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Call me Leroy. Some time ago, never mind how long exactly, having little or no sense in my brain, I began to write.


Civilization has fallen, and only the burned-out ruins of Canterlot City remain. Now desperate survivors scavenge out a meager existence under the shadow of King Sombra and his legion of psychotic raiders and crazed warlords. Sugarcoat finds herself transported into this grim world after being a locked in a police car for a night and she determined, with Sonata's help, to save her friends or, failing, just to survive…

Updates Fridays.

Thanks to:
CuttleFishGod for the amazing cover art.
fluttterjackdash for the quality editing.

This story is a total rewrite of the original Crystal Apocalypse and it is set in the same continuity as Rarity's a Sociopath, only that it shares the canon and has some of the same characters. Prior reading of either, while appreciated, is not required.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

Is this a sequel or redo to the other story? Having read this one, I'm leaning towards the latter, but the description doesn't say.

Its a redo. Entire thing is a rewrite; no prior reading needed.

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