• Published 3rd Jan 2017
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The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer - Rose Quill

Sunset and SciTwi continue to explore the depths of their relationship.

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Chapter Twenty Two - New Year's Announcement

Music was pumping through the air, loud enough to be heard but low enough to not obscure conversation. As we dropped our coats off in the anteroom, we recognized the unique sound that only DJ Pon-3 could produce. And sure enough, as we entered the living room of the Belle house, I saw the aforementioned DJ bent over her turntable, adjusting the mix for maximum wubs. Outside of our friends, there were Rarity and Applejack’s little sisters and their friend Scootaloo. I also saw Lyra, Bon Bon, and Octavia milling about the dining room, and just off to one side I could see a few other people I didn't rightly recognize off the top of my head, despite knowing I had classes with them.

“Twilight, Sunset!” I heard the melodious voice of our host and saw her violet hair moving through the room towards us. When she reached us, she smiled and hugged us both. She was - surprisingly enough - dressed extremely casual for her usual style; loose turquoise slacks and a close-fitting blouse of alternating turquoise and silver stripes.

“How are you, darlings?” she asked as she withdrew, her smile dazzling.

“We’re doing rather good, Rarity,” Twilight said. “In fact, it’s been an engaging week so far.”

I bit back a laugh at Rarity’s confused look. We had decided to let them know after the ball had dropped when it was just us seven. But true to my bookish love’s emerging sense of humor, she couldn’t resist a veiled reference.

“We’ll explain later,” I said, patting Rarity’s arm. “How’d you manage to get Vinyl to play here? Wasn’t she booked solid?”

“Oh, it's simple, darling,” she said, brushing her hair behind her shoulder. “I engaged her for the party months ago.”

“Of course you did,” I said, laughing.

“Now, go enjoy yourselves,” she said, gesturing behind herself. “Refreshments are in the kitchen and I’m sure you know the way.”

The party was amazing, in no small part because of the small attendance. Vinyl did stop her preferred style long enough for us to count down and enjoy a toast of Sweett Apple Acres cider at the new year, and she played a few traditional songs that segued into her outro theme. She packed and headed out with Octavia, giving just a toss of a thumbs up to us in parting. The CMCs had fallen asleep on the couch shortly after the ball dropped, and it was just the seven of us.

Twilight cleared her throat, getting the attention of all. “Sunset and I need to talk to you, girls,” she said with a serious tone and a grave look on her face. Fluttershy immediately shrank a little, twisting her hair in her fingers, and Applejack sat up straight. Pinkie looked at us from her upside down position against the wall, and Rainbow and Rarity looked up from collecting minor bits of trash.

“It has to do with something that happened earlier this week,” she continued, unable to maintain her serious façade any longer, a hundred watt smile blossoming.

“We kind of got engaged,” I said nonchalantly. Or tried to, anyway. I couldn’t hold my smile back either, and when our friends saw the wide, goofy grins on our faces they all shouted in excited voices.

Rarity was the most excited, immediately asking to see the ring and ask about dates.

“One day at a time, Rarity,” Twilight said, a little embarrassed as the fashionista examined the ring on her finger. It was a simple affair, the single diamond encased in a filigree cage. It was a two-toned ring, the band in shining gold and the cage in muted silver as not to distract from the gleam of the diamond. “This is only three days in, you know.”

“Do you have any ideas for outfits?” Will you both be wearing gowns, or would one of you wear a suit?”

I gave a short giggle. “We figured we’d let you help on that, Rares,” I said. “But I like to think we’d both be wearing gowns designed by you.”

Her eyes lit up, eyeing us both. “A wonderful idea!” she exclaimed. “Maybe something in satin, with no train for you, Sunset. And silk brocade for Twilight, with a slight train.” She leaped up and grabbed a notepad from next to the telephone, jotting notes and whispering to herself as her muse took flight.

Applejack sat forward, a huge grin on her face. “Congratulations,” she said giving me a pat on the back. “Y’all seem made for each other.”

“Says the girl that questioned me for ten minutes one day if she was the one for me,” I joked.

She blushed. “Ah’ve learned a few things since then,” she admitted. “Seein’ the two of ya bein’ so happy together, it can make a gal a mite jealous.”

“You, jealous?” asked Twilight. “Of us?”

“She’s got a point, AJ,” Rainbow said. “You never seemed to be interested in guys or girls. I thought the only thing you cared about was the farm.”

“A gal can dream, ya know,” the farmer retorted as her cheeks pinked up a little.

Fluttershy knelt down and hugged us both. “I’m so happy for you two,” she said before giving Twilight a small shove. “But don’t scare me like that ever again!”

Twilight held up her hands in defeat. I blinked, realizing that Pinkie had been silent for five full minutes.

“Pinkie, are you…”

“OhmygoshyouhavetoletmethrowapartyforyoutwoI'msosuperexcitedthisisgoingtobethebestparty!” she exploded, a manic grin on her face.

Everyone blinked around the room.

“Come again?” asked Applejack, tilting her hat back with her thumb.

“I have to throw a party for you two! A super duper ultimate engagement party with all of our friends and your family and…”

“We’d love that, Pinkie,” Twilight said. “But we have another task for you.”

“If you think you can handle it,” I said suggestively.

The party girl hunched forward and narrowed her eyes. “What is it?”

I glanced at Twilight, and then we laid out the situation with Velvet and Night Light, and the reason we were letting them know when we would have rather kept it between us for a few more days.

I glanced at Pinkie. "What do you think?"

She grinned. "I've got just the thing," she said. "Just let me know when you need it."

Rarity glanced up from her notepad to level a look at Twilight and I.

"You both have to swing by later this week so I can get your measurements," she said. "I need to update yours, Sunset, and I never got them from you, Twilight. I don't want to make assumptions based on the ones I have from the Princess."

"So," I said, setting hands on my hips. "We all good?"

A wave of cheers carried through, causing Apple Bloom to crack open an eye.

"What'd Ah miss?" she asked sleepily.

We all giggled, which only confused her more.