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After years of campaigning and fund-raising, Fluttershy is almost ready to open the newly built Greater Canterlot Tropical Bird Sanctuary to the public. But when everything starts to go south, Fluttershy must face her inner demons and fight her own anxieties in a bid to save the project before it's even begun.

However, even with Tree Hugger--her best friend--by her side, can she remain calm under pressure and overcome the biggest adversity she has ever faced?

Content Notice: Contains strong descriptions of gender dysphoria, transphobic slurs and casual nudity throughout.

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Just thought you should know that there are 3-4 errors in the description.

Ugh, that's what I get for rushing it. Will fix that now.

I love this couple.

I loved this. I appreciate the fact you didn't just make her transgendered. It seems that this side of gender dysphoria doesn't get as represented. It isn't always so simple as "being a boy trapped in a girl's body". For some people, it's really complicated, and I feel like you represented someone going through that very well.

You blended it into the plot of the story almost perfectly too. Making it the overarching problem hanging over the issue of the missing bird helped make the issue feel more personal. And you made Tree Hugger absolutely adorable. I don't actively ship these two, but I really enjoyed them here.

Thank you for the comment! I wanted to make sure non-binary people got representation, which is so rare in most fiction. Good to know it worked out =D.

this was so lovely! thank you so much for the non-binary representation, and more treehugger!!! i love these two so much <3

I'm lucky to be dating a non-binary person myself. I made sure to double check with them to ensure I was getting the representation right! Glad you enjoyed the story =3.

oh thats lovely!! im happy for you two!!! i read a few more of your stories too, and you covered a lot of topics very well!! thank you for providing such good content <3

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