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Call me Leroy. Some time ago, never mind how long exactly, having little or no sense in my brain, I began to write.


After the disastrous Battle of the Bands, the defeated Sirens parted ways, leaving Adagio Dazzle to fend for herself. Alone, human, and without magic, she struggled to make ends meet until accosted one day by a mysterious prince, who offered her a second chance at life. Naturally, it was an offer she couldn't refuse.

That night, she was dug out of her own grave and began unlife anew as a vampire of the aristocratic Clan Ventrue. However, the other denizens of the night won't take well to the newest addition to their ranks. They do have long memories, after all. Can the former Siren survive the Final Nights? Can she overcome her endless hunger and beast? Can she recover her lost glory, and find redemption even in death?

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Comments ( 9 )

As an old school VtM player and an avid CWOD fan I approve of this and look forward to seeing where it goes


How did Blueblood know Adagio's name?

And I'm sorry, SONATA was the mastermind? That must be one of the worst lies Adagio has ever told.

Blueblood's a Ventrue prince. They typically research their prospective childer.


Makes sense. Just puzzled Adagio didn't catch that.

Also, her not being able to remember that far back is intriguing. Don't see that often with immortal characters.

Would think Sisters of Cacophony would fit better.... But it is any interesting concept nonetheless.

My only gripe is that, the intro seems a bit rushed.

She would be a better match ability wise, yes, but I didn't just want to write her as Siren-with-CWOD-flavouring, I wanted to write her as an actual vampire, with different abilities.

No worries, was just curious.

Really like the concept but I feel people who don't know about VtM will be kinda confused by all the terms just tossed around. The stream of consciousness writing doesn't help the tone either.

Thrid person would be perfect for the world building and tone the story needs but good Hussle.


Is it sad that Adagio might be a better prospect for Twilight now than Timber? (Yes, it's very sad.)

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