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Definitely gonna have to have a gander later, when I can guarantee some... privacy


Is the title some kind of pun, or just a failed attempt at typing "anomaly"?

Y'know what, fuck it, I'm tracking this.

Could use some proofreading, but this is hot.

There's one word for this lewd fic... MOAR!!!

I love it so far and cant wait for more my friend.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this, and would be happy to help with proofreading or editing if you'd like. :twilightsmile:

Here’s hoping Dashie is SUPER busty!

Not usually one for giantess fanfics, but this seems like it'll be a lot of fun. Please keep going.

Are they giantess's? Or is the main character just super smol?

though she doesn't seem to notice at all, just holding hte cup to my mouth

though she doesn't seem to notice at all, just holding the cup to my mouth

:rainbowlaugh: Oh poor sweet Fluttershy, too motherly to tell when the kiddies are misbehaving. :raritywink: And I approve! We don't get to see many Human on Equis fics that have a girl being the one who was transferred. The Futa bit might make that a technicality, but I don't really care. This story promises to be quite entertaining!


when is the next chapter comes out?

I don't know honestly. I recently got a job and it's kicking my ass pretty hard. I have almost no motivation to do anything... I want to continue this sometime but...

This is a really great first chapter really hot and sexy *drools* I hope you can get enough motivation to type up the next chapter

I would like to see where this is going. Hope I do hope you conitinue with this.

Wish she kept her Pussy though

Holy shit this is super super hot. I can''t wait to read more of this story.

Can I ask you a question? Why did you decide to make Danielle a futanari? I have nothing against you or the story for that fact, but I'd like to understand your choice, if it's okay for me to ask?

Honestly? was just what I was horny for at the time... lol

Wow, lust clouds the mind, as they say.

I wanna see where this goes

Are you planning on continuing this?

It's been nearly 2 years, are you planning on continuing this? Maybe put it on hiatus/cancelled if you're unsure?

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