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Twilight finds a filly Earth Pony hidden in her basement, reading magic tomes and eating her sandwiches. The little one claims her special talent is related to magic and that pony society had no place for one such as her.

Twilight is awestruck by the claim. Is pony society not welcoming of the differences?

- Purity
- Fighting Destiny

Editing and pre-reading by: Web of Hope, shutaro and Dusk Watch

Chapters (6)
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so, earthpony who's talent is magic, what does music have to do with that exactly?

531635 Nothing, it's a comparaison.

Second note, interesting story with a few mispelled words, I think if you got someone to edit this it would actually be a pretty good story. Keep it up, if you need help send me a message I know some people who might be willing to edit this story.


As for what Twilight would've done without a horn, I'd just say wait for RD's rainboomm and see what happens.

531651 Oh buck! Didn't paste the corrected version.
Should now have much less spelling errors. :pinkiegasp:

this has potential. You need to work on your pluralization and sentence structure a little bit though.

Favorited for now, I'll read this in the morning, looks like it could be a promising story.


Really could use some work. Need to establish the original character more by far. Also a bit short. Very intriguing concept though.

personally, I live by the whole idea that all ponies have and can use magic, it's just that unicorn's horns just amplify it, but that's just me. Also you don't necessarily need to be able to do something to be good at stuff related to it. ex:theoretical physicists. So I guess she could be a sort of...theoretical magician?

HMMMMMM the age old was born in the wrong body

i like please do continue writing.


Trying something here... 5-7 short chapters, one every day. A whole story in a week. It gives me a break from my longer story. :twilightsmile:

I can't help but feel bad for the girl... :fluttershysad:

I like the story, and the direction that you're going but...

You really need a proof reader, there are far too many simple mistakes, most of which are very easy to fix, to ignore.

Sorry to be negative, but I think that this story has potential and I would love to see it succeed.

Why are ponys soo racist:pinkiecrazy:

i wonder how much magic she knows?

535758 Next chapter. :pinkiecrazy:

535681 That's alright. Still learning. I got prereaders for my other story, this one just came out of nowhere I guess. Considering I don't speak English, the more I write and read, the better I will get.


Okay, considering that it is your 2nd language, that does explain a whole lot.
Good job though, can't wait to see more.

...I can relate to Azure. Computer Geeks in a school in a highly agriculture-focused area get the same treatment...

...I want to comfort-hug the magic earth pony :fluttercry:

And there you go. Thar last sentence basically sums up racism. Very nice story so far.

As for grammar and such, keep on improving! I've been here ever since chapter 1 of Planet of the Ponies. Biggest thing that stuck out to me (cause it was pretty funny)-Nervosity. Not a word. Nervousness. That's a word. :twilightsmile:

537164 Oh lol... Thanks. :twilightoops:
All those years thinking it was a real word.
Oh well... explains why the autocorrect didn't like it.

whens the next chapter?

539027 Hopefully, today. I'm trying to do one per day... Something I never did before. :rainbowlaugh:

539136 oh case of the lazies eh? I know how ya feel I have a story that Iv been wanting to write but I cant sit and write lol

539190 A chapter per day with a 40 hours work + teaching 4 hours of class tonight is lazy?
Hmm... I guess I didn't finish writing that final exam yet. :twilightsmile:

539222 I know what you mean I got college also lol

539454 nah I dont teach Im going for videography make commercials and such record weddings etc

Dangit! Failed at keeping it under 2k and failed at making one chapter per day. :fluttershysad:
Making up magic laws took me way longer than I thought it would. Maybe because I tried to make them some logical.

549805 As you wish, I'm not picky.


You know what I do for techno-babble? Throw random words together that sound vaguely scientific and that I slightly know the names and slightly know what they mean in order for it to have the desired effect.

I must admit however that the fake laws you made up sounded a lot more like scientific laws then random techno-babble. Despite the added time it took you to do it I would say it seems like it was very well put together.

I also noticed that the flow of the chapter seems to be getting more... flowy... Keep up the good work!


549815 no meant it like that was clever
very clever

549816 I'm like that, I can't do techno-babble, because it MUST make sense in my brain. I know it's stupid and I shouldn't care that much... Hell, I even plotted the curves of that formula. :twilightblush:

A.D. : After Discord... I'm not sure there's any cannon time system?

You know what they say about forging? I think it's true.

549734 Damn. Those magic laws sounded really legit. Great work.

Hmmm... I can see Discord coming into this fic (after Azure is faced with another tragedy... most likely Twilight's growing jealousy of this filly's knowledge) and offering her the chance to become a unicorn (in exchange for the Elements of Harmony)... just a prediction

How the hell people manage to write sad stuff? I got to slap myself not to cry while writing.
Manly tears of course... Manly tears. :fluttercry:

Celestia... so dogmatic and immediately judges without hearing all the facts :twilightangry2:

wow Celestia never knew you were so insensitive cant wait for the next chapter

553966 Isn't she always like that? She did the same thing in the wedding and to a lesser extend in the first two episodes of season 1. Doesn't she always know better?

Hence why Luna kicks her ass as number 1 pony

Though I feel bad for Azure now... :pinkiesad2:

Can't decide if Celestia's in character or not… but if it means Luna gets to be awesome, heck if I care!

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