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Mystic Mind

The greatest storyteller of our time, or just another smuck brony on the internet? YOU decide! (Also I do episode analysis sometimes.)


Soothsayer Derpy Hooves experiences a dramatic prophetic dream, predicting the downfall of Lordships King Rainbow Dash and Queen Rarity. But alas, her words fall on deaf ears; dismissed by the king as a mad mare! Will the prophecy come true? What will become of the royal couple? And can Pinkie Pie stop giving away so many spoilers?!

Two out of these three questions are going to be answered! The results of which will undoubtedly be complete nonsense.

Alternate title: How Not to Tell a Tragic Story from Pony History; a story by Pinkie Pie. Hilarity ensues!

Written to be part of the RariDash fanfic competition, hosted by RariDash Doodles on Tumblr. Find the link to the full (spoiler) cover art and competition here: http://raridashdoodles.tumblr.com/post/151697565779/prompt-3

Also inspired by the song "Premonition of Pain" by 3 Inches of Blood: https://youtu.be/OiW1ozMWq2U

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