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Not sure what to make of this yet, so i will be tracking and keeping an eye on it :coolphoto:

Why is this in the OCxCanon folder without any canon characters tagged?

Before I read it, what is the Dark and Gore tag for ?

7870458 It was a miss click, I also removed it right after

7870570 the gore tag is for the fighting among other things down the line. The Dark tags for the rather dark themes that are touched on and implied.

Oo Fallout equestria by a certain talented mare. I must read.

Very fun story I must say! I like it! Keep writting. :twilightsmile:

Ooh I like where this is going.

Any chance for a new update? I love these kinds of stories!

I love it! 🐴 one of the best stories I've read. Please, keep up the good work.

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