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You've got the heart of a phoenix! Profile Art by Bevin Brand. Writing: The Ex Files.


Sunset Shimmer and her friends receive remarkable news: Princess Twilight is poised to become the queen of all Equestria! As the girls celebrate the invitation to their friend's upcoming coronation, Sunset's horrified to find that she's not just selflessly happy for her best friend. If not princesshood, what's she meant to do with her life anyway? What's her destiny in the human world?

As Equestrian Magic grows more powerful due to an ominous, inter-dimensional rip in space-time above Canterlot High, Sunset's friends are affected by a dangerous, new magic and she's left to wonder if she's done more harm here than good.

This story is a sequel to The Exes Club. Helpful, but not required reading. Themes and ideas introduced there are developed further here.

Story development, visual direction, and illustrations by the badass Bevin Brand.
Editing and support by the lovely Space Jazz and LordJanitor.
Special thanks to one of my best friends, Bookish Delight, for her immeasurable support, guidance, and all around awesomeness.

Featured on June 2nd, 2020
Featured as a Scouted Fanfic on Equestria Daily June 5th, 2020

Tagged with Sex for sexual discussion, no graphic depictions. Tagged with Profanity because teenagers.

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Flash Sentry knows his friends are superheroes. He loves that about them. But when he gets the call that they've gotten hurt fighting the forces of evil magic, he doesn't know how to cope. He doesn't know how to help. He probably would've gotten a speeding ticket if his dad wasn't the chief of police.

To make matters worse, Timber Spruce shows up.

Art by the magical and maniacal Bevin Brand, who this story is dedicated to along with the appropriately delightful and bookish Bookish Delight. I did it to see you scream.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of November 12th, 2019!
Recommendsday Shoutout from the Completely Lovely TCC56

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This story is a sequel to Losing Sunlight

Sunset Shimmer hasn't needed a family in years, but now that Twilight's introduced Sunset to hers, Sunset wishes she could do the same. The best she can do is bring her home to meet Princess Celestia, which would be hard enough for Twilight without mixing new magic with anxiety.

Sequel story to Losing Sunlight. Not necessary reading, but if you like this, you can check that out afterwards. Cover art by the talented SunsetSlight. Special thanks to Dubs Rewatcher for editing. Scribblefest 2018 Entry.

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When Princess Celestia comes down with a mysterious illness despite her immortality, her loved ones flock to her side, including Sunset Shimmer. With only so much time left, Sunset takes it upon herself and Twilight to get to the bottom of it. The two of them work together non-stop to find a cure, which would be fine, if Sunset had gotten around to telling any of them she's dating the other world's Twilight.

Edited by the kind and insightful Space Jazz. Cover art designed by the incredibly talented Kiki-Kit and modified by the masterful Novel-Idea! Spoilers in the comments.

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Toward the tail end of the wrap-up for Rainbow Dash's birth-iversary, Pinkie Pie is about ready to dive-bomb into bed and forget all about the day's emotional roller-coaster.

She finds Cheese Sandwich's rubber chicken friend amidst the clean-up chaos, and a tight hug unexpectedly forces Boneless to upchuck a tiny note ... addressed to her. It's not exactly the kind of note she'd expect from him.

For Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Ground.

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Reversal spells sometimes have a few ... unprecedented side-effects. Some, much more permanent than others, as Angel bunny finds out. In a wicked turn for the worse, he must stop his kind-hearted caretaker from destroying the entire cottage, and his sleep schedule.

Prompt #1 for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Grounds!
"Not everything went as planned when Twilight undid her spell on Fluttershy."

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Cover art by Bonaxor of deviantART.

What makes somepony evil? How bad can you be before you're too far gone? ... Then again, what makes a hero?

Follow the villains of Equestria in a story of light and darkness that spans a thousand years, in this seemingly unconnected series of events. Seemingly.

Flim and Flam: Past. Welcome, one and all! This, comrads, is an oppertunity! See the famed Flim Flam Brothers as lovable scamps selling their wares and learning the biz.

Trixie: Future. Given an invitation to the Golden Oaks Library, the Great and Powerful Trixie must once again face her biggest and most fearsome rival. Only this time, over tea.

The Shadowbolts: Present. After their celebratory flight show for the Summer Sun Celebration, the Wonderbolts were ready for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, we know something they don't. This is the night Nightmare Moon was fated to return.

The Diamond Dogs: Past. These mines once contained a proud and fruitful society. Once, that is. These days, a few gems in the wall won't get you too far. The bold and noble leaders of this great mine, Fido, Rover, and Spot, have some explaining to do if they don't want a revolution on their paws.

Ahuitzotl: Past. Every nemesis is only as good as his hero. A.K. Yearling writes a prequel to the Quest for the Sapphire Stone about how she first met the dreaded Ahuitzotl and how they both became who they are today.

Iron Will: Past. Iron Will wasn't always the legendary self-help guru. Once, he was just a little minotaur lost in a maze, trying to find his little brother.

Diamond Tiara: Note: Written before Crusaders of the Lost Mark, it doesn't match up with canon. Past. Once upon a time there lived the King of low, low prices and his daughter, the princess. Also, Randolph, the butler.

Gilda: Present. Griffonstone needs a leader. That much is clear. When the leader of the griffons is called to an international war summit, Gilda, of all griffons finds herself getting invited.

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