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This story is a sequel to Losing Sunlight

Sunset Shimmer hasn't needed a family in years, but now that Twilight's introduced Sunset to hers, Sunset wishes she could do the same. The best she can do is bring her home to meet Princess Celestia, which would be hard enough for Twilight without mixing new magic with anxiety.

Sequel story to Losing Sunlight. Not necessary reading, but if you like this, you can check that out afterwards. Cover art by the talented SunsetSlight. Special thanks to Dubs Rewatcher for editing. Scribblefest 2018 Entry.

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That was pretty enjoyable but I would suggest maybe marking off where scene changes happen so it's not as confusing.

But there are scene breaks. :rainbowhuh:

Ah, well there weren't any when I read it, so either that was a bug or the author was quick to fix it.

Good stuff, I hope to see more of this story. Going to have to check out your other stuff.

I would either rewrite it to expand on it (because it gets reeeeeeaaally telly at the end because I was rushing), or continue this storyline in a full sequel, but right now, I'm not sure if I'll continue it or move on to something else. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Why cant i stop crying? Why did that last part hit me so hard.....:raritydespair:


That was lovely.

So, did they ever declare war on the zebras for that BS they pulled last time?

... Ow. That hits far too close to home heh...

The dialogue in the first half was absolutely charming. The silly metaphors were especially fun to read. You've got a real gift for infusing a lot of character into a few words.

Ah, meeting the parents. Always a fun trope to explore, though it does have its hazards. Still, excellent character interaction on both sides of the mirror. (And one Twilight can share her history of magic surges in front of Celestia with the other. "At least you didn't turn anypony into a potted plant.")

I think a sequel would be good, seeing Sunset reconcile with her parents would be an excellent ending to this.

This sequel was quite different than I thought it would be but I rniyed it very much. Give it a 8/10.

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