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How valuable is your voice?

If you lost it, what would you do to get it back?

What would you do to keep it if you did get it back?

Is it worth the price?

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But did the drums stop?

Not bad. To be honest I think it would have been more interesting if "Twiggy" was merely Autumn Blaze going insane rather than actually being some sort of Lovecraftian horror, but you sold it decently enough.

I would've put in a longer review, but Sypher summarized my thoughts much better than I probably could.

Have a Like. :)

Well. That was mildly horrifying. I'm guessing this was at least partly inspired by the Master from Doctor Who.


I half expected Autumn going on to just kill every kirin in the village in a desperate attempt to get her voice back. Maybe "Twiggy" saying something like "We need more, Autumn! Then you can get your voice back!" Though that would just be the insane Autumn talking to herself rather than a demonic twig

I liked it. The heartbeat as this ceaseless drum that brought insanity with it was very Florence and the Machine.
I swallow the sound and it swallows me whole
'til there's nothing left inside my soul.
I'm empty as that beating drum,
but the sound has just begun.

ok so why didnt she go insane earlier in her life? and why would some eldritch abomination take an interest in her?

I am sufficiently spooked.

Also poor kirin filly.:pinkiesad2:

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