• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Keep Calm and Chaos on - Foal Star

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

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Chapter Two: Why you don't have Fluttershy assign jobs

Discord was still quite angry about being turned into a baby was he knocked on Fluttershy's door while shouting, "open up! Hey, I'm going to stay out here all day!"

Angel, the maid, opened the door slowly with a blush on her face and whispered, "um…Fluttershy said you may come in, but she advises that you stick your arms out and waddle inside shaking your padded tush. Her words, not mine."

The draconequus rolled his eyes and waddled into the living room with his arms spread out and making his diaper crinkle between his legs. Fluttershy looked down with an angry scowl on her face. She seemed upset and asked, "why are you still here?"

He scoffed, "oh really, that's your question?!" he pointed to his diaper and shout, "I think this is why I'm here!"

Fluttershy fluttered over and poked his chubby belly. "Like I said I was hoping you would grow up a little."

Discord gave Fluttershy a long look and growled, "you honestly think this is gonna help anything? I was just trying to help you, and this is how you repay me? You have some nerve."

Fluttershy flew over with a sigh, "fine, I'll admit it, I went too far turning you into a baby."

He gave a nod and asked, "so can you turn me back into an adult?"

Fluttershy looked the cute baby draconequus over, and an idea suddenly popped into her head. She then snapped a claw, and the board game Candy Land My Little Pony edition with the Hasbro logo on it appeared, and she explained, "How about we play a game, and I'll think about it."

The little draconequus waddled over and plopped down onto his diaper blushing a little as he grumbled, "fine then I'll play your stupid game."

They sat together, and the two both started to play. They began to pick up cards and moving their tokens. As they played, the two started revealing cards with various cutie marks of the mane six printed on them down and moving their token across the board. As they played, Fluttershy asked, "so how does this chaos therapy work?"

Discord explained, "so, I'll place you in an alternate universe and have you do whatever you want. It will look like Equestria, and you can use your chaos magic to your heart's content."

Fluttershy replied, "ok, that sounds fun, so this will help me calm down?"

Discord nodded and continued to explain, "yeah, you can get all your anger out and do whatever. When your done you come back, and everything will be fine. Easy peasy."

Fluttershy marked seeing she was now ahead of Discord. "you better catch up if I win I'm going to baby you more."

The draconequus scoffed, "I am not going down without a fight!"

He flipped a card revealing a distinctive Big Macintosh’s cutie mark. The baby draconequus smirked and placed his plastic pony piece on the space with a big green apple and shouted, "see, I'm ahead of you now!"

He then was suddenly transformed into a baby version of Big Macintosh in a thick diaper with his green apple cutie mark printed on it. Fluttershy dawwed, "Oh, that's so adorable! I can't believe that Big Mac was so chubby as a baby."

He grumbled, crossing his stubby hooves and growled, "Eyyup."

Fluttershy took out a card and cooed, "oh! look at that I got Cup Cake." She then placed her counter ahead of Discord's and squeaked as she was transformed into Mrs.Cake dressed in her yellow, pink frilly apron. She squealed, feeling something kicking in her belly and blushed, "am I pregnant!"

The baby Macintosh snickered, "Ey’yup."

The copy of Mrs cake rolled her eyes . "Looks like my chaos magic still needs work, huh?"

The baby Mac shook his head and simply replied, "Ey'nope."

Mrs. Cake eyed him and asked, "What do you mean? This is how chaos magic work just being random and crazy."

The colt gave another nod. "Eyyup."

Mrs. Cake sighed as she rubbed her belly. "well, now I'm really craving ice cream and cake, Angel!"

Angel meekly walked over and meekly asked, "um, mam, do you require anything?"

The mare turned around and explained, "yes I want chocolate cake covered in a caramel drizzle, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate drizzled over it and soft served with a banana...also bring some peanut butter and pickles."

The mare blinked and bowed, "as you wish madam." the maid quickly left the room to get the pregnant mare her food.

Discord rolled his eyes as he then picked up another card, and the two continued to play. Angel eventually brought back the food and Fluttershy was gorging on the food, making Big Mac giggle as he picked up another special card. It had a Wonderbolt symbol and squeaked as his body transformed into a toddler version of Soarin in a Wonderbolt designed baby bouncer going up and down. He growled, "ugh does everything I deal with has to be foalish."

Fluttershy couldn’t help but cooed, "oh, you're just adorable, go on, keep bouncing, and make that cute diaper crinkle.

He stopped bouncing and scoffed, "whatever just go, it's your turn."

The mare then flipped a card and squeaked seeing a cloud being blown by a gust of wind on it and was slowly transformed into blue coated mare as she shrunk down, her mane turn orange. She looked herself over seeing she was now Rainbow Dash's mom Windy Whistles. She jumped up and down as she, "oh, wow! I'm Rainbow Dash's mom!" She started flying around the room and squealed, "I'm just so energetic, Dashie's number one! Dashie's number one!"

The baby Sprain blushed and picked up a black crystal printed on card and cheered, "yes!" They then placed his counter ahead, and Fluttershy snickered, "oh, dear looks like you landed on a Sombra space, you lose one turn."

He grumbled, crossing his hooves adorably across his chest as the baby bouncer turned into a crib made of black crystal bars. Fluttershy then flipped two cards over and moved in front of Discord's piece making the little draconequus pouted and stomped about having a tantrum. "that's not fair your cheating! I bet you're using chaos magic!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. "I would never use chaos magic like that!"

Discord smirked, "I don't believe you, but fine next turn we'll see what happens."

The crib disappeared as he then flipped a card and revealed a Sun symbol which was clearly Celestia's cutie mark. The baby draconequus squealed as he slammed his token onto the winning space and shouted, "I win!"

Fluttershy sighed, "fine, I guess you won fair and square."

But suddenly tendrils she snapped a claw and Discord was swarmed by pink tendrils that made his cost turn white. His mane became a lightly rainbow color, and his diaper now had a prominent sun symbol printed on the seat of his diaper. Discord squeaked as Fluttershy laughed and cooed "aww, you're a baby Celestia what a cutie!"

She then flipped her last card, revealing Cadence's crystal heart cutie mark. She placed it on the last space and was slowly into Princess Cadence, with her long pink coated body with a lengthy pink and yellow striped mane with a pregnant belly as well. The alicorn dawwed, "oh look at you big eyes and giant wings you look like Flurry Heart."

The mare scooped the filly up, the mare whined as she flapped her wings. "Stop it! I won, so turn me back to normal right now!"

Fluttershy sighed irritably and grumbled, "fine, alright..before you do can you try raising the sun?"

The filly eyed her and growled, "What are you talking about? The sun is already out?"

The mare smirked, "do it, and I'll turn us both back to normal deal?"

Discord relented grumbling as he squinted his eyes and focused his energy into his horn as a sun made of cardboard and glue somehow rose into the middle of the room. He just rolled his eyes as Cadence clapped and cheered, "oh that's just adorable!

She then snapped a claw instantly transforming Discord back into his adult draconequus form and Fluttershy grew into a normal female draconequus.

Discord looked himself over as he grumbled, "Well, I'm glad that's over. Now, the chaos therapy is going to take about a week, and I know springtime is very busy for you."

Fluttershy gave a nod and grumbled, "true, I guess I could ask my friends to help?"

Discord crossed his arms and scoffed at the notion. "Not to be rude, but your friends don't have any idea how to care for animals."

Fluttershy looked up with a confused look and asked, "so...what do you suggest we do?"

The draconequus gave a laugh as he rubbed his claws together with an evil grin as he explained, "ill give them a little makeover, of course. It'll only be for a week and itll be fun."

Fluttershy thought about it for a moment before relenting, "fine, but they have to agree to it as well."

Discord rolled his eyes and grumbled, "fine, but you also owe me for turning me into a baby. So, They don't know what I'll be doing to them into."

Fluttershy blushed "actually I thought it would be best If I dictate their jobs, and you just transform them."

Discord gave a nod. "Fine whatever, its a Deal!"

Applejack was walking down the road one early morning seeing the streets were oddly empty with no ponies about. She continued onward for some time talking to herself. "Where is everypony?" She eventually found Rainbow Dash sitting on the ground, with a scared look on her face and shaking all over. Applejack quickly ran over and asked, "Hey, what's up Rainbow! Are you doing, ok?"

The mare looked up and replied, "uh...um...no nothing really I was just turned into bucking ice cream!"

Applejack blinked and asked, "huh? say what again?"

Rainbow Dash continued to explain in a hysterical tone. "Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! I mean it was the weirdest feeling I've ever felt! Everything went black for a few minutes, and I just remember being cold!"

Applejack rubbed a hoof over her mane confused as she asked, "look I don't mean to pry but who turned you into ice cream?"

Rainbow Dash looked up with a glare. "Bucking Fluttershy that's who! She went crazy, turning ponies into sheep and one into a piggy bank! she turned Twilight info a fairy tale princess and Rarity into a ponyquin!"

Applejack squeaked, "seriously!" she rushed over to Carousel Boutique and slammed the door open shouting. "Rarity! Twilight! are you two, alright!"

She then looked down and saw the two mares in frilly dresses along with Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle, who was also in a frilly purple dress. Pinkie Pie turned around and asked, "they want to join in this tea is delicious!"

Applejack turned towards the princess alicorn wearing the poofiest dress out of all them and asked, "Twilight what's going on here!"

The alicorn princess blushed as she sipped her tea and whispered, "um I think it'll be best if you sit down. I have a lot of explaining to do."

After they sat down and Twilight explained everything to Applejack, she whispered: "um..so should we go over to Fluttershy's and see if Discord got things under control?"

Twilight shrugged "I'm not sure if that's a good idea considering Fluttershy is a draconequus she may still be too much for us to handle. That's why we thought just to hang out here and play with Sweetie Belle for a little."

Sweetie Belle blushed a little as she placed her hooves over her silly dress and replied, "yeah, I mean I'm not really into this over the top filly stuff. But this was worth it seeing Rarity is such a silly dress."

Rarity growled under her breath. "This better stay between us. I don't need anypony talking about me wearing such a gaudy dress it would ruin my reputation."

Just then Discord appeared with a giant camera and snapped a picture making the ponies all freak out trying to hide their dresses. As he chuckled, "oh I have to show this to Celestia! you two are just adorable!"

He then took out a quill and some pink paper.

"Dear Celestia,

Today I learned to be a silly poofy princess is so much fun! Having a silly tea party with my friends was the best experience I've ever had, and I want you to join us!

Sincerely your poofy princess student Twilight Sparkle."

He then snapped a claw as he teleported the letter to Celestia. Twilight's face was steaming red as she slammed her hooves on the table and roared "Discord! I'm going to kill you!"

Discord scoffed, "that is very unprincess like Twilight and after I just helped calm down poor Fluttershy. For shame."

Applejack turned around and growled, "ya did! good, now go on and get outta here before I buck ya into next week!"

Discord rolled his eyes and continued to explain. "You mares are so unladylike. However, I'm not done. You all need to know that I'm taking fluttershy on a trip to learn how to control her chaos magic. Well be gone for a week, so I need you all to help with her baby animals."

Twilight scoffed, "so what? you're going to turn us into random animals or something?"

Discord smirked "something like that, Fluttershy will decide your job, and I will do the transforming?"

Applejack asked, "ya said just for a week? well ok, that doesn't sound bad."

Rarity crossed her hooves and scoffed." As if! She's not the only one who has a job! I need someone to care for my dress shop!"

Discord rolled his eyes. "You'll still be doing your own stuff. I just need you to help with Fluttershy's animals while she's gone."

Twilight shrugged, "yeah, your right that doesn't sound too bad."

Then suddenly, letters appeared in front of Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity. It had a cute picture of baby Discord waddling in his diaper and the caption reading.

Dear Discord,

Twilight looks so cute in her princess dress and having a filly style tea party. But Fluttershy sent me some of your adorable baby photos of you! I hope you don't mind, I share them."

From your Still pissed Off Ex- Princess Celestia

He squeaked as he dropped the letter, and the rest of the mares pointed at him and burst into laughter. Discord's face turned a beat red from embarrassment as he whined, "Fluttershy!" He then snapped a claw and teleported in a puff of smoke.

After a few hours of some fighting between Fluttershy and Discord discussing having his "baby" photos shown to Celestia. All of her friends gathered together in her cottage. Discord just crossed his arms and grumbled irritably as Fluttershy gave a nervous smile as she explained, "I'm happy you all agreed to do this and I'm sorry for what happened with what I did to you earlier I wasn't myself."

The ponies looked each other with unsure looks as Rainbow Dash flew into Fluttershy's face and shouted "yeah! You're going to owe us when you get back! Turning me into bucking ice cream!"

Fluttershy nodded, "I know that's why I'm going to do this chaos therapy. Now, Angel will remain in charge of keeping things clean in my cottage. For the rest of you I have assigned your jobs and Discord will transform you into animals that pertain to each job."

They all huddled together and discussed things as everypony not really trusting Discord, but Twilight got up and turned to Discord as she gave a sigh, "fine we agree to your terms."

All five friends gave nods as the draconequus cracked his knuckles. "Alright time to get to work whose first."

Fluttershy blushed as she turned to Applejack. "Um I'm going to need you to turn you into a pony to care for the new baby bunnies."

She growled, "it better not be something super embarrassing."

Discord flicked a claw turning her cutie mark of three apples into three carrots as her mane turned a lot furrier. Her ears grew out and became floppy just as her tail grew shorter into a little cotton ball of blonde fur, her back hooves turned into giant feet, while here fore hooves turned into small paws. Fully transformed Applejack was now a giant orange bunny with a light yellow fluffy underbelly. As she sat there in her new body the former farm mare rubbed her head, groaning, "so...um I have to grow carrots and care for them baby bunnies correct?"

Fluttershy giggled and gave a nod of approval. Rainbow Dash was going to fly off but was suddenly hit by a blast of magic as her body morphed and her wings grew smaller. Her rainbow tail became long straight as it turned into her tail feathers. The mare's mouth became a small rainbow colored beak, while her body shrank to a small size, with a small cutie mark printed on her back side with rainbow colored music notes. As the former pegasus flapped her wings having to keep herself from falling she cried, "are you kidding me! I'm a bucking bird!"

She gasped seeing how her voice was sounding so squeaky. Discord patted the bird on the head. "Yup, your now a little bluejay and your job will be to teach the baby birds how to fly and sing while Fluttershy is gone."

She chirped angrily as Fluttershy giggled, "aww your so cute Rainbow. I'm sorry, but you are the best flier in Ponyville and Discord gave you such a lovely voice."

Rainbow Dash snapped back. "Don't even Fluttershy! How am I supposed to train with the wonderbolts like this!" She cried hearing herself, "Ugh! why do I sound like a filly sized Pinkie Pie!"

Discord rolled his eyes. "You can still fly with them if you want? besides it's just for a week."

He then turned to Pinkie Pie and snapped a claw tas she grew thicker and plumper with her body expanding into that of a giant pink bear with her hooves turning into giant paws. But her belly turned into fluffy white with her cutie mark appeared in the middle of the thick white furry belly. Discord raised his claws and exclaimed, "you are now officially will Care for the baby bears of the forest and keep them from rampaging through Ponyville." Pinkie Pie saluted and chirped, "of course Discord but first mat I get a hug?"

Discord hugged the big pink bear and giggled he then turned to Rarity who was backing up as Discord asked, "what should she be?"

Fluttershy smirked as she snapped a claw and Rarity slowly shrank in size as her fur turned into white feathers and her neck lengthened. Her face morphed as a big purple beak grew from her mouth, while her bottom hooves turned into orange webbed feet, and her forelegs turned into two big white wings. Rarity sat there as she was now a white feathered goose with a her new cutie mark a cracked egg with a chick peeping from it printed on her feathery rump. But Fluttershy wasn't done as she wrapped a big baby blue bonnet was tied around her head and placed glasses over her eyes. Fluttershy then proclaimed, "You are now Mother goose you will collect my chickens' eggs. I also want you to watch and care for their newborn chicks."

Rarity grumbled irritably as she waddled around getting used to her new body and growled, "fine whatever. But I'm just going to close up my shop there's no way any pony can see me like this!"

Discord held up a claw, "alright, alright now we need a leader, and that, of course, goes to Twilight Sparkle herself."

He then turned around and snapped a claw at Twilight and she slowly shrank in size as her fur turned into feathers, her face scrunched up as her front legs turned into wings. Her bottom hooves gradually transformed into birds feet as her body morphed a big scruff of pink fluff appeared under her neck as a cutie mark of a scroll appeared on the fur. The final touch came as a pink graduation cap appeared on her head along with a giant book bag appeared strung around her body. She then took out a feather which was already designed as a quill. Fluttershy was going to start explaining what she will be doing but The excited owl hooted, "There's no need for that I know my duties. They will be to record everything that happens while your gone and to make sure everything runs smoothly. Am I correct?"

Fluttershy blushed as she gave a nod and explained, "Right as always Twilight. We didn't need to transform you for the job I just thought it wouldn't be fair for the rest if you weren't…"

Discord snickered and admired his work before turning towards Fluttershy and asked, "how was that? You think they can handle things for a week?"

Fluttershy looked over her friends who were all walking (or flying) trying to get used to their new bodies and nodded in approval as she replied, "Yes, you all look amazing. Now you all can stay and live here in my cottage there's plenty of room, and there's a ton of feed for you all. I do apologize for my behavior, and I'm glad you're doing this for me while I try to get a hold of myself. Thank you."

All of Fluttershy's friends looked at each other and gave nods. As Twilight turned around and hooted, "there's no need to apologize happy about helping you. Don't worry about anything here we have it covered."

Rainbow Dash flew over and chirped, "yeah were fine! Just get your bucking head together ok?"

Fluttershy gave a nod and kissed Rainbow on the cheek, making her blush as she fluttered away. Pinkie Pie stumbled over and gave Fluttershy a big warm hug as she exclaimed, "Yeah! you just go and have fun with Discord ok!"

Fluttershy gasped for breath and wheezed, "thanks, but can you let go! you're crushing my ribs!" Pinkie squeaked as she stumbled back apologizing as Rarity waddled over and replied, "I have to admit darling I'm not happy about being a mother goose as you put it. But if it means that you two can finally get some alone time and finally tie the knot I think it's going to be worth it."

Fluttershy eyed Rarity and asked, "what does that suppose to mean?" The goose just winked as she waddled back shaking her feathery rump. Then the big orange bunny hopped over to Fluttershy and stuck out a paw. "Yeah, ya can count on us to keep things running smoothly here. Just go and do your thing!"

Fluttershy blushed as she instead hugged Applejack and nuzzled her fluffy white chest. "Thank you, Applejack, I know my baby bunnies are in good paws."

The farm bunny blushed as she hopped back and Fluttershy turned to Angel, who was still a maid and replied, "now you better take care of my friends and give them anything they need understand?"

Angel performed a curtsey. "yes, madam."

Fluttershy gave a nod before turning towards Discord who chuckled, "well alright, come on, we better get going." With a snap of the claw, the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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