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Once Celestia is back to Canterlot, after being released by Discord's vines, she summons him for some explanations. What exactly happened? What did Twilight see? Wait... Alicorn magic?

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I took a moment off the story I'm currently writing (Fighting Destiny) to write this short one-shot.

Basically, the first two episodes of season 4 somewhat managed to mess that story, and another one I'm planning.
I truly believe that showing us the fight between Celestia and Luna was a stupid move, a meaningless fan-service. Even more considering it was resolved so quickly and in such an underwhelming way. They could have made a whole episode with that part alone!

Let's say I'm not trying to go against official canon... just bending it a bit. :trollestia:
(And I get to play with Discord, which is always challenging, but fun.)

You have finally given me a good excuse to pretend that fight wasn't what actually happened, and thrown in an explanation for Alicorn magic being dark magic to boot. :pinkiehappy:

3665522 My pleasure. :twilightsmile:

After all, any time Discord is around, how can you be sure of what's really happening? :trollestia:

overall, an unnecessary adjustment of what happened in the show

3665543 For most people, I admit it's not necessary. However, like I said, I got two stories in writing that depend on that fight not being resolved in 4 minutes flat.

I wholeheartedly endorse cannon bending when questionable deus ex machinas are involved. Then again if I didn't I would be a hypocrite, so there's that.


She was relieved to know that the timeline, for now at least, was safe. On the other hoof, she was slightly disappointed to learn that her student would still have to perform such a dreaded task. The future was still set in motion.


“So?” Discord answered back. “I gave little Twilight the official version of the events, the one written in history books, the one that only involves you and Luna and is resolved in a few minutes.”

Sugarcoated history is useless history. It wronges the memory to the victims, and prevents to learn from the past mistakes.

Comment posted by Raistlin deleted Dec 22nd, 2013

Who was Celestia talking about? This overseer of time or is that spoiling a future ep?

Though I have to agree that the scene with NMM n Celestia in the season premiere didn't do it justice, it could have used more dialogue.

3666691 Frankly, it's a character I'm thinking about building. We know that talented unicorn can time travel, and we know Discord is most likely able too. So, something - or someone - is preventing him from messing with the history. I mean, the most logical thing he would do once released from the stone, is to jump back to prevent it from happening, but he didn't. Hell, could you imagine someone focused on bringing the most chaos possible with the ability to time travel?

Like I said, I got two stories that relied on the fact that the fight between NMM and Celestia didn't last 4 mins. Fighting Destiny, which the next chapter should explain why I wrote this small one shot, and another I didn't start writing yet.

3666128 Unless there's reason for the past mistakes to remain hidden from the history books. But... what could that be? :trollestia:

As for the sequel, it will come. I got so many ideas for stories... And so little time. And so much procrastination!

Oh you naughty devil, hinting at so much in a oneshot. :duck:

She would the first to admit it had been a painful experience,

"would be the first," though I'm not sure what this has to do with the rest of the sentence.

Celestia wasn’t surprised the slightest to see the silverwares had a life on its own.

Celestia wasn't surprised in the slightest to see the silverware had a life of its own. (Silverware refers to the set as a whole.)

Yeah! Only 2 mistakes! :pinkiehappy:

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