• Published 17th Jul 2016
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The Crystallock - Holocron

A short clop between Flurry Heart and Shining Armor.

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"Don't you DARE say i didn't care!" Cadance shouted, interrupting Flurry with a firm smack across the face"

Aaaand already dropped, hard.

Was there something wrong?

Finally!! Incest story of Flurry Heart without she having cock!! :pinkiecrazy:

Someone had to do it lol :rainbowlaugh:

So I finally turn off my mature filter to see if I'm missing out on anything and this is the first story I come across.

Is that good or bad

I actually don't care all that much, so I suppose neither.

Okay, thank you for your honesty :ajsmug:

"Interesting." Cadance smirked, deciding to leave the two alone a little longer. She had to find a quick way to get through this new arousal anyway. "Looks like we'll have to have a few more family bonding moments."

Uploaded at 12:02 am

Its a maybe, i have to see how popular this fic gets first

>The Crystallock
>The Crystalock
>The Crystaock
>The Crystock
>The Crysock
>The Cryock
>The Crock
>The Cock

It all makes sense

I actually did not plan it like that :pinkiegasp:
But I wish I did :twilightsmile:
That would've been clever :twilightblush:

7399192 Narration soon I guess

Ah, I thought it was a play on the words 'crystal' and 'cock,' it appears that I was mistaken.

You know what?

I've come to the conclusion that the original creator of the Crystal Heart, this most honored yet forgotten sorcerer, whom the Crystal Ponies owe their protections against both foe and foul weather to... Was a giant troll.

And a perv.

"... Then he or she has to deflower their own child! Oooh yes, that's good, that's good, heh heh heh! Oh, oh, and on the heir's twentieth birthday, they have to do the Reddening, where they take out those newfangled stocks and put her in there, and every Crystal Pony whacks her with a paddle, give it to her hard, like bu-bamm, bu-bamm, heh heh heh! Should they do this every year? Ah, I'll decide later! Okay, so, when there's a younger sibling, they do the Crystallock too, but they gotta kiss the older one during it! On the mouth! Like, totally making out for everypony to see! Heh, heh, heh! And..."

I have now come to the conclusion my readers are far more clever than I am :rainbowlaugh:

Oh could you imagine Discord or someone being such a troll :rainbowlaugh:

"I'm going to star moving now, let me know if it hurts."

Pretty sure that should be 'start'

"There is no way around this, it has to happen"

So um, question: What if Shining Armor had died during Flurry's foalhood? With no father, does the empire just crumble? Or is Cadance forced to remarry?

Please don't make my head explode :rainbowlaugh:
I would have to say remarry or grow a penis

7399238 I actally wanna see a story about this guy now. That the best comment to anything I've seen in a while

I would rather love to see that too, imagine someone like that. Even Discord would not go so far.

You should explore that in the sequal if you do one

Actually, she does have a cock, it's just inside her instead of attached to her.

could've went into it with a little more detail than you did but otherwise it was pretty well written

please write more make another chapter this is amazing

But what a second chapter be?

7401224 maybe twilight joins in make it as incestuous as possible.

Well... that's a creative way to have a Shining x Flurry clopfic. "You have to fuck or the Empire will be fucked". Nicely played


Heh, guess I'm thinking of the stuff you aren't suppose to.

Now I imagine Cadance being too embarrassed by the whole thing to ask Twilight for help, and Twilight finding out now, only to point out all the flaws in the ceremony.

Twilight: None of this makes any sense! What if Shining was to have died? Do you have to grow a penis? What if you were dead as well? Then what happens? Can you just remarry? But if you can remarry then the step father wouldn't be related to Flurry, so what difference would it make who was up there doing it? Even if you took into consideration the angle of the crystal ponies having to see this happen in order for it to work, it doesn't matter who is actually up there. One well placed illusion spell and you and Shining could have done this without anypony being the wiser!

Very enjoyable I have read a similar clopfic that has dealt with the dilemma of incest but the great writing in that as in this makes it very stimulating, loved the attention to detail wished that other solutions could have been explored such as why couldn't they have gotten the remaining princesses involved or contemplated leaving the empire because of the old ways but amazing depth into characters feelings and emotions. I could feel their hearts breaking then repairing which made me sympathise with them. 9/10 "HOT" the only problem again is it needed more option exploration into avoiding the crystalock but other than that impressive.

7404013 what was the name of the clpofic?

Comment posted by TheAllSeeingEye deleted Jul 26th, 2016

Maybe it was Starswirl's perverted brother/sister. The one nopony liked to talk about so they were forgotten.

"Heeeey, Swirly!"
"Oh Gosh no. No. Not now. Not here."
"How's it hanging, bro? Lemme guess, it's all hangi-dangling dry like those bells you like to wear, eh? Heh heh heh!"
"I told you not to visit me anymore!"
"Woah woah woah! Take it easy, oh Bearded One! Is that a way to greet your favourite sibling? Hey, speaking of siblings, where are those fine Alicorn booties you keep around on a leash?"
"I'm not keeping anypony on a leash!"
"Yeah, well, no wonder you don't get any."
"What does that even mean?!"
"It means it's a darn waste 's what it is. Seriously, bro, if you go on like this, the only thing you'll ever be father of is your amnio-whatever spells. At least tap the blue one. The goth one with the moon ass patches. She looks like she'd like to be put on a leash."


So Cadance just kept this whole thing a secret from Shining Armor for 18 years?

Cause the beginning of the story is three days before Flurry's 18th and it implies that Shining Armor and Sunburst have only just been made aware of the tradition.

WTF Cadance?

...Sound like many people here take clopfic too seriously...:pinkiecrazy:

"Right, that's it. Off to the cliche high school dimension you go"

Will there be more?

I see it as this: if someone took the seconds or minutes to write out a comment expressing their dislike over a moment or the story in general, then that story has to be worth the time to read. Because if a person really didn't like it and wanted to move on, they wouldn't even have bothered with a comment, just a "dislike" and move on right?
I'm quite thankful for both the positive and negative comments I get, on this or any other story I write.

With how popular this story seems to be getting, it is possible.

I personally was hoping for a orgy in the crowd at the event, but then again, this probably wouldn't have fit so well considering the focus had to be more on Flurry.

But to make it short, I liked it. Flurry clopfics are a bit rare at the moment after all. But the ending certainly begs for a sequel though. :pinkiesmile:


I love to see Cadence join the incest thought. But not before she have some conflict in her heart first if it right or wrong. :derpytongue2:

7404643 Twilights shining experience

Fun story
Cant wait for part 2 where they have a family meeting/3some

Its still a giant maybe, i have other commissions ill have to write

hope to see what you have coming
i might get one myself
Discord realated~ hehe

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