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The Borg have been defeated, but the cost was high. Sixty-three billions lives and tens of thousands of starships were lost in the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

Some are partying and some are mourning the loss of their world, but even those that lost it all agree that the future look brighter without that ageless threat looming over their shoulders.

However, a specific captain is having a hard time looking forward. Maybe the help of an old friend... and some new, would help to cheer him up.

This story follows the events in the novels Destiny and may contain light spoilers.

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Just something silly stuck in my head for a while now. :twilightsmile:

Lol definitely going to read this stoned.

I have read, and I shall Fave!

Even though I know nothing about Star Trek I'm going to follow this and see where it take me.

Several Grammar errors (e.g.: "Why you did nothing", "Your is relatively strong for a human") but so much potential... Write more! :pinkiehappy:

931436 I admit the first one sounds weird. Got any idea? I wasn't hot with "Why did you do nothing?"...

As for the second... I just can't see what's wrong.
"Your (mind) is relatively strong for a human." What am I missing? :rainbowhuh:

931441 Yeah, "Why did you do nothing", or "Why didn't you do anything?" Would sound much better. As for the second, it reads like you forgot a word or misplaced a contraction. Try either "Your mind is relatively strong for a human", or "Your's is relatively strong for a human". :raritywink:

931456 Aaaah! Your's. Thanks. Yes, grammar is a weakness I'm fighting hard against. :twilightblush:


Dear Celestia ... both of you are wrong. It's "yours." "YOURS." :raritydespair:

This story is full of grammar mistakes and very odd phraseology. That said, it's a very entertaining concept and the dialogue is pretty good. Please ask for an editor, and then godspeed. Second star on the right and straight on 'til morning, and all that. :twilightsmile:

My level of amusement with this is in direct correlation to how much of a nerd I am.

Update soon.


You're right. That teaches me to try to type too fast in response to a grammar post. :fluttershyouch:

Please tell me Q and Discord get into a discussion in front of Picard! :rainbowkiss:

931491 As someone who don't speak English, I learn new things everyday. Don't be afraid to point me weird stuff, I'm here to learn.


Yes, I suspected you were not a native speaker. There are many grammar rules that you will eventually learn, but I'll give you one example here so that you can at least fix the story description.

WRONG: The Borg has been defeated, but the cost was high. Sixty-three billions lives and tens of thousands of starships lost in the United Federation, Klingon's and Romulan's empires.
Errors: "Has" should be "have," because "The Borg" is a collective plural. The second sentence lacks a predicate. The Federation is not an empire, but the sentence currently reads as if it is. Klingon and Romulan are in the singular possessive, but they should be in either adjective form or in the plural possessive.

CORRECT: The Borg have been defeated, but the cost was high: sixty-three billion lives, and tens of thousands of starships lost in the United Federation, and in the Klingon and Romulan empires.

ALSO CORRECT: The Borg have been defeated, but the cost was high. Sixty-three billion lives and tens of thousands of starships were lost in the United Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire.

931587 Borg, in Star Trek, is seen as singular. Sorry, had to double check on that one. :rainbowwild:
There is only one Borg collective.

But I see what you mean with the empires.

(Grrr... Can fix it at work, stupid security)


Nope. Please refer to the transcript of "The Best of Both Worlds Part One," or any other episode featuring the Borg. The word is always treated as a collective plural noun.

Examples from the episode transcript:
PICARD: If this is the Borg, it would indicate they have a source of power far superior to our own.

WORF: Captain, the Borg are attempting to lock on to us with their tractor beam.

WESLEY: Commander, if the Borg stay at warp nine point six, we'll be forced to discontinue pursuit and power down in less than three hours.

931600 That's debatable, to put it mildly. "Borg" is a species designation; the TV episodes, movies and novels always use plural pronouns (for example, see the sentence that starts the standard Borg 'greeting': We are the Borg.). It might not be wrong exactly to use the singular, especially after what we learned in "Destiny," but it is a break with established usage.

Also, if you use the combination "United Federation," you need to follow it with "of Planets"; it's never used by itself. If you want it shorter, just go with "Federation" - there's only one that really matters in the Star Trek universe.

931619 Weird. I guess I need to re-read some novels. But I do remember some going singular and me wondering about it. I will go over the text when I get home, since I used it as singular all over the place. Wikipedia goes for plurial, and so shall I.

Great start, but I suggest getting a pre-reader for the niggling grammar mistakes.

TNG + MLP = Win. Always.

I wonder if Q and Discord are the same being. Since they are played by the same man. But then again the elemants defeated Discord. Q would just clap his hands and the elements would turn to grape jelly.

Discord is nothing like Q...though he might be a renegade version of one.
After everything Picard has been through, he really does need to see a therapist and a long vacation.

I'll most likely skip this story, but for "where magic is science" I applaud you.

931491 SECOND star to the right. g'ah! You complain about grammar and then can't get a quote right.

Now, the BIG question is: will Picard visit Equestria as a human or as a pony?

Finally, another new TNG crossover! :rainbowkiss:

Keep going! :pinkiehappy:


Uff da! Grammar I know, literature and pop culture I try my best to remember. Thanks for pointing that out. :derpyderp1:

Always love it when my two favorite shows are combined, looking forward to the next chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

Very well done. The character, Q, and Picard are very well written in this story. Even when your making Q serious and revealing what his whole intention would be, it is extremely well written and in depth. Looking forward to the next chapters.

Really good story, can't wait to see more!:yay:

this.....this is gonna be goooooooooood:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Well, there's the inevitable comparison of Discord to Q. Which doesn't work.

Discord doesn't have any reason for his hijinks... where Q ALWAYS has a reason (as seen here). Q, I firmly believe, would heartily disapprove of Discord, to the extent he might actually do something. Or at least stand in front of a certain piece of rock in the Royal Garden and make faces at it.

"Jean Luc. You call me... a meddler. Well, fine. But THIS bozo... Well. He's better off being a bad piece of statuary. And frankly so are we."


Oh, this has potential...:rainbowkiss:


My thoughts exactly. That said, unless I forgot something (read this when it first came out, so it's been awhile), I don't think Discord and Q are the same being in this story.

I hope it updates soon, because this looks like it'll be pretty good.

I love how Q parroted :twilightsmile:

I eagerly anticipate bright things for this fic.

Is this still being worked on? Inquiring minds want to know

1062622 It is. Just lack of time. One week of vacation now should give me that.

1237936 I know, right? Sorry I had to finish making a video game. :rainbowwild:

whooo! Update on this! finally!:pinkiegasp:

1237936 you found another? is it any good?

1237997 I'm always open to any critic. Is it the grammar/structure you didn't like in the second chapter? Or the fact that the story doesn't appear to move forward very fast... :ajsleepy:

But I know, far from my best chapter. With hope the next will be better.

Hmmm, the potential does exist. I haven't read the novels involving the Borg War or even watched Insurrection (The thought of watching Data die... no... :fluttercry: just...no) But yeah, I always saw Q as the 'benevolent' trickster. Sure he acts brash and arrogent, but he does seem to always be trying to test Picard, even from the first moment. (Putting the Enterprise on Trial for the crimes of humanity, oh fun.)
Like that teacher you hate in high school, and then realize in College how much he was preparing you for the 'real' challenge rather than being your buddy.

1237997 oooh, links too! This should be good!

Also, might wanna root through my fav's, dunno how long you've been here, but I've picked up a couple that other veteran readers have overlooked that I'd call good.... I also have mediocre and weak stuff in there too, but that usually makes me laugh... sharing bounties.... ahh, what a wonderful thing :raritystarry:

Less pewpew, more QQ

1238061 I plead guilty. That's what happen when I write tired. I will re-read it a few more times tommorow in hope of nailing them down.

And now I have three stories in the work at the same time... I'm an idiot.

But at least, I have three month in Sweden to write as much as I want.

You should see about having someone pre-read for you. A fresh set of eyes can easily point out and correct errors like that, seeing the forrest from the trees as it were. That, and you also get story opinions which can be very valuable.

Interesting concept you've got going here, tracked.

Saw the picture. Instant read :3.

A very interesting concept, but for the love of Luna, please get a proofreader :pinkiesad2:

Good one are a rare thing, from what I understand. They come and go, and sometime aren't that good. And when I get a real grammar nazi, they give up after 1-2 chapters. :pinkiesad2:
If you know someone that is ready to enter a field of grammar instability... :twilightsmile:

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