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Upon seeing an advertisement, Rarity and Applejack discuss the proper way to pronounce certain words.

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Technically, Rarity has a Mid-Atlantic accent, rather than an English accent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Atlantic_accent

Otherwise, Great fic!

7334759 Thank you for the trivia and the praise.

Me and my Dad have argued about the correct pronunciation of that word since I was little. I say it's pronounced 'Adver-tise-ment' with a long 'i'. There's an 'e' in there, that makes the 'i' long. He keeps pronouncing it 'Advert-iss-ment', like it's spelled totally differently.

Bring me back to all the arguments I had with my dad during my childhood. I was raised In Wisconsin so my accent is primarily Midwestern however when I was 12 I discovered the show "top gear UK." And watched it religiously causing me to adopt more than a few British words. Things like "a bit of a - " and "ad-vert-isement" and my dad's most hated word "bodge." So my BBC butchard accent would agree with rarity in this situation. However while I watched the show I could never agree with there pronunciation of "aluminum."

Fun fact: the 'British' accent is actually one that was developed in the 1800s by the nobility to separate themselves from commoners. The 'original' British accent is actually commonly referred to as the 'American' accent.

“Silly Applejack,” said Rarity. “She can’t understand you if you use your southern dialect.”

“Ya know, tha more ya talk, tha more ya inch tah racism.”

With how she's using it, it's not so much racism as class-ism.

7335707 What do you mean "Top Gear UK"? It's just Top Gear, the American version (Top Gear US) came afterwards... Also, you are wrong it's pronounced al-you-min-yum not al-oo-min-um.


Tjakep bener


Oh no, here we go again...

When people say my name they never get it right. Because, my name is shared with an angel and the devil horns are silent.

This. I like this.

The reason for the difference in the names for aluminium (I'm British) is that the man who discovered it kept changing his mind on what to call it. Initially he called it Alumium, but he decided it didn't flow off the tongue very well. Then he changed it to aluminum (the way Americans currently say it) before changing it again to bring back the -ium ending that many other elements have.

I never realised that Americans said "prawcess", actually; and I watched quite a lot of ESEA showcasts on cp_process back in the day. Huh, weird.

7335324 Thanks! At least, I think that you're praising me...

7335345 For me, the arguments started in 7th grade, where I had a teacher who was African. She pronounced schedule differently from me. She'd say Shed-u-al. I had fun back then.

7335368 Rarity is just trying to sound fabuloso.

To be fair, she is pretty fabuloso.

7335825 I had no idea. Thanks for clueing me in.

Now I'll have the advantage at the parties when the conversation dies.

Just kidding. I'm not invited to any parties.

7336050 You're right. Is there a proper term for "class-ism" or is that just what it's called?

7336215 That was hilarious.

7336222 Lucky Europeans. They have cool accents...

7336587 Thank you for liking this.

7337197 It's really easy to miss. I don't normally realize when someone pronounces something differently. Then again, I'm very unattentive.


noun: classism

prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class.

Yeah, straight up classism

Though the better term would be something from a different area.. But xenophobia refers to outside your own country..hmm.


wow i actually didn't know that oh well, the more you know.


and the reason i specified the nationality of my favorite version of Top gear despite knowing full well it was the first version is out of complete respect for it.

i didn't want people at first glance to even for a second to mix up a show about three of some of the greatest TV presenters who had good chemistry who made a show that was genuinely about the love of a car to be mixed up with a show about three american b list celebrities who do nothing but stand around and be unfunny while they throw there cars off a cliff and wonder why they didn't fly. then they go back to the studio and put a stupid rhyme on every thing they stole from the UK version.

i actually cried when i watched the last episode of top gear uk with Jeremy, Richard and James. and i mean no disrespect to Matt Leblanc and Chris Evens, there are trying to make it there own show and its okay, but the top gear i knew and love since the years before driving was just a fantasy to me is dead.

i would like to apologize to the writer of this story for my off topic rambling.

7337497 Oh OK. I agree with your views on the new Top Gear (Grand Tour is coming out on Amazon Prime soon though - can't wait!)

7337054 TMYK...

7337513 i normally can't stand a support exclisive shows on any format, hulu, netflix, amazon prime.

but if its to see Jezza, Hamster, and Cpt. Slow again, i think i might hold my nose and see it.

7336187 I personally find it more natural to say it as aluminum. Aluminium is just awkward to say.

As long as what was said was understood, then shut the hell up Rarity.


Really? Huh, the one I've heard is shed-jul. (I use sked-jul, myself.)

British person here. I thought this was fun, so have a like. For what it's worth, I say "shed-yool" and "ad-VERT-iss-ment". Mind you, some people here do say "sked-yool", and it's about evenly split between "GAR-idj" and "GAR-ahj". Both with stress on the first syllable, though: "gar-AHJ" is most definitely American.

Fun fact: where I was born (not far from Birmingham) the traditional way to refer to one's mother is "Mom". Yes, with an O like in American English, not a "U" like Standard British English. It's always fun when people try to tell me "Mom" is an Americanism, then I can explain that we were using the word before the USA existed. :P

Finally a Rarity and Applejack story that’s not about them being a couple or shipped together. Also this was a pretty good read and funny considering that I am from the south and do have an accent .:eeyup:

Rarity's one to talk about speaking properly since it's strongly suggested in the show that she uses a fake accent to sound more upper class.

Rarity's accent is odd. It sounds like she's putting on an accent, as her singing voice is not English in sound, and her parents and sister all speak with American accents.

You hear 'mam' a lot in Nottingham, where I'm from.

Great story, loved it. After reading this I firmly believe topic Rarity is the type to pronounce vase as "va:z" and AJ the type to pronounce it as "vies".

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