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This story is a sequel to Pandemic: Departures

Set in the Pandemic Universe

Mesa Verde: An Oasis in the desert -- What was once a forgotten ghost town at the edge of an Arizona valley is now a constantly growing creative playground where PRISM’s scientists and mages work tirelessly to create a brighter future for all kind. It stands as an example of how both ponies and humans can change the world, but it wasn't always that way. From the very beginning it took the hard work of countless ponies and humans working together around the clock to make their dreams a reality.

This is a collection of connected short stories that are all centered around the lives of the ponies in the Oasis, taking place from right after the Departures epilogue (One year after ETS) up to shortly after Monsters We Make and beyond. This will be my final Pandemic project for the time being... or will it? I guess we'll wait and see, together. Updates will be irregular.

Special thanks to Lawra and Halira for offering feedback and advice on this project.

And of course, thanks to Lawra and Alias_the_J for assisting with edits.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 3 )

LOL at Pegasus ponies on a plane when they have working wings.

Um, by that humor and logic. Haha at humans in cars when they have perfectly good legs?

I think Diamond's laughing at the irony of the situation, not at the character's stupidity.

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