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A stream of consciousness is simpler to drown in than a running river. Moondancer knows that it's dangerous to let her mind wander. There are much more dangerous things. It doesn't matter. None of it matters. But a question still lingers at the frayed edges of her mind.

Time moves forward, unyielding, oppressing. Will anypony still think of her? At least, in the way she remembers them? Will they remember her? At least, in the way she wants to be remembered?

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This story was lit.
Absolute fire.

Very captivating. Capturing the futility of trying to fix something gone horribly wrong.


An entertaining little story. A longer stretch of time to wrestle simultaneously with the mistakes one's made and the possibility that it will be worth it makes for some nice internal conflict. Twilight's reaction is believable, although I do question why she asked whether killing that family was an accident. That indicates that Moondancer's possibly had some motivation for causing the family's death, and it wasn't just their getting caught in the wake. But overall, it was enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Fucking Christ. I'm scarred.


Have you considered writing a crossfic with GapJaxie called "Would It Matter If You Remembered Me?"

i wish my grandmother would remember me. she has Alzheimer's

Being remembered is overrated.

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