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I don't write pony stories. I mainly write about humans or Equestria Girl stories.



Two schools: Canterlot High and Crystal Prep. One is carefree and lively, the other is more series and strict. While both schools are fair on their students, let see what happened if one student from each of them switch places.

Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap, to competitive teenage girls who love sports and showing off how great they are. Even though they haven met, they would find they might have a few things in common.

But when they try out for their school's soccer teams, they will find out that playing sports isn't just about being the best.

Art by Mixi Pie

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not bad...not bad at all; also:

As Indigo rushing back to her teammates, her friends cheer for to boost her motivation. And then, Lemon Zest finally found the right music that she wanting to play and start playing Final Countdown.

:eeyup: oddly appropriate...

Meanwhile, Griffonstone members was upset and there was infighting amongst the team.
"I Told You To Pass The Ball To Me Gilda!"

:facehoof: that makes sense on so many levels...

this...I like this; also:

"Why do you not want to play against them" Rainbow cautiously asked.
After a moment of silence, Crystal Foot finally confesses "It's because I came from there! They got me to transfer myself to Crystal Prep so I would join their sport teams and ruin their matches."
"WHAT!" yelled a shocked Rainbow.
But then Crystal Foot tells her "But I don't want to do it. I really don't like their underhanded tactics and the people at Changeling High is never really nice to me."

:facehoof: I'm upset that I'm not even a little bit surprised by this revelation...

After thinking about it for a second, Rainbow figure out what to say to him. "Crystal Foot, between Crystal Prep and Changeling High, which school do you like more?"
"Uh... Crystal Prep?"
"And when they play against each other in the soccer match, who would you like to win?"
"Um... Crystal Prep?"
"Well then, It sounds to me that your more of a Crystal Prep student then you are as a changeling.

:twilightoops: what's scary is that she's not entirely wrong...

And by the way, my name isn't really Crystal Foot.


:pinkiesmile: ah: I see what you did there...

Nice touch adding Gilda in.:pinkiesmile: I would get an editor if I were you tho.:applejackconfused:

Been waiting for something like this!
You can tell because he was doing backflips in joy in his room.

Dam you are clever.:raritywink:
The grammar tho.:facehoof:

Good to see CP Humane 5 who aren't just jerks because their attending Crystal Prep.

Omg I knew it was thorax!!

8172994 Oh geez. I wonder what gave it way?

Well nothing really i just immediately thought about thorax

8178964 Really... The fact that that I have his fake name "Crystal Foot" be a play-on-words of "Crystal Hoof" (the name that he used in his introductory episode) didn't gave it way?

Well a little bit. I just remembered thorax's name in mlp was something with crystal.

I only figured it out when he mentioned Changeling High


I thought so.

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