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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

Monster X and Aria Blaze...

Two souls as different as night and day, tied together through the bonds of both tragedy and the pain of loss. It is when the two of them are together, that they truly can be themselves and learn to heal from wounds of the past.
Together, they would risk life and limb to protect each other, as there is no obstacle or challenge that couldn't be overcome when the two of them are side-bye-side.

Nothing could stand in their way of devoting their lives to one another, and being for each other when needed the most.

So how in the heck did Monster X, of all people, screw THIS up?

Original Story Source by Tarbtano and Faith-Wolf
Edited by LanceOmikron

A little side story snippet from the awesome crossover that is The Bridge, this fic is a tribute to probably one of my favorite pairings in one of the most epic crossovers on the Internet.
Who knew that a Siren Songstress could find love and happiness with an Alien-created Superweapon from the Stars? Stranger pairings to be seen for sure.
But not only is this a tribute to one of the best crossovers in the MLP fandom, but a tribute an awesome author, and especially a good friend.
Happy Birthday Tarbtano! 👑

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It's always good to read a very endearing slice of life story. And the message carries on pretty strong. You shouldn't have to bend over backwards doing something that's stressful to you or your just plain not good at, expending a massive amount of effort to do so. Do what is meaningful for the both of you in a relationship and that's all you need.

next episode please we need more of them just like this

........And shoot each other in the knees from a distance of 120km away when the relationship reaches that point.

I really enjoyed this. A possible future for X x Aria.

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