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Very adorable and lovely!



Gave it a like and upvote, very well done (and bonus points for the word count)

Oh no! You found me reading gay fiction!

Gets a like and a favourite from me because it was so damn adorable.

And also because the title is hilarious.

Cute porn is great. Cute gay porn is even better!

Hah, a "brojob". Where could this possibly go now?

"No, Thorax! Bros don't marry their bros!"

Any chance for a sequel where we get to be on top?

I liked the first fic, kinda had a "be comfortable, regardless of what people think" vibe to it, second fic got a bit odd... Wasn't for me. This fic? Wtf... Was this secretly a grimdark fic all along? Main character is a completely different person by the end of this. Gonna call BS on the "Pheromones are just nice smells" concept. This was honestly kinda terrifying to see how different they were from the beginning of the first fic to the end of this one. And having it all from the perspective of said character, it just came off as kinda "mind rapey" to me. To each their own I guess...

So Anon's snuggled, kissed and now fucked Thorax.

Marriage is the next logical conclusion, I think.

That's a fair assessment! I do disagree with it, but that doesn't make it any less fair. I did have some trepidations over whether or not Anon changing his feelings on the matter would feel realistic and fair or if they would come off as too rushed and unrealistic. I suppose one's mileage may vary on whether or not the way I did it came off as successful. My reasoning behind it was that Anon has been getting more and more comfortable with romantic gestures with Thorax, which made him question things and eventually come to be accepting of something like this happening. Perhaps he was closeted? I also left the amount of time between stories nebulous, so as to cut back on issues of him changing his mind too fast.

I do totally get where you're coming from, though, and criticism is appreciated as long as it's not done rudely. You didn't do it rudely so it's all good!

I don't... normally enjoy clopfics, but I really liked both Snuggly Buggly and Kissyface so I thought I'd give this one a shot...

I'm glad I did.

Thank you for the respectful response. I was honestly wary of saying anything at all with how the story seemed to be unanimously well received and attempting to criticize well received stories can be met with... "Frustration" from other parties. As mentioned before there is nothing inherently wrong with the story. Maybe it was the aforementioned aspect of perceived time spent between stories that made it jarring to me but regardless it was very well written, It just wasn't for me.

dis was ghey

Adorable and delightfully hot! Though he needs to put it in the bug boy. Considering the shapeshifting... mmmmm.

No Thorax! Bros don’t have Gay Magically Assisted Spawn Babies!

This was the most inevitable fic I ever read.

Also, many people are on the bisexual spectrum to some extent and don't know it until they end up in a position where it becomes an accepted and attractive alternative. See also situational sexual behavior.

This cover image makes Pharynx feel uncomfortable, but he cannot understand why.

Couldn't crop that line of text in could you?

Yes😃 finally a m/m story

As enjoyable as the story was, honestly I have to say that I think things between Anon and Thorax advanced too quickly as well. Part of what made the other two stories so good was watching Thorax gently tease Anon's raging bisexuality out of him one seemingly small act at a time with Anon rationalising it away the whole time, you executed it perfectly and it was heck of adorable. This one started exactly the same way, but as soon as Thorax revealed his cock suddenly Anon switches into overdrive and stuffs it down his throat without even so much as touching it first and then immediately moves on to full-blown anal sex on the receiving end. I was expecting Anon's hangups to come into force and get broken again by giving Thorax a hoofjob and I have to be honest I was somewhat disappointed when Anon just jumped straight onto Thorax's cock with barely a moment of hesitation instead. Anon's progress from being okay with kissing Thorax because that's just how changelings do it going all the way to 'please stuff your giant cock into my ass and cum inside until I look pregnant every night' in the course of one encounter just felt like too much too quickly, especially with his obviously strong attraction to Cornicle being so sharply presented at the beginning (not that such a thing would stop Anon from being attracted to Thorax as well, of course, but it feels like something that should have been reinforcing Anon's 'it's just stress relief bro' attitude).


Lemmi be real with you friend, sometimes.... it just happen like that. Sometimes the heat of he moment will make you do stuff you’ve never done before. And sometimes that thing is sucking your bi friends dick after making out with him has got you more flustered than you thought, and the only thing you can think of is that doink in front of you. Sometimes... you’re not as straight as you thought you were. And that’s okay. :)

You sound like you have some extremely interesting stories to tell :rainbowlaugh:

You know, Usually I avoid clop on principle. However, This has certainly been an... interesting read. Will the rest of the story be Mature, Or will it go back to our regularly scheduled Totally-Not-Gay Bromance?

i might have said this before, but this would definitely be a lot like me. but with more fearful resistance to being bisexual than prideful resistance. like, i want it... but i dont... cuz im scared. scared of what people would think. scared of what it feels like. scared of... a lack of control... just... i dont like having control taken from me, and being a bottom getting fucked wrests away too much control. like, i'd be much more open to topping someone, fucking their ass. but my own ass getting fucked? no, not for a while, and it has to be approached slowly and carefully, and on my own, very strict terms.

but in the end, im no psychologist, and this story was great, as were the ones before it. thank you for making this amazing adventure into sexuality.

also, an afterthought i had was that thorax did all these things specifically just to fuck anon. the snuggles and the kissies, they were planned events, with the only wildcard being anon himself. but anon actually wasnt even a true wildcard, as thorax prolly knew how much anon cared about him anyway.

Won't lie, loved every second of it.:twilightsmile:

Right? Glad to see I'm not the only one who felt like this. It was almost like reading one of those body horror transformation fics where a man turns into a mare or a Conversion Bureau story where a hardcore career criminal becomes a nice family pony because pOneez Iz shO NoICe.

Married With Changelings.

Bug and marriage,
Bug and marriage,
Go together like a,
Horse and carriage.

In a word this series has been wholesome through and through. Watching Anon slowly come to terms with his bisexuality was a trip and Thorax was so alluring with how kind, gentle, and encouraging he was through the whole thing. Wonderful series.

I'm sorry. but i can't take you serously when you have that pic as the avatar:rainbowlaugh:

Hot Damn... What a story... nice Work

A good story about bro's being bro's.

In the span of three one-shots, Thorax managed to turn a straight guy sort of bi.

Author Interviewer

Goddamn you for making this so effing hilarious. XD The tongue simile almost killed me!

You’d have to be a complete fool to pass this opportunity up, and you’re only like 65% fool at most.

And this is what I need in all of my stories, no matter what they are. :D

Adorable series. :twilightsmile: Definitely earned faves and a watch. I want to see more Thorax from you!

You - uh - planning on writing more of this series?
Maybe with Anon developing a bit of a penchant for power bottoming?

I'm not ruling it out! But at the moment, it would be a miracle for me to write anything at all haha. I've been completely unable to do so since around the time of the finale. Hopefully I'll be back to form soon though!

No worries!
I'm just a total whore for your Thorax stuff ;>u>

This series of stories started off good. Then it got better. And then this story came along, and it managed to keep that trend (if you can call just two data points a trend, but whatever) going. And I like that it's not just a cheap ship, but presents Thorax in a way that I haven't really seen or considered before (and done really well at that) and gives you weird boners which is then squarely set against the insane awkwardness/adorableness/??? of the whole thing.

Damn, anyone know of a fic like this but longer? Didnt realize how much I enjoyed Thorax sudecing a gruff and tough anon

Awesome story I really liked how the characters and story developted plus this ship became one of my favs

I gotta second this cuz i really love this Thorax and Anon :heart:

Can I third this statement.
Even if i'm late

In short........aawwwwwwwwwwwww.

I've been trying to find sweet stories like this about thorax. He's a sweetheart.

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