• Published 30th Oct 2017
  • 5,853 Views, 94 Comments

I Don't Want to Grow Up - Orbiting Kettle

Another day, another failed assault on Equestria. Now poor Chitin has to report to Chrysalis and be the bearer of bad news. Such things had the tendency to be unhealthy if one wasn't lucky. Chitin didn't feel lucky at all.

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Down the Memory Lane

Author's Note:

Sequel (kind of, it's actually a prequel, but you get what I mean) available. You can find it here: A Bug on a Stick.

Have fun:twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 27 )

This isn't a chapter, ya dingus! :rainbowwild:

True, but in my obnubilated mind it was the easiest way to notify people that there is a kind-of-not-really-sequel.


If the story is "chrysalis is actually an eldritch horror" then the story has to focus on someone else or cannot be described to the audience.

Oh, well, yes, I agree that telling a story in first person with her would be, saying it euphemistically, challenging. But, considering the genre and other workarounds, I'm confident of being able to get something more out of the setting.

8667273 So, basically a gathering of nerds watching horror movies? :rainbowlaugh:

No, it's the Gorefest.

It sounds more cultural.

It explores a niche of the cinematic art.

Shut up:fluttershbad:

8668672 Hmph. I'm part of a much more refined and dignified social clique.



Well now. I read Bug on a Stick before this, and this is quite fun. I'm kinda scared to imagine one of Chrysi's siblings showing up, though.

And since she is really an eldritch being, I'm kinda scared of what'd happen given the...wrong mental state, and her outlasting people she rather likes.

Or as Changeling Space Program puts it, A Really Bad Day.

Well, it was all done to avoid a Really Bad Day, and up until now it's working:twilightsmile:

And, realistically, every new day on which existence continues is a little victory.

This is fuckin' awesome.

This was absolutely wonderful. Brought up something I've never seen before and executed it in a comedic way. Well done!

Well, they can just change themselves back/to something less eyesore-y after the alignment's done.

But it will still give Celestia and Luna tons of material to make fun of Chryssi afterward.

No, I mean specifically the 20 years to 3-4 years mark. Unless Starlight REALLY broke something even worse than she seemed to, heat death of the universe isn't coming in that timespan.

Oh, that? I intend to write about that, once I finish A Bug on a Stick.

Interesting premise.
Meh, I'll read it.
still gonna roast chrysalis with a makeshift welding-torch-flamethrower-thing

Well, arguably some iterations of Chryssi go awfully close to deserving it.

Some iterations deserve it?
Buddy, my dark side makes the Tyranids from 40k look like cute little cuddly stuffed animals.
Who needs reasons when you have GENOCIDE?!

Thank you! I appreciate it a lot.

Weird piece of headcanon for this universe: Nightmare Moon is a fusion of Luna and Chrysalis, and the entire 1000 year banishment thing was to give Chrysalis an excuse to do nothing for most of the alignment.

"Oh, Celestia, I just had the craziest dream in years... Why are you smiling like that?..."
"You know, Lulu, maybe 5 times is enough..."
"Just one more!"
*Sigh* "Alright."
"What? Did I missed anything?"
"Don't worry, Twilight, I was going to tell you anyway. Did you know..."

BTW, how BotS doing? Just finished, it's was awesome.


aBoaS has a new chapter in editing right now and it should come out in a couple of days. And I'm really glad you liked what came out for now:raritystarry:

Will you be doing something like this with the rest of the major villains?

I don't think I will do that. At least I don't if I'm not suddenly overwhelmed by a burst of inspiration.

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