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So, I'm guessing everypony in this society are futas? Another story of yours that I will be following. BTW,

It'd been a week since then, and by the time Sweetie's heat had finished, she stood at just under feet tall,

How tall is Sweetie Belle? Are we going to learn how tall and endowed her other friends are?
Random Question: What happens to a pony if they are unable to get laid during their first heat? Do they stay short, flat, & small?

8149272 Yeah, another all futa world. Just a thing I really like.

And no, they just don't grow as much, usually only reaching an average of 6 feet, and have smaller, more realisticly sized features.

Oh, and I fixed it. She's just under eight feet tall.

Kinky. There must be some limiting factor though otherwise each successive generation would have been that much larger than the next not averaging around 5 to 6 1/2 feet tall.

8149323 I was gonna write a comment explaining this, but I decided I'll just put it in a chapter instead.

Loving this, I hope they'll grow outta control!:pinkiecrazy:

8149519 But dem bigger ones!! :pinkiecrazy:

Nah, just teasing. Though, I love them biiiiiigggg...

Finally have a chance to sit down and read this masterpiece... I hope there's going to be FutaXMale with Rarity and Spike.

Favorited and thumbs up.. I love this story and it's concept.. and you actually made me like Rarity as a character.

Mfw the comments section is as good as the story.

8149298 I bet rainbow didn't get any, was too busy flying or so. To is she'd still be hot as hell, but to ponies she's the definition of petite.

On that note, what about spike? I bet her greed is not about gold on this one...

8150330 I'd rather spike be a she too, so they can have a lonely clutch together. And Rarity to have a pussy large enough to take her cock without it going the human condom direction. She's bigger than most torsos, for fuck' sake! And yeah, I'm considering her own. A good /d/eviant knows their proportions :pinkiecrazy:

By the way, how thick is Rarity? At 3' long she'd have to be at the very very least some 3.5~4" not to look like a pencil. That considering real life horse cocks - ones she's quite near in dimensions.
Actually, according the internet, it's 18'. So one and a half long... An "average" mare, it seems. :rainbowderp:
Ok, is kinda a turn off when the size is too big (length) but not really (girth). Either both are huge and things have to balloon outwards or it just becomes weird. Elasticity is one thing, but when cocks have to pass through the diaphragm and crush the heart, well...

That does bring to mind, what about sweetie' scene? A foot and a half (half of Rarity) would be enough to do so on a 5' woman :twilightoops:

hmm i feel something...

looks down and sees a boner growing

...oh thats why........ nice :pinkiehappy:

Typos and grammatical errors in description. Pls.

Well my keyboard is ruined. Why must you write this so tantalizingly? At this rate, you'll be the next Megapone!

Fuck Logic, I have porn!
Also it just stretched her stomach out, pointing up at an angle, instead of just continuing into her body.
Though, the diaphram thing reminded me of a rather disturbing futa fic I read one time involving Twilight and Applebloom... made me feel bad.



I think I fixed it

8152001 I'm both squicked and intrigued by said fic. Better not though, if what you said is anything to go by I'd hate myself for reading it.

Well, it's rather hard to argue against the almighty porn. I'll concede... this time :pinkiecrazy:

Another chapter already jesus....you spoil me :fluttershysad:

And a new one shot to be released soon too! the product of an RP session.

8153041 I'm reading as we speak...you're killing me man, i love it xux

is being in heat still necessary cause if not rarity is gonna be a mom soon

Holy Sun and Moon!!!!:twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops:

This Equestria sure is interesting in how it works:rainbowderp:

First chapter was alright, but them you lost me

sorry :unsuresweetie:

ah I see I wasn't the only one to think ofthis (an all futa, sexual equestria), and, to quote a character from CatDog, I love it!

All I have to say about this chapter is:

I do have a question though. Do all alicorns have two or more cocks? What about dragons?

Alicorns grow more as they get more powerful, but only up to a certain limit. Dragons are all double dicked. Non alicorns are also capable of multidick, though rarely.

so, I know this is super picky, but why did it just switch verb tense once twilight's- ahem- experiment, shall we say, got started? it was in past tense, then it was in present tense. can it maybe be changed back to past tense? and keep the past tense in future chapters?

8164061 It was just a mistake. When I get the time, i'll probably go and fix it to be past tense.

after reading this chapter i think twilight will turn rarity into a sex slave cocksock

What happened at the end there? It turned from a story into an outline of a story.

What happened to the rest?

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