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Luna is no longer Nightmare Moon, and has returned to rule Equestira once again, but not everypony is so ready to forgive. When a secret organization kidnaps the Elements of Harmony and threatens to murder Luna, Rainbow Dash must go back into the memories of her ancestor Firefly, to learn the ways of the Assassins to fight this new terror and save the new princess, as well as her friends.

Credit to he4rtofcourage for the title image.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 184 )

This is pretty awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Totally awesome can not wait to "see" the looks on the rest of the mane6 faces we new assassin rainbow shows up:rainbowkiss: probably be:pinkiegasp:

this... is... awesome...

Glad to see this coming here, great story.

The only problem for me is the story implies Equestria back then Patriarchy which is kinda weird for a MLP fic since they're (and horses in real life) a Matriarchy. Granted it could be templar messing things up or something.

This was awesome! :pinkiehappy:

It's been a week still no update:fluttercry: :raritycry: :raritydespair: :fluttershbad:

Yeeeesssss an update whooooooooooooooooooooo:yay: thank you thank you thank you:pinkiehappy:

epic! keep up the good work. now all we need is a team of animators or game designers... or even modders, that would be rather epic.

53583 who knows wit the right bronys it could happen...Hmm...:rainbowlaugh: also great story ZakTH i have to say i ve stayed with this story ever since it came out also i think you were the first one to hit the metaphorical pot of gold combining assasens cread with ponys.......im looking forward to reading dash coming to a dashing rescue just like in the game :)

Also Ezio shoot the guy holding the hostage ...SLICE....:facehoof: really Ezio whats wrong with you

:yay: Yay! No more dealing with Google Docs! And read before EqD listed it! This makes the wait before Christmass, and my copy of AC:R, just a little more plesent.

O_O i am frankly quite disturbed that you made fluttershy's secret hobby making explosives, and if she actually had an ancestor who was like that, how did she steer away from liking explosives!? although I am enjoying the rest of the story. NICE ONE!!! =)

i meant fluttershy's ancestor, not Fluttershy herself...:twilightblush::facehoof:

:moustache: Exellente!

ok why are they no comments this story is simply awsome hell when im done reading it im going to again its like playing the game is just so good

So the question is... Whats Fluttershy's secret? :twilightoops:

I agree why is this not more popular? This story is amazing!

Yes I ahve been waiting forever for this! It was absolutely wonderful :heart:

when do you think you will get the next chapter up 'n running?




:pinkiehappy:this story doesn't update often but when it does the updates are awesome:pinkiehappy:

Awesome... I play assassins creed brotherhood music to this. Enjoyed reading the bit with firefly running from the guards listening to "escape." Epic escape music. :raritywink:

Assassins Creed has one of the best video game story lines I have ever played. Ranging from the smallest brawl, to the largest battle with Templars. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is. Only oveer 9000 Pinkie happy faces can express it but I can't do that many. SO 20 WILL DO.

i can finally track :pinkiehappy::yay:

This just came to my mind: Brotherhood of the Moon OST - Ponyville Rooftops

Ubisoft presents: Brotherhood of the moon.
And: Ezio+Ponies=Firefly

I hope that Dash won't have to go into the Black Room.

I fear that Dash will visit the Black Room...

It's getting better and better, next great chapter...
I only hope, that there would be more updates...

nice hearth warming reference.

Heavy: Eeeeyes!
WO0T! Pinkie Pie! Now we have everyone!

Twilight: Identification maker? :twilightoops:
Applejack: Thief :ajsmug:
Rarity: Ranger :raritywink:
Fluttershy: Demolitionist/Apothecary :flutterrage::yay:
Pinkie Pie: Mercenary or something like that? :pinkiesmile:

Why do I get the feeling that later on they'll run into an earth pony muttering how his mother told him that he should have been a rock farmer? :pinkiehappy:

I need MOAR! Keep writing!

I need MOAR! Keep writing!

I wonder why I imagined the blacksmith's (at the start) voice to be Billy Connolly's?



:derpyderp1: :derpyderp2: why do i hesitate about wondering what poseys 2nd duty is

maybe no comments becuase there engrossed??? :moustache:


Hey! I didn't realize this was on FimFiction! Tracked and liked.

Yay update:pinkiehappy:
Hooray Pip, I love you more now:scootangel:

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