• Published 3rd Jan 2017
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The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer - Rose Quill

Sunset and SciTwi continue to explore the depths of their relationship.

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Chapter Fifteen - Return

I locked the door as we left the house. I had loved staying in my old house after fixing it up. It was filled with ghosts of memories and I had started to enjoy reliving them. I tucked the key into the pocket of my jacket before trotting off after Sunshine. She had gone ahead with a few bits to buy tickets for the ride back to Ponyville. I glanced back at the house again after a few paces, smiling at the new memories that had been created: Hearth’s Warming with the sisters, sharing meals, the Yule Ball.

The talk of proposing, jest or not.

As I closed on the train station, I saw a deep azure-coated unicorn waving at me. “We good to go?” I asked my marefriend as I came up next to her.

“All set,” she said, hoisting her pack onto her back from where she had set it."Train leaves in about ten minutes. C'mon, let's get on, I can't wait to see that landscape again!"

"You've seen it a handful of times now," I said with a smile as we boarded. "Is it really that amazing?"

She looked at me with confusion as the conductor started calling the last call.

"It's like looking into the past," she said. "From everything I've seen, this is very much a pre-industrial society, or at least as I know it. You do have some pretty strong industrial processes, but magic makes it all cleaner and more efficient than our own are. That means the landscape is more pristine and lovely."

I smiled. "When you put it that way," I said, sidling up next to her as the train started to pull away. "I guess it is pretty special."

I glanced out the window, looking over the city, and I knew I’d be back before too long.

The rounds of hugs were doubly warm this time, and I was left with Sunshine, Applejack, and Fluttershy in the library. Twilight walked in and looked at her friend.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

The Pegasus pawed at the ground. “I think so,” she whispered.

“‘Shy, if you aren’t sure you don’t have to do it,” I said.

“Right,” Applejack said. “Ah’m willin’ to go if ya feel like ya can’t.”

Fluttershy looked her friend in the eye. “I can do this,” she said, her quiet voice betraying a bit of resolve that might not have been heard if you didn’t know the mare personally.

“If you’re sure,” Sunshine said, looking towards the Alicorn, who levitated the book into its bracket to open the portal.

“Ok,” I said. “It’s going to be a little disorienting, and you’re going to want to stay still for a moment after you’re through.” I smiled at the Pegasus. “We’ll be right there for you.” I stepped through, followed by Sunshine and Fluttershy.

Once the disorientation was over, I stretched and flexed my fingers. "Everyone ok?" I asked.

“Oh my,” came Fluttershy's quiet voice as she looked at herself. She had on a long puffy coat with pinkish mittens and a scarf that matched her hair. “This is unusual.”

“You ok, ‘Shy?” I asked.

“I, I think so,” she said, trying to stand. Twilight helped her get to her feet.

“You’re back!” a strong voice called, soon resolving into Applejack and Fluttershy. AJ had on her thick barn coat on, a thick beanie pulled over her blonde locks. Fluttershy had on a long wool peacoat and a wool slouch hat collecting her pink hair. They stopped when they saw the third figure with us.

Fluttershy stepped up to her unsteady double, and the differences were faint, but there. Pony Shy had a darker tone to her hair, was a bit more slender, a little shorter. Human Shy was taller, with a more vibrant tone to her hair. The eyes were the same, and they both were wide as they looked at each other.

“Goodness,” they said in unison, then covering their mouths in surprise at their stereo proclamation.

As the silence dragged on, I turned to AJ. “Where’s Rarity?” I asked.

“She said she was runinn’ late. Somethin’ ‘bout havin’ the right supplies.” The farm girl looked at her friend and her duplicate. “This is just plumb unreal,” she breathed.

“Twilight’s first call was going to be you.”

“Ah’m not sure Ah’d be comfortable with that,” she said.

“That’s what she told me you responded with when she suggested it,” I said.


“That’s why we call her Sunshine when we’re across the mirror,” I said. “Cuts down on confusion.”

“So sorry I’m late, darling,” Rarity said as she came around the corner from the parking lot. “I simply couldn’t find some of my tools.” She slowed to a stop as she saw the dual Fluttershy.

“Oh, this is simply delightful,” she beamed. “But I’m afraid not even my skills could cover up this much similarity.”

The Pegasus Shy looked down. “I’m sorry,” she said.

Her counterpart reached out and hugged her. “It’s ok,” she said firmly. “We’ll figure out another way.”

It was odd, seeing them interact like that, trading off on the other’s insecurities. After a few more minutes, Applejack pulled out the instant camera and snapped a picture of the two girls standing next to each other. We gave the photo to Pony ‘Shy and hugged her goodbye before she stepped back through the portal.

“Either we figure it out,” I repeated, blowing into my hands to warm them. “Or Pony Twilight will come up with a glamor spell that will work on this side of the portal.” Twilight slid up and put her arm around my waist. “We’ve got six months.”

Applejack rubbed the back of her neck. “How much do ya reckon the other Applejack will look like me?” she asked.

Twilight shrugged as we all walked towards our cars. “Probably a lot,” she said. “There wasn’t a lot of difference between our Flutters and the other.”

“She seemed really nice,” Fluttershy said.

I smiled. “She is. Just as good as you, ‘Shy.”

We parted, and when Twilight and I got to my apartment, she sat down coat across her lap.

“So,” I said, suddenly nervous as I shed my coat and hung it on the rack next to the door. “Now that you’ve seen Hearth’s Warming, how different is it from your families gatherings?”

“Not that different, after all,” she said. “You seem nervous.”

I nodded, a surreptitious glance towards my nightstand drawer, that splinter in my mind’s eye itching again.

“They’re not going to overreact, Sunny,” I heard her say, realizing what I was nervouse about.

I turned, a smile blossoming on my face. She matched it.

“How about we just relax for a while and worry about it tomorrow, honey?” she finished.

“That sounds lovely,” I said, sitting down and cuddling up next to her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her casting glances around, staring intently at my closet and cabinet.

“Waste of time, Sunshine,” I said, pulling her close and nuzzling the top of her head.

“I gave your gift to Applejack to hold onto before we left for Equestria.”

She puffed her cheeks as she pouted for a second before snuggling into me.

“Cheater,” she said.