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Equestria Girls/Star Wars: Duel of Fates, "Shimmer of the Dawn" - KingXanaduu

After Sunset's fall to the Dark Side, and subsequent rescue by her friends in the Council of Harmony, Sunset Shimmer struggles to understand whether or not redemption is possible for her, thus leading her on a journey to find the truth of the Force.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning


Sunset shouted as her eyes shot open. She was practically hyperventilating as the image of horror from Fluttershy’s face still lingered in her eyes. She quivered as she brought a hand to her chest, as reality was slowly coming into focus. Her heart was pounding hard and rapidly within her breast. Small beads of sweat were already trickling down her forehead.

After a minute or two, Sunset’s breathing grew steadier and allowed her to focus. She blinked a couple of times after the brief exhaustion faded to look at her surroundings. All that stood around her was the contours of the small and thinly darkened surroundings of the Meditation Chamber, with her sitting on the lone pillow in the room. Gone were the decaying ruins and arching spires of the Sith temple that she remembered. Gone where the frightened faces of the six friends that she had just lashed out at.

There was nobody else in that room with her. No friends to harm, no voice to tempt her. Just her, and the emptiness of this room.

It did little to comfort her.

“Not again.” Sunset groaned, as she squeezed her forehead in frustration.

To say that Sunset Shimmer was in distress would’ve been the understatement of the century. Exhausted, frustrated, and emotionally drained, Sunset let out another tired and almost defeated sigh. Struggling to meditate wasn’t usually a problem for a young Jedi prodigy such as herself…but then again, neither was the problem of dabbling into the Dark Side…

Taking in another breath to hopefully calm herself down, Sunset once again tried to clear her mind from the disturbing thoughts that had continued to plague her for the past couple of weeks. It wasn’t really getting easier to meditate when these memories kept coming back to haunt her. And every time, she tried to snap herself out of their thrall, leaving her a frightened and sweaty mess, struggling to catch her breath as she tried to purge them from her mind.

She silently cursed herself for falling so far in such a short amount of time.

Before Sunset Shimmer was the mess of a Jedi she was now, struggling simply to meditate on her own, she was once one of the more prestigious Jedi Knights that had come out of the Jedi Order.

Discovered by the Jedi at a very early age, Sunset’s life had revolved around understanding the will of the Force, as well as keeping the peace throughout the Galaxy and the Republic. Even as a youngling, she showed remarkable progress and aptitude towards both the Ways of the Force and in Lightsaber training. At the age of seven, Sunset could already wield the Force in such ways, one would think they were in the presence of a Master…. a very small Master, at the time. She could bend the force to her will with minimal effort, while her skill with the lightsaber was almost unmatched in both skill and ferocity amongst her youngling peers, some of which would forfeit entire rounds knowing that SHE was going to be an opponent.

Thus, it came as no surprise that such raw talent didn’t go unnoticed by the Jedi Order. What DID come as a surprise to many however was the fact that such talent caught the eye of someone very proficient in the Jedi Order: Grand Master Celestia.

While Grand Master Yoda himself is considered the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, such a title was also shared with Jedi Master Celestia, as well as her younger sister, Grand Master Luna. Both Grand Masters served the Jedi Council for the past one thousand years, and were even responsible for the creation of a secret division of the Order, known as the “Council of Harmony”. Few elite Jedi only knew such a council, as its existence was attributed heavily on the prophecy of “The Chosen One”, where one Jedi was said to defeat a “Great Evil”, and finally bring balance to the Force.

Celestia herself was one such Jedi that had become proponent on studying the ancient prophecy, but simultaneously was one that disagreed with its translation. Much like her current philosophy, she believed that one person alone wasn’t enough to bring balance to the Force, but the unity of the Force through unity and Friendship.

“Friendship is Magic” was a mantra that was well known in Celestia’s inner circle.

Thus, to prepare the order for the coming of any “Great Evil” that would threaten the balance of the Force, both Celestia and Luna created the secret order of the “Council of Harmony”, upholding the ways of the Jedi Order, but also exemplifying Celestia’s ideals of Friendship. A decision that was met with some criticism in its early years, but still remained a stable part of the Order. In fact to some, it was considered a great honor to be selected to be part of this division, and Sunset Shimmer was definitely one of them.

To this day, Sunset still remembers the very moment when she was personally selected by Celestia herself to join the “Council of Harmony”.
Seeing such ethereal beauty, her warming motherly smile, and hearing from Celestia that she was “destined to do great things”, Sunset’s heart had swelled with such pride that day so many years ago.

Sunset smiled slightly when she remembered that memory. She would often times look to that moment as a source of reaffirmation of her role as a Jedi, being selected by a Grand Master herself.... but….

Sunset’s smile then turned to a sad frown.

That memory had now become tainted because of her past failure in delving too close to the Dark Side, and how far she had fallen.

The first years of her life in the Order were to her absolute bliss. Here, she had no difficulty displaying her talents to her peers as they watched her skills with favor and admiration, and she loved every minute of the attention she received. It may not have been the way of the Jedi to crave for attention, but Sunset didn’t care at first.

She was special. She was chosen for the Order of Harmony of course. She was destined for something great. Those words alone were spoken by the Grand Master herself, so they must’ve been true…. they must have been, otherwise she wouldn’t have said it…. right?

Sunset struggled as hard as she could to keep herself from crying again, stifling a few sniffs before the tears could flow again. She had often spent many nights, crying herself to sleep.

She hated this. She hated being this vulnerable. Being lost and confused about herself.

She never was like this before. Before, she was sure of herself, sure of what she wanted, sure of her destiny, sure of what she was supposed to be: A Jedi destined to do GREAT THINGS. She was supposed to be the best, the greatest of the JEDI! How DARE they take that DESTINY AWAY FROM HER! SHE WAS SO CLOSE TO BEING-

NO! Stop! Bury these feelings. Don’t let them consume you.

“ARGH!!” Sunset grunted in frustration. Meditation apparently wasn’t going to help today. She massaged her temples to calm down the headache that was already beginning to form.

No matter what she tried to do to mitigate these memories and old feelings, they always came back to haunt her when she least expected it.

“Some great Jedi YOU turned out to be.” Sunset cursed at herself. Bringing her legs to her chest, she slumped her head in her arms and groaned.

“I thought I’d be over this by now. Why won’t you leave me alone? I’m done with the Dark Side, I’ve learned my lesson...so why won’t you just go away?”

The room didn’t answer back, not that she was actually expecting anybody to anyway.

She let out yet another sigh. “Okay Sunset, this isn’t helping. Try to...“think positively” or something. That’s what Applejack suggested, right?” She paused, “…. I…I guess I should be grateful that I’m still here, I suppose.”

That was one thought that did seem to give Sunset some semblance of comfort in this ordeal. Despite how far Sunset had fallen, she was still accepted back into the Jedi Order, and even the Council of Harmony itself, no less. To a Jedi, falling to the Dark Side was considered practically a death sentence in the Order. And yet, Sunset was still here, partially thanks to Twilight Sparkle, the headmaster of the Council of Harmony.

It was also a thought that severely confused her.

Although Sunset viewed Twilight as a rival Jedi in the past, the fact that Twilight Sparkle of all people kept her in the order gave Sunset a sense of respect, admiration, and simultaneously a sense of perplexion towards her. Out of every member of the Jedi Council she had come to know, she was the one that most advocated for her stay and subsequent redemption from the Dark Side. Apparently, Twilight Sparkle saw something in Sunset Shimmer, which in turn allowed for her to remain in the Jedi Order, despite her transgressions.

That ‘something’ that Twilight saw, however, was something that Sunset couldn’t really see in herself. Nor could anyone else in the Council of Harmony for that matter, except some of Twilight’s friends.

Everywhere she looked, everywhere she walked, she was pierced by either harsh glares or averted eyes by all the other members of the Council. Bon-Bon, Lyra, Rose, Berry, even freaking Derpy whispered behind her back whenever she was seen on the grounds. FREAKING DERPY!

She groaned again. Had she really sunk so low for even that airhead, Derpy, to look down on her?

She shook her head in her arms. It was to be expected of course.

Despite Twilight Sparkle giving Sunset the benefit of the doubt for her reformation that still didn’t really help anybody accept Sunset’s return, especially now that Twilight had dis-


Sunset’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a soft rapping at the door, which cause her to nearly jump out of her seat in shock!

‘What the heck? How did I not-’

Panicking, she quickly sat back into a meditative pose back in her seat, feverishly trying to compose herself.

“C-Come in!” she yelped, fixing the last finishing touches to her formerly frazzled hair, before erecting herself into forced posture of calm collectiveness.

The doors to the meditative chambers slid open, revealing the Jedi Healer, Fluttershy, wearing a concerned look on her face.

Sunset deflated from her posture. “Oh. Hey Fluttershy.” Sunset said quietly.

“Good Afternoon, Sunset.” The pink-haired young Jedi greeted warmly as she entered the room. But her look quickly changed to one of worry seeing Sunset so morose. “I-I hope I’m not disturbing you Sunset.”

Sunset simply waved her hand nonchalantly. “No, it’s okay Fluttershy,” she sighed as she shifted in her seat, “I wasn’t really meditating that much anyway.”

Fluttershy fidgeted a bit, rubbing her hands nervously together, wearing a very guilty look on her face. Said look didn’t really go completely unnoticed by Sunset. “……….You already knew, didn’t you?” Sunset asked, deadpanning.

“I-I-I’M REALLY S-SORRY S-SUNSET!” blubbered Fluttershy. Despite Sunset being all-too familiar with Fluttershy’s overt timidity, it still sometimes caught Sunset off guard to how Fluttershy could get so worked up over small things. “I-I JUST SENSED THAT Y-YOU WERE IN DISTRESS AND W-WANTED TO CHECK ON YOU! PLEASE DON’T BE ANGRY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO EMBARRASS YOU! I’M SO SOR-“

“Fluttershy!” Sunset firmly interrupted, before Fluttershy was on the verge of tears, “Just calm down! It’s…it’s alright. I’m not upset with you.” Truth be told, that was a bit of a lie. While she was grateful that Fluttershy, of all people, took the time to check on her, she really wasn’t very happy to have herself be exposed and vulnerable like this.

At this point though, her vulnerable state probably didn’t really matter. “I just…I guess today wasn’t really a good day for me to meditate….again.” Before Fluttershy could answer with another timid attempt at an apology, Sunset quickly raised her hand. “And NO Fluttershy, it’s not your fault,” she interrupted, before she hugged her arms around her legs. “I’m just…having a bad day.”

Fluttershy’s face softened from a look of embarrassed fear, to a look of genuine concern, seeing Sunset look so down. Gathering her courage, Fluttershy knelt down next to Sunset, and placed a reassuring hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry that this day isn’t going so well for you,” Fluttershy apologized once more, prompting a raised eyebrow glance from Sunset, “But, we’re here to help you if you need it. You know that, right?”

Sunset blinked at that comment, and glanced a long look at Fluttershy’s hand currently resting on her shoulder.

She let out a small sigh. “I really don’t know what it is that I’ve done to deserve all this,” she said as she stared at the wall.

Fluttershy saddened a bit. “Sunset...It’s not….” She hesitated a bit, as it looked like she was trying to find the right words, “We…we all make mistakes Sunset. Twilight told me that’s how we learn and get better.”

“It’s not just that,” Sunset shook her head, “It’s you guys.” Fluttershy blinked in confusion. “I mean, why are you guys so nice to me? After everything I’ve done, especially to YOU Fluttershy, how could you all just welcome me back here so easily?”

What happened next was something Sunset didn’t expect.

Fluttershy placed both her hands on Sunset’s shoulders, and gave her the most serious expression Sunset had ever seen. Well, serious for Fluttershy anyway.

“Because,” Fluttershy spoke with a stern, yet softly tone, “We’re your friends, Sunset. Friends forgive each other.”

“But is that enough, Fluttershy?” Sunset interjected, “I’ve broken the very foundation of the Jedi Order by turning to the Dark Side! So why are you all so KIND to me, letting me stay here? Why don’t you hate me after all that I’ve done? I practically tried to kill all of-”

Sunset was quickly shut-up as Fluttershy placed her hand on Sunset’s mouth. Fluttershy then took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as she looked at Sunset with a deep concerning expression.
“Sunset, I don’t think I can hate anybody, especially you, even if I tried,” Fluttershy spoke softly, “And I don’t want to hate you. It wouldn’t help anybody.”

‘That’s Fluttershy for you,’ Sunset quipped, ‘”Element of Kindness” to a tee. She probably doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body.’

“And you want to know why we’re still your friends, even after you’ve made a mistake?” Fluttershy asked.

Sunset’s eyes perked up at this, inquisitively.

“It’s because you feel bad about what happened.” Fluttershy said warmly, “The fact that you feel guilty shows you’re not a bad person, and you’re working really hard to make up for it.”

“That doesn’t really help, Fluttershy,” Sunset deadpanned, “I still feel bad about feeling bad.”

“Then can I ask you a question Sunset?” Fluttershy asked, “If you could go back, feeling what you feel now, would things be different?”

Sunset cast her gaze downwards. When she started this so called “journey”, she told herself she wanted to be the greatest of the Jedi, and was willing to do whatever it took to become just that. Looking back though, she couldn’t even fathom bringing herself casting aside everything she knew about being a Jedi to accomplish that goal.

Sunset closed her eyes and whispered softly.


“Then there you go.” Fluttershy said reassuringly, “You’re not as bad as you think you are Sunset.”

“Maybe. But still, is that enough?”

“Twilight believed so. I believe it too. That’s enough for me,” Fluttershy said, pointing to herself, “And the rest of our friends believe it as well.”

Sunset chuckled mirthlessly. “I’m not sure Rainbow Dash would agree with you on that.”

“She’s not as angry as you think she is Sunset. That’s just Rainbow Dash being… well… Rainbow Dash. She’ll come around.”

“I wish I could believe that, Fluttershy,” Sunset said solemnly, “I really do.” Even before her fall, people probably would’ve thought the chances of Sunset and Rainbow Dash being friends would be less than surviving a trip through an asteroid belt in a freighter. They weren’t really rivals compared to what Sunset thought of between her and Twilight, but the relationship between her and Rainbow Dash was definitely not a positive one.

So even after all that, after all Sunset had done, how was it so easy for Fluttershy to believe that Rainbow Dash would be a friend to the likes of her?

Fluttershy shifted her gaze from Sunset a bit, her mind searching for a way to remedy this situation, before she put on a small smile.

“Maybe you just need a bit of a break Sunset, you have been working really hard since you came back.” She said as she rose from the floor, “When I have a bad day, a nice stroll through the gardens usually cheers me up.” She offered her hand, “Th-That is, if you want to, if you’d like.” She smiled a timid smile.

Sunset simply stared at Fluttershy’s extended hand. On one note, she still didn’t feel that she deserved such treatment, even from Fluttershy… still, it had been a long day, and she wasn’t making any progress on her own. Besides, even if she couldn’t at the moment forgive herself, she could at least try and be happy while doing so. Maybe even with a friend too…

Sunset smiled in turn. “Alright Fluttershy,” she said while accepting her hand, “A stroll sounds really nice.”

Fluttershy was beaming as soon Sunset took her hand. “Oh, you’re going to love it Sunset! The pond has so many different types of fish! I just love how all of them glint in the sunlight,” Fluttershy squeed in excitement as they both left the meditation chamber, “OH, and I love just grooming the ferrets! I’ve heard that they’re from a forest planet from the Outer Rim. I just don’t know how those cute, fuzzy-wuzzys can survive in such a place-”

Sunset couldn’t help but smile as they walked through the corridors. Fluttershy, of all the Jedi, was probably the most compassionate and warm of all. Her love and devotion of animals was a sight to be behold; it certainly lived up to her title as the ‘Element of Kindness’.

“-OH, And feeding the ducks is oh so wonderful! We’ve had them imported from Naboo, and they are oh so adorable!” Fluttershy continued.

Sunset chuckled a bit. “I’m sure they are Fluttershy. But, I’ve never been really good with ducks or geese. For some reason, they always try to bite me.” Sunset grimaced as old memories of dozens of snapping beaks began to resurface.

“Don’t worry about that Sunset,” Fluttershy said reassuringly, “That’s just how most birds behave around-


Both Sunset and Fluttershy shrieked like a pair of Xandu Bats as a shrilled greeting came out of nowhere! Fluttershy was already on the floor, trembling with fear while anxiously trying to hide herself under her pink hair. Sunset on the other hand was desperately clutching at her chest, forcing herself to try NOT to die from a heart attack.

Sunset struggled to catch her breath long enough to find just what was the source of that noise. But lo and behold, hanging from a colorful streamer above, was the Jedi Seer and the Element of Laughter: Pinkie Pie.

“Hiya Best Friends!” Pinkie chirped joyfully as she casually hung upside down, “Whatcha doing?”

Sunset could only blink at such question. “PINKIE PIE! ARE YOU TRYING TO SEND ME TO THE MED CENTER!?” She shouted, “You nearly scared me to death!”

“Not particularly,” Pinkie merely stated, “Unless you’re trying to get a case of the “funsies”!” To which Pinkie Pie drew a party horn from her pocket, and cheerfully blew it in Sunset’s face.

Sunset simply shook her head in annoyance. Even after becoming a Jedi and discovering all the wondrous and seemingly impossible mysteries of the Force, there was one thing in all of creation that she had given up on long ago: Trying to explain Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy, upon realizing that her frightening culprit was Pinkie Pie, which still didn’t help to lower her anxiety at her partner’s spontaneity, slowly rose to dust herself off, as well as stop shaking. “N-nice t-to s-see you t-too Pinkie Pie,” Fluttershy said nervously, adjusting her hair back into place, “B-but I have to agree with Sunset. You didn’t need to scare us both like that.”

Pinkie Pie didn’t seem unfazed in the slightest. “Well, what’s the point of having a surprise party without the ‘SURPRISE!’, doi?” She cheered jubilantly as she hoisted herself upright on the streamer without it breaking under her weight…somehow. “And you two did “Extra-terror-riffic” at the “Surprised” part, so thanks for that!”

Sunset was not pleased. “Look Pinkie, you just can’t go around-…wait, party? What party?” It was at that moment, both Sunset and Fluttershy had failed to realize their current surroundings. All over the corridor, from wall to rafter, the entire place was covered with party décor of all kinds. From streamers to bows, and balloons of all shapes, colors, and sizes, it was hard to believe that Fluttershy and Sunset, two capable Jedi and Masters of the Force, had missed seeing all this. Then again, the explanation a lot of them made was usually simple enough to avoid future headaches: “Pinkie Pie did it. That is all.” Not even the very Force could argue with that.

While Fluttershy stood in awe of the sheer amount of party favors decorating the walls, Sunset noticed many of the streamers had the word “Welcome” adorned on them. “I take we’re expecting somebody today?” Sunset asked sarcastically.

“Yeperoonie! It’s my specially made “Welcome to the Council of Harmony Get-Together Party”! I have it for every special someone that comes for a visit! After all, you’ve got to be superly-duperly special to come here, right?” Jumping down from the streamer, Pinkie Pie zipped across the hall and continued to add even more decorations to the hall.

Sunset simply rolled her eyes. For as long as she could remember, Pinkie Pie held a surprise party for every person that came to this temple, and the invitations weren’t exclusive to Jedi apparently. Politicians, royalty, even a random janitor by the name of Flynn weren’t excluded from Pinkie Pie’s soirees. It was heart-warming to see how much love and devotion Pinkie Pie took to make sure that the people she just met were happy and smiling. She, like Fluttershy, fit her Element well.

There was a time Sunset would’ve condemned this aspect of Pinkie Pie. In the past, Sunset wouldn’t have even considered attending Pinkie Pie’s parties. She would often blow people off who invited her for wasting her time on “frivolous and meaningless pursuits that no sane person would give a kriffing kung about”, instead of focusing on their training as Jedi and the benefit of the Galaxy. She often spent many nights alone with nothing but a datapad or her lightsaber as company, as she looked down on the others wasting their time with Pinkie Pie’s parties.

Looking back on it now, there was a lot of regret in Sunset for missing those parties with her new companions. But that was before, and now, Sunset had a chance to experience these parties willingly. She’d be a fool not to take it now.

“Any…room for one more guest?” Sunset asked, albeit a bit nervously.

Pinkie Pie’s head snapped in Sunset’s direction, briefly staring at Sunset in astonishment before flashing a wide grin. “Well of COURSE! There’s always room at a PINKIE PIE party!”

“You’ll love it Sunset,” smiled Fluttershy, placing a hand on Sunset’s shoulder, “Parties are so much fun with yummy food, games, and music. T-that is, if it’s not too loud of course.”

“I’m sure it won’t be too loud Fluttershy,” Sunset said before whispering in Fluttershy’s ear, “Though, you never can really be prepared with Pinkie Pie at the reins.” Fluttershy merely groaned with anxiety. “And, I’d be happy to come. It’s about time that I did. So, who are we welcoming at your party today Pinkie?”

“Oh! Someone REALLY-REALLY-REALLY IMPORTANT! Remember that Jedi Consular that Coruscant said was supposed to be coming? Well, we just got a transmission about half-an-hour ago! They’re on their way!”

Sunset suddenly felt as if all the blood in her face was drained away, as her heart skipped a bit. “….W-w-what?” She felt as if someone dropped a bucket of ice water on her, followed immediately by a bucket of scalding water. Her ears began to ring. “T-they’re… they’re coming… TODAY!?” Sunset was now in a full-blown panic. The entire room began to swirl and blur around her as she was overcome with anxiety. There were sounds around her, such as the sound of an audible gasp, and maybe a question of some kind, but she couldn’t register it.

In all the days of regret upon her reformation, this was the day that Sunset had long dreaded, one that possibly held the very fate of her future as a Jedi in jeopardy! Falling into the Dark Side was a path from which there was no coming back from, for no Jedi had ever returned from the Dark Side… at least, alive. Thus, with her being here, now, under the roof of a Jedi Temple after falling, there was no doubt that the Jedi Council would come to question this action. Twilight may have spared her, but Sunset was still subject to the will of the entire council, and for violating the sacred laws of the Jedi Order, it could very well mean… exile and banishment, sending her away from everything she had worked so hard to build! Taking her away from…

Sunset was starting to feel lightheaded. Her heart began to beat feverously as anxiety threatened to take hold. Her mind was race a mile-a-minute of everything that could threaten to go wrong. ‘How could I forget that they’re coming TODAY?!’ she mentally screamed at herself, ‘I’M ALWAYS PREPARED!’ Being ‘prepared’ was why she had spent the last weeks meditating herself to isolation, to prove that she was still a Jedi! But with her nightmares and visions still plaguing her, even today, and with her abilities…

Sunset gripped her hair in a half-grazed panic! ‘I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M DOOMED! I’M-‘


Sunset snapped out of her panic induced haze by a soft shrill, to find both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy both staring at her with looks of concern.

“Sunset! Calm down!” Said Pinkie Pie worriedly, “You’re gonna give yourself a freak-out!”

It took a minute for Sunset to register Pinkie’s words.

“…..Calm down?.....HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN!!?!”

She obviously didn’t take it well.



This time, the voice didn’t come from Pinkie Pie, as she was shirking under Sunset’s misdirected fiery rage. Instead, it came from Fluttershy, who right now, was glaring at Sunset with a gaze that probably would’ve stopped a charging Rancor.

Fluttershy’s “Stare”, as many of her friends have come to call it, locked in with Sunset’s own frustrated glare, struggling to douse the flare that was Sunset’s anger. “Don’t yell at Pinkie Pie like that!” Said Fluttershy with a firm and serious tone, “She’s only trying to help you!”

Normally when provoked, Sunset’s usual routine was to fire back shots after piercing shots to whittle her opponent down. But seeing Fluttershy’s “Stare Glare”, a look that was perplexing as it was terrifying, made it harder to want to fire back, especially seeing Pinkie Pie anxious at the ensuing power struggle.

So what if Pinkie Pie was anxious though? Nobody even bothered to tell her that a Consular was coming, and her air-headedness was enough justification for Sunset to get mad! How can anyone just let this just slide away just because of some STUPID PARTY?! And WHO THE CHU TA WAS WEAK, FRAIL, TIMID FLUTTERSHY TO TELL HER HOW TO-

No, don’t give in! Don’t lose control!

Sunset’s mind came to a screeching halt as she caught herself, as she shook her head in frustration. She forced herself to suck in a deep breath, and forced her anger to subside. She let out a deep sigh. “I’m sorry Fluttershy. I’m just…” she paused, struggling to admit the right words, “I’m just caught off guard. I was trying to be prepared for this day ever since I came back.”

Fluttershy sighed as she regained her own calming composure. “It’s okay Sunset, I know you’re stressed, and I’m sorry I got mad at you too.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m sorry too,” Pinkie Pie added, “I didn’t know that you didn’t know what I knew. I guess maybe this was TOO much of a surprise. And that’s a first for me. I mean, I thought Fluttershy was gonna tell you, so it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise and, but still a bit of a surprise, you know?”

Sunset blinked and shot Fluttershy a confused glance, where’s Fluttershy wore a guilty look on her face. “It’s true Sunset, I already knew.” Fluttershy admitted.

“Wha, why didn’t you tell me Fluttershy?”

“I was going to tell you,” Fluttershy said somberly as she fidgeted in place, “But, you looked so distressed and sad, I didn’t want to bring you news that might upset you. We all know you’ve been working so hard since you’ve come back.” Fluttershy shirked at her guilt, “Please don’t be mad Sunset, I didn’t want you to worry.”

Sunset only groaned as she throbbed her temples between her eyes. “No, no, it’s okay Fluttershy. I understand, and thank you. I just wish that I were more ready for this.”

Fluttershy placed a hand on Sunset’s shoulder, trying to comfort her. “It’ll be alright Sunset, we’ll vouch for you when they come.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie squealed, “I mean, sure you went to the Dark Side and all, but you’re still our bestest buddy, right?” She grinned a goofy smile, which Sunset only grimaced a bit at. “And hey, Twilight vouched for you, right? And she’s a great at choosing friends! She’s practically the “Jedi Princess of Friendship” and all.” She blinked. “Saaaaaaaay, that’s a GREAT title! I gotta tell her that when she gets back!”

Sunset didn’t seem too enlightened by that prospect. “I know that Pinkie Pie, I know Twilight vouched for me more than anyone… but if she vouched for me why does the Jedi Council think they need to send somebody anyway?” Sunset’s voice was beginning to waver, “And for that matter, why did she even LEAVE if she vouched for me?!”

It was true. Shortly after Twilight Sparkle spared Sunset, the head of the Council of Harmony herself had somehow disappeared with little warning, with only a missing starfighter as even evidence of her sudden departure. None of her friends knew why Twilight would just up and leave like that. Not even her closest companion, her faithful droid assistant, SP-1K “Spike”, knew the reason. It was a blow that hurt all of them in the long run for a close friend to just leave without telling them. A blow for which Applejack, Jedi Sentinel and Element of Honesty, took it upon herself to look for Twilight and bring her back. She too had also hadn’t returned from her search, and in the upcoming short days following, it looked more and more that the Council was slowly dividing itself. Something that only added to Sunset’s already growing guilt for causing this.

The sound of silence was only noise filled the corridor, as neither Jedi could find an answer for Sunset. At least one that wouldn’t be giving her false hope.

Sunset simply stared at the ground despondently. “I just wish she didn’t have to leave. I…” She was shaking a bit now. “I’m… I’m scared of losing everything.” She would’ve never been this vulnerable before, but with her very livelihood on the line, what was the point?

She simply stood there, lamenting what was to come, until she felt suddenly a pair of arms wrap around her shoulders and brought her into a tight but warm embrace, followed by another pair of arms doing the same. She blankly stared at Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy holding her tight in a warming hug. Her first instinct usually to flinch away, irked by the sudden closeness and feeling undeserving of it. But a new part of her, one that she was slowing growing to accept liked it. The feeling of being both warm and close to people she had grown to know. Smiling, she returned the gesture, and hugged both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie tightly.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy both broke the hug, and gave Sunset a warm set of smiles. “It’s okay Sunset, let’s turn that frowney, upside-downey. Twilight maybe gone, but we’re still your friends! And hey, you know what really cheers me up when I’m down? A BIG OL’ PARTY!!” She exclaimed, throwing her arms in the arm in a mock-cheer.

Sunset grinned meekly at Pinkie Pie’s enthusiasm. “That does sound like fun Pinkie, and thank you… but I doubt that a party is enough to convince the Council to not think badly of me.”

“THE HECK IT WON’T!” Pinkie Pie squealed, causing Sunset to flinch a bit, “Parties are a great way for people to get distracted! They’ll be too busy having fun playing games, shaking the moves, and having all kinds of tasty sweets and treats to think anything bad about you! And once they see just how awesome, cool, fun, and a super-duper friend you are, there’s no WAY they’d think you’re a bad Jedi!”

Pinkie’s eyes then shot open as a sudden realization hit her, with her letting out an exceptionally long gasp.

“Oh my, that sounds like a wonderful idea Pinkie.” Fluttershy happily agreed.

Sunset could only blink in surprise. “A...an entire party dedicated to me? Really?” Nobody had ever dedicated a party to her before. The only celebrations that were dedicated to her were her graduation ceremonies of becoming a Jedi Knight. “Thank you Pinkie.” Said Sunset.

“Hey, anything to help out one of my bestest buddies!” Exclaimed Pinkie Pie, as she didn’t hesitate to give Sunset another hug, this time with a bit more squeezing involved.

“Oof! Eh-Yeah Pinkie, maybe a party is just what I need to get my mind off all this mess.”

“Oh, Sunset,” interjected Fluttershy, “We can still take that walk through the garden if it will help you relax. That is, if you still want to.”

Sunset nodded. “Yeah Fluttershy, that’s probably a good way to relax before the party.”

“OOOOOOOOOOH, a walk sounds like a Great Idea!” squeaked Pinkie Pie, “I still have to give out invitations to all the animals! Best kind of animal, is a PARTY ANIMAL!”

Sunset simply shook her head, smiling, as Fluttershy motioned them down the corridor towards the gardens, with Pinkie Pie grinning from ear to ear, a skip in her step, with Sunset in tow behind them.

Walking through the gardens with friends was probably just the thing Sunset needed to prepare herself for whoever was coming. It warmed Sunset that despite her past transgressions, there were still people that were willing to give her another chance, and most of all, be her friend, people whom she considered nothing more that rivals in the past. She was beginning to regret all those times that she refused Pinkie Pie’s parties, helping Applejack around the temple for repairs, or even just talking to any of the other Jedi at the temple, such as Bon-Bon or Vinyl. It made her feel better about having another start, thanks to Twilight…

But yet, she still felt uneasy about what was to come. Yes, she had her friends backing her, but there was still something missing from her that she felt she had lost when she returned, a fundamental part of herself. She was still struggling to meditate, even to this day, with only nightmares plaguing her almost every night of that damned holocron. And even worse yet, even when she was meditating earlier, she couldn’t even sense when-

“SUNSET! Are you coming?” yelled Fluttershy. Sunset was brought back to reality, when she realized she was lagging behind both of them.

“Ugh, yeah! Sorry! I’m coming.” Sunset yelled back, as she sprinted up back to her friends down the corridor.

As the Sun shone briskly in the Equun sky above, two fellow Jedi we’re waiting impatiently on one of the many the landing platforms surrounding the Temple. One of them, Master Rarity, the Element of Generosity, was nervously pacing around in her own circle. The other, Rainbow Dash, the Element of Loyalty, simply stood arms crossed with an annoyed look on her face, tapping her foot impatiently.

Rainbow Dash could hardly stand the idea of waiting for the incoming shuttle any longer, especially with Rarity pacing back and forth like some broken down astromech.

“Would you give it a rest already?” said Rainbow Dash, “You’ve been pacing like that for the past twenty minutes. I’m surprised you haven’t made a crease in the floor already.”

“Well, pardon moi if I actually seem nervous about this situation Rainbow Dash, I have a very good reason to be.” Rarity defended herself, “Besides, you’re one to talk. How much restraint is it taking you to wait like I am?”

“More than enough,” Rainbow mumbled in frustration, “I don’t understand why I have to be out here anyway waiting for some random big-wig from Coruscant. I have a lot of better things I could be doing with my time right now.”

“Oh really? Like what, exactly?”

“I don’t know, napping? Anything is better than this.”

Rarity simply rolled her eyes, “Rainbow Dash, honestly, I wish you would take this a bit more seriously, we are doing this for Sunset’s benefit, after all.”

“I’m taking this as seriously as it needs to be, Rarity,” Rainbow Dash huffed, “Sunset messed up, she needs to pay for it. End of story.”

Rarity was rather taken aback by Rainbow Dash’s rather harsh bluntness. “Rainbow! How could you be so uncaring and uncouth about this?!”

“Why are you getting so worked up about this Rarity? Sunset went to the Dark Side, and now she’s got to own up to it.”

“That may be true,” said Rarity, “But that’s still no reason to just simply write her off just because she made a mistake. Sunset’s not that bad of a person, if you would actually take the time to get to know her Darling.”

Rainbow Dash simply grunted, “Yeah sure. Or maybe you’ve forgotten, that said “mistake” was one that nearly got our heads just lopped off! Yeah, a “mistake” like that isn’t something I can just ‘brush off’ Rarity.” She grimaced, folding her arms defensively.

Rarity was going to interject with a bit of a more snide comment, but she caught herself before any words rolled off her already sharpened tongue. Verbal jousting was very unbecoming of a fine Lady such as herself, and wouldn’t get them anywhere in helping Sunset. Swallowing her pride, Rarity simply sighed to compose herself.

“Rainbow Dash, I know both you and Sunset haven’t always had the… best of agreements,” said Rarity. Rainbow Dash simply raised her eyebrow, with a look that pretty much screamed: ‘You think?’, “But if you actually sat down and talked with her, you’ll realize that she’s a changed person, who deeply regrets what she’s done. You can’t hold on to this grudge between you both forever.”

“Wanna bet?” Rainbow Dash said sarcastically.

Rarity puffed her cheeks in indignation. “You are just so stubborn, you know that? Honestly, Rainbow Dash, one of these days, you’re going to have to try to get along with Sunset, because she is our friend, and needs our help. Twilight could see that she need help at least.”

Rainbow Dash flinched at the mention of their lost friend’s name. “…I just don’t see why Twilight could forgive her so easily, even after she practically violated everything we know about being a Jedi.”

“Twilight saw something in Sunset, potential of some kind,” Rarity added, “And I for one believe her. Sunset is upset enough as it is, and that’s proof enough for me that she deserves a second chance that Twilight gave her, especially from us.” She leaned over to Rainbow Dash. “You trust Twilight, don’t you?”

Rainbow Dash grimaced as she averted Rarity’s gaze. “…Yes.” She mumbled.

“Good,” Rarity smirked, “Twilight has always been an excellent judge of other people, riiiight?”

Rainbow Dash frowned, still averting her gaze before ultimately sighing. “Yes.” She uttered.

“Good,” Rarity smirked once more, “Then, with all that in mind, will you be giving Sunset another chance at friendship?”

Rainbow Dash simply shot her a sharp look. “…I’ll think about it.”

Rarity simply sighed in resignation. “M’well, I suppose it’s a start for you.”

Before Rainbow Dash could offer a rebuttal, both of them were interrupted by sound of flight engines emerging from the skies above. Sure enough, piercing through Equus’s clouds, a large T-4 Class Jedi Shuttle descended towards the landing pad. Its single vertical wing was colored scarlet red of the Galactic Republic, with the winged star symbol of the Jedi Order adorned on its side. As it descended closer and closer to land, the single wing slowly shifted to its horizontal landing position, its landing gear descended, and touched down softly.

Rarity adjusted her robes to make herself look as professional and presentable as possible, while Rainbow Dash simply stood in place, arms folded. Rarity wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this new visit to their temple, but she had to make sure she made an excellent impression, especially with Rainbow Dash joining her. Sunset’s future here was at stake after all.

As the shuttle began to power down, the outer door to the shuttle hissed with steam as the walking platform was extended. And out from the innards of the shuttle, a single figure stepped out onto the platform.

Clothed in the traditional garbs of the Jedi Order, this young woman was probably no older than Rarity in age. Her dark purple hair was adorned with aqua streaks going downwards, with her hair tied up in a simple ponytail in the back, and two tufts of purple and aqua hair hanging just above her eyebrows. The shoulder of her Jedi Robe was adorned with the symbol of a purple and white star, followed by two blue glimmering streams, a different symbol that each Jedi had personalized of themselves when they graduated from Padawans. Her royal blue eyes, laced with a thick, black eye shadow, where intensely focused on a datapad that she was holding, feverishly working it with a datapen, not even looking up to as she left the shuttle.

Rarity blinked at this single Jedi. ‘Well, not exactly what I was expecting, but I suppose beggars really can’t be choosers.’
Rarity stepped up and put on her best “Show Face” for the newcomer. “Welcome to the Equus and to the Council of Harmony, Madam. I am Master Rarity, Element of Generosity. And this is Guardian Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty. We offer you our utmost hospitality while you’re here.”

“Your welcomes are appreciated, but not necessary.” Said the newcomer bluntly, without even looking up from her datapad. “Starlight Glimmer, Consular of the Jedi Council on Coruscant, and I’m here for only one purpose.” She finally took her eyes off the datapad and stared fiercely at Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

“I’m here to see the “Subject”.”

Author's Note:

And thus, the fate of Sunset Shimmer as a Jedi is now in the hands of another. Will she allow her to stay? Or will she be cast aside and forgotten?

Thank you all for sticking around for my first story again. You guys truly are wonderful fans. While I already had this chapter written out when I first started this story, I wanted to pace myself a bit without putting in all at once.

With that said however, the next chapter may take a bit longer to finish, as I'm currently in my Final year at college, so please bear with me if I'm absent. Thank you all for sticking with me, and hope you enjoy this chapter.

Edited by LanceOmikron and SetoKavia.

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