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No, I'm serious. Twilight does not become an alicorn in this story. She might get a little irate about that, depending on what happens with her friends...

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Just a little something that's been knocking around my brain for some time. Why are there so many "Twilight becomes an alicorn" stories? What happens if Twilight does NOT become an alicorn? With no regard for any kind of regular publishing schedule, I intend to find out!

Where will this go? My curiosity is piqued, and I will not stop reading. Well, as long as you keep things interesting :pinkiehappy:

And thus we travel down the rabbit's hole (Angel will no doubt be pissed.)

Keep it up!

I want to see where this goes. Nice story, so far. :rainbowlaugh:

While this is very well written, i've actually only ever saw one "Twilight turns into an Alicorn" story.. and about 3 that make fun of the concept. :applejackunsure:

As said though, this is well written and I'll see where this is going.

Thanks all! I haven't written anything in years (used to be part of a collaborative fiction group which was a steep learning curve in story planning, pacing, reader engagement and creator ego management), so after lots of lurking, reading and a few comments for others here and there, I've decided it's time to take the plunge once more. But no pressure! Just a goofy story that has a couple of directions it could go, depending on how happy I am with the middle act. :twilightsmile:

I'm guessing this is going to turn into, "All Twilight's friends turn into Alicorns, but she doesn't" :?

I'm half-hoping for "everypony turns into an alicorn except for Twilight," because it would be hilarious to see the psychological effects on her. And, potentially, what happens when Derpy gets a unicorn horn dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Derpy_Hooves_lolface.png

I don't understand this fic. Not really sure what's going on. Much confusion.

Spike,Angel,Opal,Trees, Basicly everything except Twilight should become an Alicorn.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Mayyyyyyybe. It's an easy guess to make, but what the extent of this will be, well! I hope the difference is in the telling!

And now Equestria is screwed! xD

eeeeeyup, thought so ^^
also, that note cracks me up :pinkiehappy:

All beware the Mighty Pink One!

Well that's a bombshell and a half.

Twilight blew up = Don't panic, everything's going to be just fine.

Meanwhile, Discord's heart skipped a beat in anticipation of Equestria being flooded with chaos. Maybe there would be a little less disharmony and suffering than he was used to, but, oh well. Chaos is still chaos after all. :pinkiehappy:

Goodbye Equestrian. It was fun while it lasted. :fluttercry:

Comment posted by sparkfyre deleted Dec 22nd, 2012

At first, I thought the best line of this was 'Twilight blew up!' Then I read 'Found the problem. Pinkie Pie is an alicorn.' And it's just... So... Glorious!:rainbowlaugh:

Gah! I don't think I've ever left an update on any writing project that long. So sorry, every pony! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this piece of silliness.


I did enjoy that, thank you very much. Looking forward more!

ohh updates!
and silliness!
so much silliness!
it is glorious.:pinkiehappy:

I wonder if they to completed the warranty card that came with the Elements of Harmony.
I know I never do. :scootangel:

Bwahhh-hahahahah! Oh, the joys of posting from another time-zone... Chapter 4 had been up for all of 10 minutes, and I made the "Featured" box! I do NOT expect it to stay there for any real length of time, especially with the weekend coming up and the big stories updating like they normally (and regularly... confound you ponies!) do.

I should take a screen shot, just to say "I WAS THERE!" and laugh to myself some more!

Pft, Ok, I think I already she where this is going, and I think I'm gonna love it. Can't wait to see more. :pinkiehappy:

poor poor twilight, the only one not gonna be an alicorn.

Just to troll people, I want to see Twilight finally start a transformation - get all excited about it, and end up as a Bicorn. "Where's my wings? What about my horn...? WHY DO I HAVE TWO HORNS?!"

I can't help but imagine that Leaky Faucet sounds exactly like Mr. Harriman.

This is quite the fun little story here, but somehow I don't see it being wrapped up in two more chapters without feeling more rushed than a term paper you forgot was due tomorrow.

Or maybe some sort of pseudo-alacorn thing, where she's able to switch between wings and horn (and neither, I guess) at will, but unable to have both at once.
Close, but no cigar crown:facehoof:

This is a great story thus far, and I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this is amusing. Definitely looking forward to more. I hope Twilight does get something out of all these shenanigans. Maybe Pinkie can use her alicorn-tier fourth wall powers and change the title of the story?

Until eventually they are ALL alicorns!!!!.....Except Twilight. As it turns out the element of magic isn't so much a power source like the others as it is a focusing device to direct the elements power, which is why she feels bad while they feel amazing after every usage.

Luna, Cadence and I were all born this way.

Cadence was born as a pegasus

I think I've seen Ram Sea pop up in at least 10 different fics by now.
This is not a bad thing :pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle: Magical rhinoceros?
She IS kind of a magical powerhouse......:trollestia:

3469301 Where did this happen? I'm not saying you're wrong, I just aint seen it. Plus, for the purposes of this story, it's not overly important.... unless... * cue machievellian gloating *

3472496 A book was released in which her back story is told

3473492 3472496 In Magical Mystery Cure, Celestia said that what Twilight did had never been done before. At the very least, that implies pretty strongly that she's the first regular pony ever to become an alicorn. Personally, I'll believe the show over the book.


On a different note, chapter four has some verb tense problems. The first paragraph describes everything in present tense, then the story quickly switches to past tense. And it jumps back and forth a few more times through the rest of the chapter. Everything really should be in past tense.

3494940 Celestia meant she created new magic, not the Alicorn becoming thing

3495986 I see no reason to believe that.

3497354 "But today, Twilight Sparkle did something extraordinary. She created new magic, proving without a doubt that she is ready to be crowned Equestria's newest princess."

3497576 ...and at no point in that monologue did Celestia say it had never been done before. It was earlier, when the two of them were in the psychedelic void together, that Celestia told Twilight that she had accomplished something new, and at that time she did not specify that it was Twilight's magic.

So again, I see no reason to believe your interpretation.

3498227 Unless and until you can provide a reply with actual substance, kindly don't waste my time.

And now all the gates are open. .. fun times go, go.

Logic, remember how u just ignored her....
Welll, she doesn't need order anymore.

H haaa, there as seemed to be fire soon.
From every street, bon fire party.

Please update this awesome story!


I am ignoring those novels. I consider the IDW comics more canon than those.

I really could not tell you, Twilight. Luna, Cadence and I were all born this way.

I was oh so tempted to break the fourth wall there and yell at them "cadence was turned!! not born!! :flutterrage:" but I couldn't as I fell to the ground laughing upon finishing to read the story :rainbowlaugh:

Continue this story seriosuly, it's awesome!!! XD

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