't much he could do. The draconequus paced back and forth in his pen, trying to decide on how to proceed with stopping Fluttershy. However, it didn't take long for the draconequus to turn his attention to Luna, the "cow" munching on her cheese and swaying her giant udders seeming to be undeterred by what transpired. Celestia, the giant "pig," also just continued munching on the cake in her trough with much more enthusiasm oinking and snorting as she continued to gorge. Seeing the princesses seeming to be more interested in stuffing their faces then escaping. Discord got quite flustered and stomped about in anger and shouted, "Hey Luna! Celestia! Stop stuffing your faces and help me escape you two do realize Fluttershy is going to take over Equestria if we don't do something!"

"I can't believe the lord of chaos was tricked by Fluttershy?" Celestia snickered behind a hoof.

Luna clopped her hooves on the ground and mooed out. "Weren't you supposed to teach her to control her powers? Wow, you did such a good job!"

The princesses both laughed out loud, but the princesses jesting at the situation made Discord angrier as he shouted," seriously! This isn't the time to be mocking me! Now come on smash through the pens and help me stop her!"

Celestia sniffed at her cake and moaned, seeming to be unable to contain her craving for cake and asked, "Can we stop her after we eat?"

Luna also seemed to be enticed by the giant sphere of cheddar cheese in front of her, "yeah, I'm famished, and this cheese smells so good!"

"Are you kidding me!? Fluttershy obviously enchanted you two to care more about food then saving Equestria?!" Discord roared out, getting quite annoyed that the princesses weren't taking the situation seriously.

Celestia pondered, tapping a hoof to her chin and asked, ", do we break the enchantment?"

Luna eyed the draconequus and asked, "yeah, obviously you know more about chaos magic then us? So what are we supposed to do?"

Discord rubbed his head as he was unsure of what to do and grumbled, "It looks like your going to have to finish that food before we get out of here?" The billy goat snickered and responded, "Why don't you just chow down on your food."

The two princesses both smirked at each other, and then they turned their attention to their troughs and began to gorge on the food at a faster pace munching away at a blinding speed. Discord was amazed watching the two princesses chomp away at the food in their troughs as if it was nothing. Cake crumbs and small bits of cheese flew all over, and Discord had to jump around trying to dodge the pieces of food. It wasn't long until the two princesses finished all the food in their troughs, and they both gave one long, loud burp that reverberated throughout the "royal barn," and the two collapsed onto the ground causing a small tremble through their pens. Discord groaned as he rubbed a hoof down his face feeling so frustrated seeing he was going to have to take charge as she grumbled out loud. "Just wonderful!? How did I become the responsible one!?"

"Hey, get up! We need to get out of here! You two call yourselves princesses. Just look at yourselves! If you want to become alicorns again, then you need to get up!" Discord snapped out loud.

The two former alicorns both groaned as they slowly got up from their food coma and ground the dirt beneath their hooves before smashing through their pens, sending bits of wood flying everywhere. Discord cheered them on getting quite excited as he shouted, "buck yeah! I knew you two could do it! Now help me out here!"

Both Celestia and Luna both turned their attention to Discord's pen and smirked at each other. Discord's face went white with fear as he knew what was going to happen next. The princesses rammed through his pen, making him scooch backward, trying to avoid the two giant fat farm animals from crushing him! He stood there in the back of his pen, breathing out heavily, seeing the two giant farm animals inches from his now small body. His fear soon turned to embarrassment, feeling some small brown pellets coming out from his backend. The princesses laughed at Discord's accident, making him shout, "oh yeah! I saw you two shitting all over your pens, so don't even!"

Celestia bent down and nuzzled Discord "oh, we were just playing with you now. How about we leave this place and save Equestria?"

Luna nodded and responded," right, we should get going, but how are we going to stop Fluttershy it seems she's completely lost her mind?"

Discord stomped a hoof on the ground and snapped, "I'll knock some sense into Fluttershy! You two are going to help me!"

The two former alicorns looked down at the billy goat and simply asked, "how?"

Discord paused and was quite unsure of how to answer, but he knew he had to somehow get her to realize what she was doing was wrong. He gave a long exasperated sigh before responding. "I'm not sure, but you need to give me another chance. I know I can reason with her…"

Both Celestia and Luna huddled together and whispered to each other while shoving their big fat flanks at Discord. The billy goat was amazed mostly at Luna's giant udders swaying from side to side, and he could feel his mouth trembling to feel quite thirsty for milk for some unknown reason. But before he could say or do anything, they both turned around as the two smiled and nodded in agreement. "Alright, we trust you."

The baby billy goat shook his head, getting out of that weird trance and shouted, "good, now come on, let's get going!"

Celestia turned to Discord and asked, "you think that we can get with my captain of the guard to help?"

"Honestly, he's probably a dog or something we should just get going." Discord snapped back.

Celestia rolled her eyes. "Come on, it won't hurt to at least see if he's ok? If we're going to take on a draconequus without the elements of harmony were going to need all the help we can get."

Discord stomped a claw on the ground and snapped. "Fine! whatever, let's just get going!"

They then all followed through the royal barn, which had white painted wooden walls, with farm equipment lining the walls. It was quite interesting to see that the whole castle was now just filled with pens and troughs, and there was a mix of both barn and wild animals inside each enclosure talking or eating as if nothing happened. Swans waddled about flowery looking maid uniforms, goats wearing snazzy tuxedos, all manners of dogs ranging from golden retrievers, poodles, Pitbulls running around in their pens barking and snapping at each other as if they were trying to debate something. It wasn't long until they reached "the barracks," which was just a sign overhead that read "puppy playpen" that was over a caroule filled with german shepherd puppies running around barking and roughhousing.

Discord burst into laughter rolling on the ground as one with "Champ" on his collar came up and saluted. 'Hello, Princess Pigsty champ here reporting for duty!"

Celestia blushed at her new name and saluted. "Thanks, cutie, I would like to ask what's going on here?"

"Oh, we're just playing! We're having tons of fun!" Champ barked as the rest of the puppies came over barking and pawing them. Luna was a bit concerned, looking over the puppies and asked, "Where are all the night guards?"

"Over here!" Luna's eyes went wide with surprise upon hearing what seemed like a kitten's mew. Turned at the shout and saw a bunch of black-furred kittens all mewing for attention as they slowly crawled over each other. The giant cow dawwed, giving a loud moo as she nuzzled them and even let some of the kittens suckle milk from her udders.

Discord stomped about again, getting quite agitated. "Ugh seriously! Stop petting cute animals, and let's get going!"

This made the puppies and kittens cry and start barking and mewing more as both princesses turned to Discord with angry glares wanting to stay with the cute animals as they started shouting, "boo! You suck! Why do you have to be such a party pooper!?"

"Seriously, you can play with kittens and puppies after we save Equestria!" Discord snapped back.

Celestia and Luna both got up begrudgingly got up and waved bye to their cute pets and slowly followed Discord out of the barracks and into the streets of Canterlot.

They were quite amazed seeing that Canterlot looked so much more like a zoo than a city. The houses and shops that lined the streets as pens, barns, burrows, and the streets were filled with all kinds of animals walking or waddling around. It was quite funny to the three watching the once-wealthy fancy nobles now waddling about as elephants or bears some as various breeds of dogs in suits walking about grazing eating talking. They all paused every once in a while to admire the animals trying to act like nobles still. They even spotted Fancy Pants, who was now a penguin wearing a fancy tuxedo and a big black bowtie waddling alongside his wife Fleur, who was now a swan pecking at her husband's feathers and seeming to be making a fuss of making the three snickered. They continued to the train station, which was run by a bunch of chipmunks. They were scurrying about going over the train, fixing things, and checking for issues on the train with little clipboards. One chipmunk in acute conductor's hat ran over to them, and he was ready to go when one came up and asked, "Hello, welcome to the Zooquestria express where are you heading too?"

"Oh, we're trying to find Fluttershy?" Celestia oinked out.

"Oh, you mean Queen Fluttershy? Yes, we can get you to her castle in Zooville in no time." The chipmunk chirped out.

The three farm animals all looked at each other and were unsure of what the chipmunk meant by "Queen Fluttershy" However, they knew that they had no choice but to face her and end this insanity before it gets even more out of control. Discord just gave a deep sigh and grumbled, "yes, we need to go to Queen Fluttershy's castle. Please take us there."

The chipmunk gave a salute and chirped out. "Alrighty then! Just follow me, I'll show you to your seats!"

The three shrugged, and they were led to the back of what used to be the friendship express, which was now full of cargo train cars. The chipmunk opened one of the trailers and chirped, "alright! Take your seats there all rather comfy for farm animals!"

The three peered inside to see the train had pens filled with all kinds of farm animals inside each enclosure. They sighed and continued to a pen together. Celestia and Luna both collapsed, heaving, and breathing heavily from all that walking. Discord shook his head as he still couldn't get over the fact that the once-powerful and regal princesses of Equestria were not fat and lazy farm animals. He then turned his attention to Luna, and his eyes went wide, seeing the princess of the night's now giant bulging fleshy udders. He could see quite clearly that Luna's bulging milk sacks were quite round being full of milk. Discord could feel his body quivering, wanting to suckle on them. The princess snickered, seeing Discord drooling and gave her udders a little shake enticing the hungry billy goat and cooed," you thirsty, Dissy?"

He blushed, unable to hold back his urge to drink from those big udders and whimpered," w..well...I am a baby goat, after all." The billy goat began to slowly walk up to the cow and took hold of one of the bulging teats and began to suckle from one of Luna's udders. She squeaked out, feeling the rush of hot creamy milk filling his mouth while Luna winced and mooed, "be more gentle!"

Celestia snickered and oinked at her sister. "Oh, this is too adorable!" Discord simply rolled his eyes and continued to suckle the milk gently, and his eyes began to droop, getting quite tired as he fell into a deep sleep.

The train eventually reached "Zooville" Discord woke up to Luna, nudging him as she cooed, "Time to get up little one."

Luna and Celestia groaned, slowly getting up and waddling out of the train car. Discord slowly stumbled onto the train platform and blushing a little as he wiped his mouth and slowly walked over to meet up with the princesses. They made they were to Fluttershy's cottage only to see that it was now a giant castle. The entire piece of architecture was a giant tree with the winding thick branches that were shaped into towers and various rooms. The courtyard was filled with flowers and bushes shaped like bunnies and different other animals. There was a moat filled with carrot juice surrounding the castle with giant bunnies hopping around in armor wielding carrot-shaped spears guarding the castle.

The three slowly crossed the courtyard admiring the garden and but they were also quite concerned with unsure looks. They were going to attack or even let them into the castle one orange furred bunny wearing a big cowboy hat hopped over and shouted," Halt! You two stop right there and state your business!"

Discord rolled his eyes, seeing it was just Applejack and replied, "Hey, it's me Discord and were trying to get Fluttershy to snap out of her crazy take over. Can you let us in?"

Applejack scoffed as she crossed her paws and snapped," as if I would believe you? Your just a silly billy goat, and you have no business with the Queen of Zooqeustria."

"Queen!" the three exclaimed all at once.

The big orange coated bunny started to thump on the ground with a back paw and snapped, "that's right, the queen now yall better get hoppin' along. She's quite busy today."

Celestia and Discord were about to snap back at Applejack, but Luna placed a hoof over them and gave them a wink. The princess of the night then turned around and groaned, "oh, but you have to lead us into the castle! I...I.." She started to perform a dance shaking her giant udders and having them sway around as she squeaked out. " I need to be milked!"

Applejack eyed the cow's swollen udders, which was ballooned outwards and were dripping with little droplets of milk onto the ground. The farm mare's instincts to care for farm animals kicked in as she gasped out loud. "Oh, dear? Ya fuller than a pig at an all ya can eat buffet!"

Celestia squealed at the mention of a buffet. "All you can eat buffet where!"

"Alright, then I shall escort yall into the castle follow me and don't go wondering off."

They shrugged and followed Applejack and slowly inside the castle. Inside there was a long hall with the carpet made of lush grass and the walls made of winding roots. They were a bit amazed, continuing to follow Applejack, who was bouncing along. It wasn't long until they enter a small guest room with a little tea table. The bunny pushed a bucket under her udders, and she started to use her paws to squeeze the teats and squirting hot steaming milk into the bucket. Luna stood there, blushed with her face turning a bright red. She could feel her sister and Discord burning their gazes into her back as she felt her udders being squeezed and the sound of milk hitting the metal of the pail below. Celestia snickered under her breath, seeing the pail was filled entirely with her sister's milk and cooed, "so how was that? It sounded like you were having a good time."

Luna gave a long sigh of relief. "Oh, yes! That felt wonderful. It was like I was holding in my pee for hours what a relief."

Then without warning, a maid pegasus mare popped into the room and performed a cute curtsey as she whispered, "my name is Angel, and I was sent to attend to your needs."

Before anyone else could say I'd do anything, Angel took out a bucket filled with a slush that looked like blended up a cake for Celestia, and she oinked and squealed as she chowed down on her food. Angel the place a giant ice cream shake down and popped a long curly straw into her mouth. While Luna suckled on her ice cream float, Angel then took the pail of milk that Applejack squeezed out and poured it all out into a giant baby bottle and popped it into Discord's mouth. The draconequus squeaked in surprise as he suckled down the milk-making adorable suckling noises. "Now go on and drink up. Fluttershy told me you needed to drink all of Luna's milk before she can see her."

He rolled his eyes and started suckling down the milk moaning as the warm milk went through his lips. This went on for some time until Angel removed the bottle with an audible pop and curtseyed once again. "Thank you for your patience, I'll inform Fluttershy you finished your meal."

"Alright, whatever, just hurry up. I rather not be a billy goat anymore." Angel bowed and walked off just as Rarity, who was still a goose wearing a fancy purple bonnet l waddled in and giggled, "ugh, you three can't be in the presence of the queen wearing nothing? How rude come, let me dress you up."

Luna slowly got up and feeling a lot better after being milked while Discord followed behind groaning, feeling quite bloated from drinking all that milk and followed after the cow. They then all turned to Celestia goring on the cake, and as she finished and gave a loud burp, she waddled over to Discord and plopped a motley colored jester's hat on his head with bells. She then flew up and placed two shining Tiaras on both Celestia's and Luna's heads. They all blinked unsure of this as Rarity waved a wing, "now follow me darlings Queen Fluttershy is waiting."

The two shrugged, and they were all led to the royal throne room where they saw Twilight, the purple feathered owl using one of her quills to write down records on a long scroll while Rainbow Dash, who was still a songbird leading a group of songbirds in concert. Then Fluttershy came forward in her full draqquinous form and sat down in her throne. She stared at the three with a smirk. "well, well, well. You three have arrived, and I was wondering if you were ever going to finish your meals before I took over?"

Discord rolled his eyes seeming to want to get this entire ordeal over with and stomped forward as he snapped, "Seriously, Fluttershy? why are you doing this?"

Fluttershy slammed a claw down and snapped. "Oh come on Discord I told you before. I'm just having fun? You think you coming to talk to me is going to work because it's not?"

Discord snapped back. "Oh yeah! Your happy with what you did to your friends? Or what you did to the princesses? I'm sickened by what your doing! this isn't fun its just cruel!"

Fluttershy's eyes widen with anger as a red glint came over her irises. "You think that I will be talked out of stopping this! But I won't!" She snapped a claw, and the billy goat turned back into Discord in his full draccquinous form as Fluttershy shouted, "Let's have a battle of chaos to see who's the true lord of chaos!"

Discord rolled his eyes as he simply snapped a claw, and everything disappeared, and they were now in Fluttershy's cottage. The female draconequus's eyes went wide as Discord growled, "I knew that your chaos magic would eventually make you think you can break out. So I had a contingency plan where if you did try to escape you would be caught into another dimension which was also just another simulatIon."

Celestia and Luna looked their bodies over seeing they were still farm animals and shouted in anger. "Hey, we're still here!"

Discord snickered and waved a claw. "Sorry, but I wanted to prank you two as well, sorry about that."

Fluttershy eyes glared angrily wanting to get her revenge as she held out a claw and roared, "I am going to make sure you stay here forever while I take over the real Equestria just you watch!"

"No, you won't this is your chaos magic talking. I'm going to get the Fluttershy I know and love back whatever it takes. I know she's in there and she's still just as loving and caring as she's always been." He raised his arms up and simply replied, "I won't do anything to stop you. If you want to turn me into a bunny, a goat or even a piece of dog poo go ahead, do your worst. I won't stop you."

Fluttershy eyes filled with tears as she held out her claw which trembled. Something came over the queen of chaos as waves of her old self flew over her. Memories of her and Discord hanging out, taking care of animals, doing silly pranks and how much he's cared for her since her transformation into a draconequus. She then suddenly burst into tears and she cried out, "I'm so sorry!"

Discord flew over and hugged Fluttershy into his embrace. "Hey, you did, good you faced your worst self and overcame it. That's what this whole experience was about."

"So none of that actually happened, it was all a simulation?" Fluttershy whimpered looking up at Discord with pleading eyes.

"Bu..bu..but I'm not ready to go back look what I did I'm... a monster." Fluttershy choked out.

Discord looked into Fluttershy's eyes and looked for the red tint but it was gone they were the big turquoise colored eyes. He smiled and responded, "nope your good, all that pent up chaos magic is gone."

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a sheepish smile remembering all the crazy things she did to him and sighed, "Yeah? You think I got control even after what I did to you?"

"Was it any worse then what I did to you and your friends when I first broke from my prison?" You did an excellent job in gaining control. and I'm so proud of you." Fluttershy had another feeling swim through her as she suddenly threw her face into his in a sudden kiss. Discord paused with his face turning a beat red as they held the embrace for some time. Fluttershy blushing released her kiss turning away feeling bashful and unsure of what she was feeling.

Discord gulped with sweat pouring down his face from having such a romantic moment and asked, "w..what was that all about?"

"I'm not sure...I never really felt like this before." Fluttershy squeaked out with a nervous tremble in her voice.

Discord pondered things over unsure of how to proceed and he finally asked," well, we don't need to go back to Equestria just yet. How about we take a real vacation now just the two of us? Let's go somewhere fun."

"What about us!" Luna and Celestia shouted back as they were both getting flustered being stuck as farm animals.

Fluttershy smirked seeing the princesses in their chubby farm animal forms and snickered, "I think you two could use one too, why don't you come with us?"

"Yes, I think it would be nice, but they still need to rule a kingdom and raise the sun and moon." Discord responded and with a snap of his claw, and tendrils of magic slowly wrapped themselves around Luna. Celestia moaned and cried as their bodies became equestrian again, shifting and thinning as they were slowly turned back to normal. Except, however, Celestia still had a pig snout and a small curly tail poking out her back end with her rump being more prominent and round bulging with extra fat, making her face turned a bright red. While Luna was now covered still in black and white spots and she was blushing trying to press her legs together trying to hide the giant udders poking out from her underbelly! The two alicorns started to shout and curse at Discord as he waved a claw, "oh calm down your relatively back to normal." He then came over, taking out a glass and pulling on one of Luna's teats and poured himself a glass of chocolate milk before teleporting them away.

He then turned to Fluttershy, sipping on his glass of chocolate milk with a smirk on his face," you know...your friends are still animals wana go turn them relatively back to normal too?"

Fluttershy laughed, and she squealed out. "Oh yeah?! I would love to see Rainbow with some cute bird wings, and Applejack with a bunny tail."

Discord couldn't help himself wrapping himself around her long body and rubbing a claw through her flowing pink mane and asked, "how did you become so chaotic?"

As Fluttershy released herself from Discord's embrace, she caressed his face with a claw and whispered, "I learn from the best."

Chapter seven: Planet of the Celestias and Lunas

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Discord was tapping a paw on the ground waiting patiently in a seemingly infinite long white hallway full of doors on either side of it. He was feeling quite impatient as he took out a stopwatch and looked at it with a scowl, “ugh, she said this would only take a few hours? What's taking her so long!”

Fluttershy finally came through one of the doors with her cheeks flushed pink as she closed it behind her. The male draconequus eyed her, having a feeling something was up and snapped. “Hey! What took so long? Were you having fun turning your friends “relatively” back to normal?”

The yellow coated pegasus gave an annoyed shrug, “Yeah...I guess…”

“Oh!? Let me guess you turn them back to normal?” Discord grumbled irritably as he crossed his claws across his chest.

“I had to! I mean, they're still my friends!” The mare snapped back with an angry scowl on her face.

Discord just gave a looked down in disappointment and muttered, “Yeah...but it would’ve been funny if you had them continue doing their silly jobs and still looking crazy...though we are going to be gone for some time?”

“Oh, I know, But they did their jobs well enough. Now...what do you want to do for our first date?” Fluttershy asked casually, secretly wanting to change the conversation.

Discord rubbed his eagle claw and lion paw together as he explained. “I decided that if we pick a theme for our dates, each of these doors will lead to a fun and new universe where we can enjoy ourselves!”

Fluttershy turned around with a smirk on her face. “Oh, so there’s a who gets to choose first!”

Discord turned with a smirk on his face and scoffed, “I see you failed to let your chaos run wild, so I think I should go first?”

“Oh, stop! You should be glad I changed them back to normal and kept you from being banished or turned to stone again.” Fluttershy snapped back as she stomped her foot on the ground, getting flustered.

“Well, my theme is Celestia and Luna!” The Lord of Chaos shouted and zapped a door. Fluttershy chuckled, seeing the door now had the cutie marks of the princesses plastered on the door. They both slowly walked through the door, and they blinked, seeing they were now standing in a vast pasture. The sky was strange as it had this orange glow with the sun and moon high in the sky casting over each other. But this odd world had stranger things with alicorn sheep-like creatures. They had the bodies and build of Celestia and Luna. They seemed to be wandering about with giant fluffy wooly coats covering their bodies looking like sheep wondering about bawwing and chewing on the grass. The former pegasus blinked in surprise, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. “Oh my, they are quite adorable? Is this some world where Celestia and Lunas are just sheep?”

Discord snickered behind his claw. “Hehe, this is kind of funny.” He had a cake appear in a claw and watched one of the Celestia’s slowly coming over to sniff it, not unlike any wild animal intrigued by the interesting smell. She then slowly cautiously came over and started to sniff it, then came over and snatched the cake from the draconequus's paw and began munching on the cake, getting it all over her muzzle. Fluttershy dawwed taking a claw and bouncing it on one of the Luna sheep’s fluffy it was so soft and bouncy it was like touching a cloud. “Oh, so fluffy! Do they ever get their coats sheared?”

“Probably not; they look wild if you ask me?” Discord responded, looking around the seemingly long grassy plain, trying to figure where they were exactly. The lord of chaos turned around as an idea formed in his head and with a smirk as he suggested, “we could release them all over Canterlot?”

Fluttershy doubled over in laughter, just thinking about a bunch of Lunas and Celestia’s covered in fluffy coats running around. The female draconequus regained her composure and snickered, “that would be hilarious!”

She patted another Celestia sheep creature on the head and then took out some shears and electric cutters. “Why don’t we gather their wool?”

“Fine, so boring! After this, I want another go I didn’t know we would come to a stupid petting zoo.” Discord grumbled, snatching the scissors and started to clip and shear the wool from a Celestia creature who was bawwing and loving the attention.

Fluttershy did her job shearing the wool of a Luna one and then snapped a claw turning the wool into a giant fluffy dark purple pillow with Luna’s face on it. The female draconequus picked it up and exclaimed like an exciting foal. “Look, what I made!”

Discord smirked, taking Celestia’s wool and turning it into a giant sexy body pillow of the princess of the sun in a sexy pose with the cloth around all wrinkled as if she was posing on a bed. Fluttershy actually felt jealous seeing the princess’s sexy body and simply snapped, “haha, so mature of you? It seems you still have feelings for your ex.”

Fluttershy decided to get back at her coltfriend and zapped the pillow turning an ugly pink Hearthwarming sweater with an old looking Celestia drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

Discord rolled his eyes. “Seriously? You mares get jealous so easily!” He took the sweater and transformed it into a body pillow of Fluttershy (when she was a pegasus) posing similarly like Celestia in a bed of flowers, and with a smirk, he asked, “you happy now?”

Fluttershy blushed, seeing herself in such a promiscuous manner and sighed, “fine..I'll stop being jelly.” She turned her Luna pillow into a plushie and gave Discord this cute look as she squeezed the plush as it squeaked out a “sorry Dissy” in Luna’s voice.

Discord dawned and clutched his chest. “Oh, apology accepted!” He turned the Fluttershy body pillow into a life-sized plush of his crush in her pegasus form.

The female draconequus squealed, holding out her claws. “Oh, let me have it!”

Discord snickered and looked about. “I guess we can shave them all naked that would be funny!”

“Oh, that does sound like fun!” Fluttershy and Discord then went about cutting and shaving the oversized wooly coats from the alicorns. The two lords of chaos giggled as they looked over the normal-looking Celestia and Luna's wandering about aimlessly.

Fluttershy looked them over as she stuffed all wool in a giant sack as she suddenly came to a sudden realization and whispered under her breath. “You know...they look quite normal without all that wool?”

Discord tied his own giant sack up and agreed. “Yeah...I wonder if they really are just like animals here, or maybe they're just acting?”

“Who knows? It could be just some crazy pocket dimension?” Fluttershy responded with a smile on her face as she nuzzled another Luna covered her violet wool. The fluffy wool felt so soft and bouncy making her feel quite good. She turned to see that her sack was quite full and sighed, “Alright, that’s all the wool we can get..but…I think I’ll take one as a pet later?”

“It’s about time! I was getting so bored!” Discord shouted and snapped a claw as another door with the princesses cutie marks appeared and shouted, “alright! Well, let's see if we get something better this time!” The two opened the door and flew through into a blinding light.

The two draconequuss suddenly came over to see a giant pond in the middle of a park. There were benches, with statues of Celestia and Luna stuck as statues in various poses spouting water from their mouths while Celestias and Lunas all swimming in the giant pond. This time their wings were much larger than how they were back in their own dimension, flapping them about, and they had orange bills instead of muzzles. The weird duck-like alicorns were acting like waterfowl ducking their heads in and out of the water, catching fish while honking at each other. Fluttershy saw some of them were nestled in nests on the shore squawking and folding their legs under their bellies as they plopped out eggs.

The former pegasus turned to Discord with a confused look and asked, “Is the same world?”

“I...I don’t know I think its just a whole world full of Celestia and Luna’s acting like wild animals? ” The draconequus responded by scratching his head.

“Well, I might as well take advantage of the pond!” Fluttershy giggled, pouring magic overturning herself into a cute yellow feathered swan and flew right into the water, causing a giant splash. Fluttershy then burst her head through the water squawking as she swam off with the flock of Luna and Celestia's paddling about in the water adorably. Discord stood back blushing, “aww they do come off rather cute…”

The yellow pegasus laughed pedaling about on her webbed feet as she turned over to Discord and exclaimed, “come on and join in!”

The male draconequus rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t deny that it did look fun. The lord of chaos threw a claw and responded curtly. “Oh, I think I’ll stay over here for now.”

“Oh, come on! You're not getting out of having fun that easy!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she shot out a beam of magic hitting Discord and turning him into a giant brown feathered goose with a big yellow bill. The lord of chaos honked and flapped his wings angrily and shouted, “Hey! What the heck was that!?”

He waddled into the pond and honked at Fluttershy. “Who do you think you are, huh? I’ll turn you in a tadpole next time you do that!”

“Oh, hush, let's watch the alicorn swans they’re so adorable,” Fluttershy whispered, and Discord rolled his eyes as he swam next to Fluttershy and the two watched Luna and Celestia swans squawking and fighting each other. It seems that the two frequently got into fights over fish. The Princesses repeatedly tried to preen their siblings, but the Luna ones would squawk back at Fluttershy, turned her attention to the nests, and whispered, “So...I'm assuming since I don’t see any males those eggs might not be fertilized?”

“What? You want to eat one!?” Fluttershy exclaimed, quite surprised by Discord’s response.

Fluttershy snickered as they swam over to an unguarded nest full of violet and yellow-colored eggs. The two draconequuss turned into giant bunnies, Discord was a giant brown coated bunny, while Fluttershy was transformed into a giant yellow bunny with both having fluffy white underbellies. While picking the eggs and placing them in baskets, the lord of chaos smirked as a funny idea came to mind as he suggested, “hey Fluttershy? We should hide these all over Canterlot.”

The female draconequus was intrigued by the idea and replied in an enthusiastic tone.“Ok...that sounds like a better idea than letting a bunch of wooly alicorns loose.”

Discord shrugged and snickered, “why don’t we make a bunch of body pillows of Luna and Celestia form their wool too!”

“Oh yeah, that would be super hilarious!” Fluttershy laughed as they finished collecting the eggs from the various nests. It didn’t take long for the alicorns to notice and began running over honking and flapping their wings angrily.

Discord eeped, seeing a horde of the angry alicorns coming towards him and shouted, “let’s get out of here!”

Fluttershy eyes went wide and even shot some eggs from her rump as they bounced away through the woods. The two continued hopping along with Fluttershy still popping out eggs. The two turned back, gasping for breath from their mad dash from the pond gasping for breath and taking their time to make sure they were safe.

Discord brushed back his long floppy bunny ears before snapping a paw and transforming the two back into draconequuss. He then gave Fluttershy a smug grin and asked, “, you want to go somewhere else?”

The female draconequus flipped back her long flowing pink mane as she rolled her eyes and snapped, “well, it seems the swans kicked us out from the lake, so I assume we should move on?"

Discord also agreed as he took out the baskets full of eggs and started to sort them into egg cartons then started placing them in a giant fridge. He then slammed the door shut and wiped his claw and paw together. "There, we'll store Celestia and Luna's eggs for safekeeping."

Then another door suddenly appeared before the two, and Discord opened it and bowed respectfully. "After you, my dear."

The female draconequus blushed and flashed her eyes as she pecked Discord on the cheek. "Oh, such the gentle colt." He snickered and followed his special somepony through the door and then suddenly cried out being thrown into a giant wall of water with a huge splash!

The two were surprised as they both blinked, seeing themselves floating about underwater. The two former draconequuss looked at each other, astonished at how they transformed. Discord having a long dark brown fishtail, he had his goat horns still planted firmly on his head, he had a long light brown fin running down his back, and he had his piercing yellow eyes with glowing red irises. He blushed, looking over to Fluttershy, who now had a long yellow scaled fishtail with a long pink fin down her back with those lovely piercing blue eyes flashing back at him. The draconequus was quite stunned at how beautiful his marefriend was with his cheeks flushing red. The lord of chaos slowly swam over with an unsure look on his face, not knowing what to say. Fluttershy looked over with a blush on her cheeks, being as bashful just as her coltfriend was and asked, “ guess we're sea ponies now?"

The lord of chaos whisked about underwater, trying to get a full view of his new body and replied, "Yeah, seems like it? But does that mean…"

The two then both turned to see Celestia and Luna sea ponies swimming about. The Celestia ones were quite beautiful with long multicolored fishtails accompanied by their pristine white coat that covered their horse-like chest and heads with an orange, yellow fin going down her back. Luna herself had a dark blue fishtail with a velvet coat that covered her horse like torso head and forelegs with an ethereal dark blue fin going down her back. The strange creatures did seem abit more intelligent as they went about swimming around clicking at each other, or going about hunting plankton, and some even were sitting on barnacle covered rocks playing golden harps and singing lovely tunes in a language Fluttershy and Discord couldn't understand. The two were so engrossed in the harmonious music they sat together watching not even knowing they slowly were touching their paws. As the group of alicorns finished their lovely song, both Fluttershy and Discord stood up, clapping and shouting "bravo!"

The seaponies looked at each other, confused before swimming off, seeming not to understand what the two odd draconequuss were doing.

Discord started to tear up and wiped his eyes as he cried. "Well, I have to admit that it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."

Fluttershy twirled her body around her lover and whispered seductively in his ear. “You know, seeing you like this is making me feel something I haven't felt in a long time."

The draconequus squeaked knowing full well Fluttershy's hormones must be raging in her new body, and he was not ready for this. The lord of chaos squirmed in Fluttershy's embrace and cried out. "I honestly don't think mating in these forms is not a good idea!"

Fluttershy got a little flustered and snapped, "Oh, come on! This is the one time I've felt like this all day!?' But she let her lover go seeing he wasn't ready and sighed, " far as I know, seapony males carry the offspring? Wouldn't it be fun to feel life inside of you?"

“Oh, wow!? I did not need to know that!” Discord shouted as he pulled back the seam of his scaley fishtail peered down. Fluttershy snickered and swatted his face with her fishtail. “You still have your little Discord cutie now why don’t we go find another souvenir to add to our mystery bags that were going to spread over Canterlot." They swam around abit but the two gasped, seeing at the bottom of the ocean were all kinds of glittery scales with a shiny sheen of gold and violet.

“Oh my, what do you think we can do with these?” Fluttershy asked me to pick some up.

Discord crossed his claws and asked, “come on, use your imagination? We got body pillows and eggs. Think of a fun embarrassing object we can make from their scales?”

Fluttershy snickered behind a claw. “Oh, ok?” She let her chaos magic swirl around the scales turning into cute bras with Celestia’s cutie mark on the white ones and a silvery moon on the violet ones. “Bras"

Discord laughed, clapping his claws together, snickering at the idea of the princesses trying to figure who made such fashion sense with their cutie marks.“Alright! That's my girl; I knew you can still be chaotic !”

The two then went about scooping up the scales and turning them into embarrassing bras and stuffing them in a giant closet which was also filled with Luna and Celestia body pillows as well.

After closing the closet and having it disappear. The male draconequus used his chaos magic to have another door suddenly appear. “Now to finish off this date, why don’t we spread our little goodie bags around Canterlot? I mean, it’s spring, and I’m sure all of those stuck up nobles can use a few gifts to let loose.”

“Oh yeah, I completely agree! Let's just hope Celestia and Luna don’t decide to turn us into stone later!” Fluttershy squeaked, getting super excited to spread their crazy love goodie bags as they both flew through the door and hopefully back to their world.