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that was hot, the pace was great and the surprise smells were a nice addition!


I honestly do by the way. I want to see more of her now from you, along with the other puprle ponies that you dare to claim and want to write about.

Very enjoyable read, and the pace was well done for what the challenge was. Smells were a very fun addition to the story, and I wish that stallion lovely more times with that mare after the end result we all know that will happen for cumming inside Delta Vee during estrus.

Also, very much UNF for the facesitting portion of the story. Always need more of that and glad to see a good author doing so.


On a 4k Challenge, and you both think I got good pacing on this!? I'm in shock... Thank you both for your reviews. This was extremely fun to write, and I'm so happy you guys thought it turned out alright. :pinkiehappy:

And Duel, I'm not entirely sure if I'll continue this, as I would badly want Shinodage to approve my work on his OC before doing anymore. And nice notice on the final "results" there.

Ooh, this hits many of my fetishes. You sir, are doing God's work! :heart: 10/10

Now I sincerely hope Delta Vee increases by one. Can never have enough MILF breeding.

Gasoline? With a name like Delta Vee she should be smelling like RP-1


Well, I'm not entirely sure this is God's work, :rainbowlaugh: but I'm glad you liked it.


Umm... My Google of it said that RP-1 is lethal to breath, but you make a good point to change it. In fact, consider it renamed to something more fancy. Thank you very much for that observation.

No problem, always happy to lay down some rocket knowledge:rainbowdetermined2:
besides RP-1 is far less dangerous than a dinitrogen tetroxide/Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine fueled engine

*<>* drunken pony sexcapades huzzah 10/10
Was this how berry punch was conceived ?🤔

*<>* oh come on , it's not rocket surgery , compressed boom boom gas woulda sufficed

You are alive! Been quite a while since you posted a story.

And, even given the time and word limit, you did marvelously!

Yes, first alcohol story got a 10! Now "You" + Delta = Berry Punch? Only Shinodage would know if that was possible. I just got permission to use the character, he didn't exactly give me a dossier on her.

Hey, Pahnazd, nice to see you again, and I'm glad to finally come out of hibernation so to speak. First Duelist and Dominius think my pacing wasn't rubbish, now you? I'm starting to think maybe it was well done after all. :scootangel:

Well, considering where you started the story, the pacing was hardly rubbish :rainbowlaugh:

Is it wrong that when I started to read the synopsis, I thought you were talking about Rainbow Dash?

Pegasus mare and blue fur coat all normally say Rainbow Dash, so I can't really fault you for that. :rainbowlaugh:

Good sir, her coat is not blue. It is cyan. Get it right.

Duel... My wonderful and caring friend... Why are you monitoring my comments? :trixieshiftleft:

Saucy stuff my friend. Very nice explanations within the word limit and I do enjoy a good sixty-nine position. Great work.

and that, kids, is how foals are made

Hot damn that was good. I need more thirsty Delta Vee stories

69 is a favorite of Nexus'... Noted. :raritywink:


You and Duelist both, apparently I did good here.
:rainbowlaugh: Good news though, the Artist who made her (Delta) loved this, and has given me the go ahead to make more. I have no idea when I'll do it, but it is on my table at least.

Mother of god.

I don't normally read too many clopfics, but couldn't resist this one, as I've been looking for a decent story involving Delta Vee for a while now.

In any case, this is truly a masterpiece; struck me in all the right places. Good remise for a clopfic, great "older mare on younger colt"-interaction, and you did a great job portraying Vee's character, given that we haven't seen that much of her yet.

Bravo, my friend. Bravo!

That compliment coming from the Author of so many stories on my favorites list, this is an amazing honor. Thank you very much, P-Berry. :scootangel:

First Shinodage himself says I got Delta Vee's personality correct, now you as well... I guess I must have gotten it right.

What can I say, you're the one who's left more feedback on my stuff than anyone else, and made my day more than once, so it's great returning the favor for once ^_^

But yeah, I can only agree with Shino. You captured her character spot-on, in all regards. Again, great work!

Pretty good. It's not easy to make girls like us squirt with just a story, but ya did it.

Well I have always said Smart girls are Sexy!

If you had to name her taste, it was both tangy and sharply bitter, with her aroused sweat adding a delightfully salty tinge to it. 

Thank fuck you went for a realistic flavor. Nothing ruins the mood more than a pussy that smells of skittles, for god's sake.

I'd totally plow Delta Vee. I don't care if she's 50 she's fucking hot

Nice! One can never have too much ΔV

Whew... good Christ almighty, I am... blown away by this. Damn dude, you did well with this :pinkiegasp: My heart was pounding as I focused on every word, and good lord, this was a treat. The fact this was 2nd Person just made it all the better for me, I fucking love Delta Vee :heart: And this fic was all of my yes and touched on all of my fav kinks.

Whew, I'm kind of breathless now, hehehe.

Nicely done!

Ah, Delta Vee... the most spoken OC in the last year. Great work TBO, it was a great read. Passionate, inviting and indulging! If it was longer it could have become like Sweet and Salty!

“(Coutesy of pegasi anatomy)”
*tips fedora*

And now there’s an animation for this fic.


Rather NSFW.


Well my God.... I think you're right. Blessed will be ecstatic to hear of this.

I may be overstepping thinking that it was designed with this work in-mind, but given that he and Shino know each other on Discord, and the fact that this was one of the very first clop stories about Delta Vee, I wouldn't be surprised.

Thanks for the link, friend. This one's a keeper.

I was just about to say here comes a slew of people who seem that Animation.

Still, the story was top notch. Keep up the quality work!:twilightsmile:

I honestly have no words to describe how happy I am to have contributed to Delta's take off (Pun intended) on FIMFiction. This just solidifies how right my choice to write her first story was. Thank you for telling me about this, I felt close to tears this morning when I first saw it.

Having just recently seen what you can put out, that statement of quality means a great deal to me. Thank you. I'm in a sort of temporary retirement due to personal problems, but I think I am getting close to getting back into writing. I just hope I can knock my rust off when it's finally time. :rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and worry about ourselves. Somedays it's a praiseless job, but its these moments that we all strive for. When you do come back, you'll be back with a fresh mind and fresh ideas.

Then you'll be back to making an art. And that, is something you'll always be able to hold onto no matter what the future beings. Best of luck, from one author to another.:twilightsmile:

I hope you're right, Synesisbassist, but I'll give you that luck back. I may need it, but you'll make better use of it.

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