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Fluttershy must journey to the dark land of Tartaros to save her little bunny, Angel, kidnapped by the Mara, the Queen of the Underworld, with a little help from some unexpected friends.

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Best use of conquest through kindness since Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Also, Angel Bunny is best hellspawn.

I have to say, I think the sea serpent is the most awesome non-pony, after Discord; so nice to see him included in a story :yay:
Otherwise it was really funny; I didn't realise Hell/Tartarus could seem so nice :rainbowlaugh:


(\ Biblehoof

So I see people are trying to convert others to Christianity even on a brony site .



Uh... What?

I'm not trying to convert anyone to anything here. There are some biblical themes present, yeah, but that's really as far as the rabbit hole goes. :X

My lord, that was so unquestionably adorable I just arghfgsfds
I never thought I'd love the four horses of apocalypse so much! Or miss them so much... :fluttershysad:

Pestilence was my favorite :derpytongue2:

I had a good idea of what I was getting into before reading this. I was so not disappointed!

Cuteness and kindness prevails, even in the bowels of the burning lake of fire. All because of the squirrels. And pie.

This story reminds me of another weird one where Mihoshi of Tenchi Muyo fame gets taken to Hell by Satan. And then opens a portal to Pluto, causing it to... well, you know the expression.

Very well crafted and delightful read! Definitely a keeper!

... Angel Bunny. ~Shudder~

I would request a reaction of Fluttershy's friends learning of her adventures in Tartarus, or Fluttershy guiding them all down there to see how nice it is.:applejackconfused::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::raritydespair::twilightoops:

un·ut·ter·a·ble (n-tr--bl)
1. That cannot or must not be uttered or expressed: "I burned in the unutterable beauty of being alive."
2. Being such that pronunciation is impossible: unutterable consonant clusters.

This? This was just silly.
And I adored every minute of it.
Were the stallions intended to have nifty British accents? Reminds me of oldschool British comedy somewhat.
Cheers for the read! :D

What? This has nothing to do with Christianity. I have no idea why that Bible quote is there.


The story was actually originally titled "Fluttershy Goes To Hell" before it was realized that there's already a story out there with that title. :X

Fluttershy always prevails, with the power of cuteness.

The Four Horses and Thanatos actually made d'aww multiple times throughout the story. And I also may have busted a lung laughing at some points. :rainbowlaugh:

And for the record, this is probably the most awesomely funny thing I've read in a long time. :yay:

dude, Fluttershy just walked through a canon-referenced land of death and despair and walked out, not from believing in a given deity, but by being a nice, wonderful pony with almost literally no faults.

How is that a christianity propaganda statement?
That's like saying Daredevil is an attempt to convert comics readers to being hit in the face with trucks full of radioactive material. :trixieshiftleft:

Only Fluttershy would be unable to see why her ironically named bunny would be a perfect general for the armies of Tartarus...

Question. where is death. and who is fire............ and i think pestilence is actually suppose to be famine. though i hear many alternate between the names.

Otherwise good story.

Thanatos is Death. And I like Pestilence rather than Famine! :P

From what I recall Thanatos is the executioner and not one of the four ponycolt of the apoc. :P ..... eh maybe i should re read myth facts and stuff. before debating over it.

My sources being some story books i read about . some books that use the four horsemen/thanatos. some games and a TV show class of the titans. (Not clash)

And yeah I do prefer Pestilence. :twilightsmile:

-trys too hard no to insult people and ends up looking like a ass- XD .... uhh yeah... -flee-


I used to teach mythology at university. Man, so many essays about the cyclops! :derpytongue2:

But yeah, Thanatos is the god of death - not much is known about him, though. Check this out! I made him into a pony grim-reaper of sorts... :rainbowkiss:

I should really stop arguing with teachers -eye roll- God of death yes but as far as i know different from actual death. ......

ok just gonna stop now. :D thanks for the wiki link.Have a awesome in return. I BLAME HEAD CANNON!

also i want yer yellow socks.

this was hands down one of the best stories ive ever read here since MLD, Decay (and sequel), and I Might Have Been
ridiculously good:rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, leave it to butterscotchsundae to make Tartarus seem like a sweet place. :rainbowlaugh: A Sunday walk in the park, dear Fluttershy. :pinkiehappy:

So, instead of Famine, you introduced Fear, and instead of Death--Fire. Was it just so Thanatos could get his role? :pinkiecrazy: Seems legit. :moustache:

Also, I see that Tartarus is home for any kind of mystical creatures. Even jabberwockies and kappas? Seriously, kappas?

I love it! :heart:

Side note: with such name and attitude, Angel Bunny would make a perfect general of the army of Hell. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Fluttershy_lolface.png

love your story bro. really worth the risk of reading this 2:20 in the morning(my parents dont allow this behavior so i keep it a secret). your story is very worth it

Does this remind anybody else of Doom?!:flutterrage:

Author Interviewer

A truly hilarious piece. :D

Reason #24 why Fluttershy is best pony: she can make friends with even the most wretched demons of hell.

The power of Kindness beat the Tartarus... That is a good lesson

This was wholesome, epic, hilarious and so much more! Words can't do justice to the enjoyment this story gave me. In a way, it was kind of like what would happen if Bayonetta 2 starred Fluttershy.

I love the story. Will u make a sequel of it about her friends finding out her secret adventure or life she has. Because I can see how that can be funny times

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