• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Keep Calm and Chaos on - Foal Star

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

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Chapter Four: Discord The Lord of the Runway

Discord woke up after having a long three-day break. He yawned and stretched his claws out as he slowly got out of his bed. It's three days since he left Fluttershy and took a long relaxing nap the entire time. The draconequus slowly rolled out of bed as he took a giant cup of chocolate milk from a floating nightstand near his bed and started to suck it up through a pink curly straw. He sat there sucking down his chocolate milk thinking about Fluttershy and mumbled, "I wonder how Fluttershy's doing? I hope she finally got out of her shell and is having fun with her chaos magic?"

He placed his cup down and snapped a claw the draconequus teleported himself and appeared right in front of the fake Ponyville, and his mouth dropped at what he saw. Right above his head stood a pink sign overhead with "Bunnyville" printed on the wood. The draconequus slowly drifted into the town and was astonished on seeing bunnies and ponies in bunny suits bouncing around the town, surprised how everything has been "bunnified." The houses were now little green burrows with windows and small circular doors they looked like something from a fantasy novel. In the middle of the town was a statue of a big bunny of Celestia with her cutie mark printed on her forehead while she was munching on a stone carrot cake. The draconequus turned to see that Sugarcube corner looked like a giant carrot cake with literal carrots poking through the shop. Discord flew around and saw that Twilight's castle looks more like a giant salad. The towers were giant carrots, the walls were made of lettuce and cabbage leaves, and the door was now a solid hunk of tomato. The draconequus snickered as he then flew over The Apples orchard which was now replaced by rows of various vegetables down buried under long lines of dirt with the green steam sticking out. The draconequus sped faster along through the town and saw that The Mayor in her big pink bunny outfit covered from head to hoof with cute adorable bunnies snuggling the mare while a photographer pegasus in a blue bunny suit snapped pictures. Discord shook his head seeing that Fluttershy went way to far and commented, "ok, hopefully, things aren't too crazy. Hopefully this is the extent of her chaos magic."

He continued down the road and eventually came upon Roseluck who was wearing a cute yellow bunny costume selling flowers at her stand. Discord gave a sigh of relief and asked, "Hey, she seems to be normal?"

Then the pony in the bunny suit she sold it too unfurled it and started to munch on the flowers on it like a tofu dog with petals and leaves falling out of his mouth. Discord slammed a claw to his face and grumbled, "I love chaos, but I think she definetly went overboard."

He continued flying off and down the streets of Ponyville until he came upon the Carousel Boutique. It was now a big white building with big stone purple bunnies circling the structure holding it together as stone pillars. He slowly entered the shop, and he saw ponies going about browsing the rows of the full bunny suits and the sexy bunny suits. There were even actual bunnies looking through rows of small outfits designed for them. "Oh, Discord! It's so good to see you, darling!"

The draconequus squeaked and turned around to face the pony who spoke to him and gasped upon seeing Rarity dressed in her own sexy purple bunny suit. She had a purple cotton tail coming out her back and some purple bunny ears coming down her face standing behind a counter with that seductive smile on her face. Upon seeing the Lord of chaos the mare clapped her hooves together and greeted him, "Hello darling! Do you wish to try one of our fancy bunny suits on! I'm sure to have one that even fits you!"

Discord politely waved a claw with a big blush on his face as he responded, "It's quite alright. I'm just looking for my dear Fluttershy do you know where she is?"

Rarity returned the gesture as she respodned, "Oh of course, darling she's in the main hall area you can't miss it! We're having a fashion show!" Discord gave a nod and continued on his way and saw that Rarity wasn't kidding. In this main room with flashing lights and the tiles flashing many different colors, there were dozens of ponies dressed in their silly bunny suits all surrounding a catwalk cheering and clopping their hooves.

Discord looked up and roared in laughter seeing Flim and Flam strutting down the catwalk in their sexy bunny suits with big poofy tails poking out their rear ends. Discord squeaked and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I had no idea Fluttershy was into this fetish!"

He continued flying around and came upon Fluttershy. She was sitting in a booth filled with a bunch of bunnies bouncing around and cuddling her. The female draconequus who was giggling and having a good time looked up to see Discord and gave him a big smile and shouted, "Hey, Discord over here!"

The draconequus eyed the mare as he flew over and asked in a suspicous tone. "So, you're the one who turned Ponyville into Bunnyville?"

Fluttershy Threw her claws in the air and exclaimed, "Yeah I did what you asked, and I'm embracing my chaotic side! What do you think?"

Discord sighed as he dragged a claw down his face and explained as calmly as possible. "Yes, Fluttershy I was hoping you would use your chaos magic in any way you want! But you're starting to let the chaos magic control you!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and scoffed, "I'm not doing anything too crazy I just turned Ponyville into a sanctuary for bunnies."

Discord threw his claws in the air and shouted back. "You were supposed only to change the evil ponies! Not everypony!"

Fluttershy feeling angry seeing Discord was being hypocritical and cried out, "hey you turned Ponyville into your playground before! Besides, this isn't real!"

Discord snapped back. "Yeah if this was me before being turned to stone I'll be cheering you on right now. But you don't want to be causing all this chaos in the real Ponyville to do you?"

Fluttershy sat back down snuggling the bunnies in her claws as she responded, "I wana relax and do what I want? You said I should cause more chaos!"

Discord plopped down and sat next to the former pegasus and asked, "so you think this is chaos?"

Fluttershy took a martini with a carrot in it and took a small sip and asked, "yeah, why do you ask? You think this isn't good enough?"

Discord snapped a claw and everypony squeaked as they all instantly turned into oversized chocolate covered bunnies. Flim and Flam cried as they slid on their big chocolate covered behinds and into the crowd. The draconequus waved a claw and casually explained, "I'll admit you did a great job with this place but you lack imagination."

Fluttershy smirked seeing Discord had started abusing his chaos which was what he scolded her for and replied, "well, I see you're finally in a chaotic mood. Maybe it should be I teaching you about chaos magic?"

She snapped a claw and the chocolate bunnies all instantly transformed into giant Easter bunnies in multi-colored tuxedos laying candy eggs everywhere. Discord laughed as he then snapped a claw and turned them into pink energizer bunnies all slamming their mallets on big bass drums strapped around his chest. The draconequus smirked as he exclaimed, "there you go! That's how you use chaos magic!"

Fluttershy was rolling on the ground laughing as she snickered, "oh yeah! What happened to " I'm not Imaginitive enough?" She then snapped a claw transforming everypony into big white poofy bunnies wearing waistcoats with pocket watches shouting, "I'm late! I'm late!"

Discord burst into fits of laughter with tears rolling down his eyes as he tried to snap claw. "Alright, you win! I feel like your getting a hand on your chaos mag…"

The draconequus squeaked in surprise seeing his claw was now a light brown coated hoof, and he looked his new body overseeing his light brown coated frame wearing a sexy black leotard. The confused and nervous lord of chaos slowly looked behind him to see a big white cottontail sticking out of his rump. He turned to a mirror and looked at himself in a mirror and cried out in horror. The lord of chaos was now a sexy light brown earth pony mare, with a long soft blonde mane with a big poofy white colored cotton tail sticking out of her backend. All the while dressed in a sexy bunny costume. Discord's face turned a bright red as she tried to cover the front of her body with hooves and blushed as she cried out, "What did you do to me!?"

Fluttershy snickered as the ponies around slowly turned back to normal in their silly bunny suits as she explained, "Oh stop, I just made you into an adorable sexy bunny mare!"

Discord was now blowing steam through his nostrils and shouted, "turn me back to normal right now!"

Fluttershy smirked as she snapped a claw and Discord now stood there with a platter with cups of carrot juice. The female draconequus then started to suck up the carrot juice from a long pink curly straw as Discord who was still quite furious snapped, "seriously! What's wrong with you!"

Fluttershy rolled her eyes as she snapped a claw, and the sexy bunny mare began to hop around while balancing the tray with a single hoof. Discord tried to stop this but was unable to do anything she gasped, "my chaos magic! What did you do to me?"

Fluttershy shrugged and casually explained, "I just turned you into a more suitable form and now that your more subservient I do believe you have to do what I ask?"

Discord stomped a hoof and snapped back. "This isn't what I meant you're taking this too far!"

Fluttershy flew over and cooed, "well, maybe I haven't taken it far enough!"

She snapped, and her tail turned it into a poofy cottontail, and her ears grew out. Two buck teeth started to grow from her upper lip. Fluttershy produced a carrot and placed it into the mare's mouth and watched as Discord sniffed at it then started nibble at the long vegetable quite adorably. After she finished the carrot Discord was starting to feel nervous as she scrunched her outfit between her legs realizing that Fluttershy in complete control of her mind and was subservient to every word Fluttershy said. The pegasus was quite pleased with herself as an idea popped into her head. She clapped her claws and shouted, "Flim, and Flam, please come over!"

The two mares strutted over, and they both replied in unison. "Yes, mistress Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy gave them a lovely smile and cooed, "would you be so kind as to get Discord spruced up for his debut?"

Flim clapped her hooves together and exclaimed, "of course mistress! We shall make Discord the hottest mare ever!"

Flam gave an excited squeal. "Oh yeah come, Discord! Let's get you all spruced up!"

They took the kicking and screaming mare away as he cried and shouted, "Stop it! I'm the lord of chaos!"

The two mares lead the screaming transformed draconequus backstage and placed Discord in a swivel chair. Flim clapped her hooves and squealed, "Ok Flam, let's begin Discord's super cute bunny makeover!"

Flam took out a makeup kit and chirped, "alright let's do it, sister! Let's make Discord shine!"

Discord roared and shouted, "don't you dare touch me!"

They ignored the Lord of Chaos's pleas and started smearing makeup over his eyes. Both mares lifted a bunch of brushes and powder pads into the air and went to work. It was a swarm of powder and creams getting applied to her face and Discord could do nothing but cough and shout trying to endure the makeover. The sisters then took eyeliner and started to apply it to her eyelashes. After finishing applying the make-up Flim snapped, "pucker those lips please."

Discord was going to try fighting back but his face instantly went into a pucker making embersssing kissing noises as Flam applied red lipstick to Discord's lips. Flam made sure to do a few passes over the mare's mouth a few times until the Lord of Chaos's lips were a glossy red and cooed, "I do believe Discord is ready, dear sister!"

Flam nodded in agreement, "oh yes, Discord is looking adorable! All she needs a new sexy bunny suit too!"

Discord was seething with smoke coming out of his nose and shouted, "I swear you touch me again. I'm- gon!"

The two other mares didn't let Discord finish and started to undress him. Making the former draconequus squeaked as she pressed her hooves over her body. They continued and quickly dressed him in a white sparkling bunny outfit and Discord blushed to see his new white bunny tail poofing through. Discord was still quite embarrassed and slowly walked down the catwalk with ponies laughing and jeering at him. He eventually made it to the end of the catwalk and did some cute poses making ponies cheer and snap some photos. Discord stood there blushing and squeaking with the camera flashes when the photographers finished she did a quick trot backstage with her face now a bright red knowing her tush was being shown to everypony.

The two mares then quickly went about undressing the embarrassed Discord as Flim cooed, "oh your just so adorable how about you hop down the catwalk this time."

Discord crossed her hooves over the chest with a cute pout and snapped. "No way! I'll walk down and do those stupid poses, but I'm not going to hop around like a foalish bunny!

Flim strutted over and shoved her nos into Discord's face as she ordered, " your going to wear the sexy pink bunny suit and your going to hop down that cat walk and give those ponies a show!"

Discord simply bowed his head and whimpered, "of course I'll do as you ask."

The other mares then went about and began to dress Discord up in a sparkling cute pink sexy leotard. Once finished Flam pointed a hoof down the aisle and shouted, "now go out there and hop like you mean it!"

Discord twitched his tail and quickly began hopping down the catwalk not unlike a excited school filly making the ponies in the crowd break out into fits of rancorous laughter. As Discord reached the end of the catwalk, she squeaked as her body quickly turned around facing her rear to the photographers on its own. She then bent down and shook her big white cotton tail to the crowd as ponies catcalled and cheered her on shouting "Discord! Discord! Discord!"

The draconequus was now beyond embarrassed and quickly hopped backstage where Flim and Flam took hold of her and dressed the former Lord of Chaos in a new bunny outfit. Her new one was similar to the first bunny suit but this one had black frills going around her waist. But the outfit wasn't complete as Flim and Flam lifted Discord into the air in a green aura. The mare cried and flailed about as the two mares started pulling up frilly black stockings over each of her hooves. After they finished the two slowly set the emberassed Discord who's face was now a bright pink back down in front of them.

The sisters stepped back and admired their work as Flim held her hooves to her chin and exclaimed, "We did it dear sister! We have made the sexist mare alive!"

Flam walked around the shaking Discord and scrutinized the outfit and gave a nod of approval. "Right she's all ready to go!"

Flam then got into Discord's face and pointed a hoof down the aisle and ordered. "Now Discord I want you to go out there and strut your stuff! Remeber be as sexy as possible!"

The Lord of chaos wanted to protest but the nervous sweaty mare instead strutted out onto the stage. She continued to strut down the catwalk and exaggerating her stride to show off her long legs and making her big cotton tail shake side to side. Many ponies were either taking photos and gawking at her at this point. As she reached the end of the catwalk, Discord instantly crossed her forehooves over her body and lowered her head slightly, letting her mane come down over her face. Ponies cheered and clopped loudly as more photographers continued taking photos as the mare became uncomfortable and cried out, "Fluttershy, please Stop it!"

The draconequus in question was laughing hystericlly as she snapped a claw and chortled, "alright, I'll stop."

Discord groaned as his body poofed in a puff of smoke and his body longeated with his hooves turning into claws, his horn growing out of his head, his mane falling out, his poofy cotton-tail growing into a reddish serpentine tail and his face grew out and became longated. He twirled around in his old draconequus form happy to be back to normal while Fluttershy flew over with her claws on her hips and asked, "so, do you think I'm chaotic enough now?"

Discord gave a few small nervous nods and squeaked out. "Yeah your so much better, and you have a good knack on using your chaos magic."

The female draconequus clapped her claws and exclaimed, "excellent! Can we move onto my next phase then!"

He casually waved a claw and explained as plainly as possible, "Of course you are, you finally broke out of your shell. But you also need to learn how not go overboard and turn everypony into bunnies."

Fluttershy looked around the place seeing the bunnies and ponies in bunny suits and finally realizing she did go overboard. The female draconequus turned to Discord with her head lowered in disgrace and replied in a apologetic tone. "Alright I see what you mean..I'll have more control of my chaos magic this time."

Discord gave a sigh as he hated seeing Flittershy looking so downtrodden and responded, "hey you did a good job. Honestly you just need to work on control. Now you ready to try again?"

Fluttershy looked over at Discord with her big wide eyes and chriped, "of course I'm ready when you are!"

The Lord of chaos scoffed, "well, were just going to have to see about that. Because for your next task were taking a trip to Canterlot!" Then with a snap of a claw he teleported the two in a puff of smoke.

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