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Aussie Brony. Damn ponies inspired me to take out the drawing pens for the first time in years...


Why oh why do I do this to myself?? · 10:58am Nov 8th, 2013

Yes, I've finally added new stuff to my "Not another Twilight Alicorn story".

In saying that, it's been over a year since I last looked at this thing. So why the change of heart? Well, a couple of reasons...

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Once upon a time... · 12:58pm Jan 30th, 2013

... there was a brony. Who discovered a magical world called FIMFiction, full of wonderful stories and tales by hardworking writers who also came from the land of Bron. He devoured these stories endlessly, cheering when a new chapter came out for long running epics, and chuckling maniacally at faster funny one-offs and crying appropriately at heart-tugging short stories. They inspired him, so much so that he decided to start a story of his own.

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