• Published 3rd Jan 2017
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The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer - Rose Quill

Sunset and SciTwi continue to explore the depths of their relationship.

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Bonus Chapter: Next Time in the Homecoming Chapter Fics

Rarity threw up a shield as I fell to the ground, clutching my head in agony. I saw the vambrace on my arm crack, spiderweb and then disintegrate, grains of dust blowing away in the dark wind. Rarity cried out and her shield collapsed, her armor being dissolved back into regular clothes just as mine and Applejack’s had.

Twilight reached me, using her telekinesis to form a makeshift barrier with the shattered picnic tables against the maelstrom before us, but they were thrown aside like kindling.

“We will meet again,” the voice said before the dark cloud vanished and the winds died.

I sat up slowly, my head pounding. I realized that not only had they dispelled my powered up form, they had also de-ponified me, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie.

“Are you ok, Sunny?” Twilight asked.

I tried to reassure her through our bond, but I couldn’t find it. I reached inside to find any trace of magic, to pony up, anything. I realized that Twilight was touching my bare arm with her hand and I couldn’t feel her emotions or see her thoughts.


“Sunny?” she said, worry starting to spread across her face.

“My magic,” I whispered, my voice breaking and tears streaming down my face.

“They took my magic.”

Twilight held me as I broke down as I haven’t since my mother died.

I walked into the building Fluttershy had told me about, nose wrinkling at the stench of rot and bodily fluids. I found the door I was looking for and pushed it opened. The room beyond was dimly lit, but I could see the forms within clearly enough.

Pale, gaunt, and sullen, their eyes sunken into their faces and their hair flat and lifeless, life had been hard on the Dazzlings.

“Wow,” I said. “You look like hell.”

“Wow,” rasped Adagio. “You’re a bitch.”

“Can it,” I said. “I’ m here to ask for your help.”

That got her attention.

“Oh,” she purred. “This has got to be good.

Author's Note:

Yes, these are ideas I had for the next major chapter fic, and they are likely to change slightly when I actually get to them.

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Some good ideas, but I feel like you showed off waaaaaay too much of the ending. Teasers are good, but...this had a bit too much information. I mean this went from "Oh everything is relatively normal" to "Holy Hell here is crazy action sequences!! Some villain who is apparently a magic stealing harpy!" and more.

Not that it sounds bad, but if you plan to use even half of this, I definitely think more stuff about the ending or at least the later bits should be changed, so it's not as spoiled. Still,, it definitely sounds intriguing and I am curious how you plan to go from "Slice of Life Romance" to "Super Action Time"


That assumes that that was the ending. The thematic element of the main trilogy is the process of their relationship, and there are also a few Slice of Life shorts between now and then to set up these elements. I may have bitten off a large bite, but I think I can get it to work. I have the time.

But I did do a minor edit. There was just a bit more in there than I intended. :twilightblush: That'll teach me to just copy/paste.


I agree Twilight is only 18, but I've stated in another story that Sunset is in her twenties. I also never stated how long their engagement would be. I've known many high school sweethearts still going strong.

“We will meet again,”

Don't know where,
don't know when.

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day...


I have a perfect answer to your question.

I bucked up.

In continuity, however, they could have been ships passing in the night (one coming in as the other left) or they just didn't recognize Rarity.

Or, knowing how I tend to think of Glory, she didn't know because the face of Canterlot Carousel is Sassy Saddles and she mixed the two up.


Much welcome! Glad I could help. :twilightsmile::yay:


Or, knowing how I tend to think of Glory, she didn't know because the face of Canterlot Carousel is Sassy Saddles and she mixed the two up.

Let's go with this one. :heart:

So I finally managed to finish. Wow, what a cliffhanger of bonus material. Thank you very much for the savory piece of literature. I am left worried about the state of the Sunlight ship. I've become a little enamoured with them. I'm off to find their next story. Thanks again! See you in the next one.


It's uncommon, but not unheard of. And when you tie in the fact that Sunset is well above Equestrian age of majority and Twilight has passed earth's common AoM, they are both legal adults.

Plus, there are a lot of worse things asking us to suspend our disbelief out there. I mean, Hollywood paid for multiple 'Sharknado' movies for Celestia's sake.

Okay... it's official now...
My favorite ship is this one...


I agree, but I - Sunset Shimmer - have a rare condition that I make known later in the story.

Also, I have been studying the thestral culture...I do believe I shall be introducing a new character to my Continuity soon.

8203684 In most common fannon that I've seen the Thestrals/bat ponies eat fruit and insects. Almost certainly solely based on Fluttershy's transformation into part fruit bat and how similar to a Thestral outside of color it appeared.

I don't necessarily agree with it, but it's what I've read the most of.


Yes, but Sunset is able to stay focused...SciTwi is like me in a Barnes & Noble....eh he heh :twilightsheepish:

yeah I watched those too but I was trying to make joke that (obviously) failed miserably

What's the name of the fix after this pls

This is the complete continuity timeline in order of occurrence.

This story is part of a continuity, and you can find the entire timeline with links to the story at this link https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/731299/homecoming-continuity-timelineagain

I have to congratulate you
I only have 3 stories in my favourite bookshelf although ive read hundreds and 2 of them are button mash x sweetie belle shippings
So for the wooing of sunset shimmer being awesome enough to enter my favourites shelf I say great job!!!!😀😀😀

Aaah! The entire Homecomjng continuity is so good! Wonderful! I can't wait for more!


At least you have the closet space for that sort of thing. I live out of a dresser. Bigger than the shoebox a certain aid of Shepard's lived out of, but it's still not much room.

Also, guys aren't really all that concerned with clothes; if its clean- which is relative -and matches the weather, we wear it. Unless, of course, said guy is either a clothing designer or a dandy.

Neither of which describes me.

Well, I'm jelly now. Wish I had a standard so bad.

Good thing it wasn’t a spoiler for me since I had read through that point, this is an AWESOME series by the way.

This was some adorable fun! Glad to read it finish.

It is done. The sweetness continues!
Also, whew, Cadance's blowup there. :rainbowderp:
I look forward to seeing what's next!

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