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An alt for porn commissions.

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An erotica writer brave enough to write a porn with no porn in it.

I'm madder than Shakespearicles and I'm feeling funky fresh, folks.

Amazing 10/10 would read again

Pretty alright, though two things. 1, red wine should not burn, unless it's pretty poor quality. It's got decent alcohol content but it's not a spirit. 2, you don't mix wine and chocolate, or very sweet things in general, it only ruins the wine.

The author also described the wine as "salty", so I suspect that they may have been drinking cooking sherry. Author, if you've been drinking cooking sherry, don't drink cooking sherry. Don't cook with cooking sherry, either. Cooking sherry is an abomination.

Not all chocolate is very sweet. A nice bitter 85-90% cacao dark chocolate pairs quite nicely with a good full-bodied red.

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Actually, I was thinking of a strong red I had just this weekend. It didn't burn like liquor, no, but it was definitely not meant to be had by the mouthful, and it absolutely did round off some bitter chocolates quite nicely.

Upon Googling, I've found that it's because I'm Australian; It's apparently very common here, and not so much elsewhere.

SWEET GLORIOUS GOD OF FETISHES! *Breaths Deep* More Please :raritystarry:

Great story. One of the best clopfics I've read. Well done!

Not a fan of pronouns, I take it?

I hadn't realised just how engaging it can be to have two characters calmly discussing what they like. No angst, no melodrama, just gently working through a touchy subject. It's really well done; thanks for sharing.

I think they're unevocative and they encourage ambiguous writing. I also shy away from dialogue tags and attribution as much as possible because character voicing and natural conversational rythm should be enough.

Experimenting with a writing style where the core ethos is; "Don't write the bits that people don't read"

Invisible writing, then? I did notice that you tend more towards words like 'said' and 'ask'. Those are words readers won't even notice when reading dialogue.

You have captured me with the perfect combination of the shipping I like and the fetishes I enjoy. I see the Completed tag and feel both satisfied and wanting more.

This is what Twilight REALLY wants to do to Rarity:


This was wonderfully cute 💖

“Princess Twilight Sparkle. Bedroom. Now. You are going to go upstairs right now, and you are going to dominate the everloving heck out of me, or I swear to the Sisters themselves I’ll set you on fire withmy mind.”


Nice story. As much of a clopfic as it is simple love and care.

At times they feel a little out of character for me, but they quickly slide back into their roles, with the out of character bits being them exploring each others 'little secrets'.
Loved every minute of this, just being nitpicky for the sake of being nitpicky.

“Your brother’s not half bad himself, actually. Very strapping Captain of the Guard.” Rarity grinned, “And he has such wonderful family.”

“Rarity my family tree is not a menu.”

“Not yet, it isn’t...”


Now this was unexpectedly delightful. I really didn't see Twilight as the dominant partner, but here it makes a lot of sense, and you make it work very well indeed. Also, good communication is important!

Also, I'm inordinately amused that they both dismiss Rainbow Dash, who's been something of a fandom bicycle so to speak, right away. :rainbowderp:

"Don't write what the reader doesn't read." That's... interesting. I actually kind of like that too much.

I am so pissed, holy molly
You are way too good at that

Can I get the sauce on that picture? It looks cute as hell.

I so wish this was a TwiDash story ><
But I guess this was a commission.

This was a remarkably pleasant story. Having just recently had a conversation eerily similar to this with my girlfriend, I can honestly say this is the first M rated fic that I've actually found I could strongly relate to. I didn't expect that.

I'm glad I stepped out of my normal genres to give this a read.

I read this a while back and I spent a good few minutes searching for it as soon as I remembered it's existence. It's such a rare thing to find a fanfic that tackles sexuality in such a cute, mature and real way. It's a story that's literally just about sex and kinks but it's so much more than a 30 minute fetish satisfaction read. It's a genuine and heartfelt story about two adults discussing their sex life and I appreciate the hell outta that. I mean, I myself have written a few stories taking this approach on sex (most of them not on fimfiction) but I digress.

This sorta thing goes hand in hand with stories that tackle self harm without being edgy dark-fic pieces of trash or homophobia/racism/etc stories that aren't preachy and awful.

It helps that I kinda like rarilight too. It's not my otp, but it's cute as hell and more people should ship it. :heart:

That was... an unexpectedly pleasant experience. Just... talking. No over-the-top dramatics, no mindless rutting, just... grown-up, mature talking. Wow.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Ok, this was different in a wonderful sort of way. The only thing that bugged me at all was that neither of them brought up Luna as a possible third.

aside from the reasons behind being a dom...I am this Twilight Sparkle....I have had this conversation...I have these ideas and kinks...holy crap that is spooky

Delightfully sexual yet mature, this was.

"Hey Twi, I really love to buck."
"Oh, well, like this."
---- end fic and scene ----

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