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Original Works. It was a good run.

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nice, also where could I find the cover art?

7415642 I believe it's on Derpibooru, but unfortunately, when I grabbed the cover a few months ago, it seemed to be that the artist had taken it down from their galleries, so... yeah, try Derpibooru.

7415649 danke ich, dass werde versuchen,

good story, now got to go find more story with futa luna who mistress with twilight as the loyal slave/pet/lover

There's never enough submissive Twi. :twilightblush: :heart:

A very nice piece of work though it does feel a touch short and a little unfinished in terms of plot.

I've noticed that you seem to like to add a heavy dose of feels in your fics...

Is this story really finished?

7416563 In all honesty, I have been tempted to revisit this fic with Foals before, but I feel like we also have another collaborative effort (that we need too work on) that hits this topic better. So this one? Done, though admittedly, more could have been done with it. Sorry.

7417174 Hey, no worries. Sure, I may think that there could have easily been more chapters... but I already thoroughly enjoyed reading what was made, so who am I to say that you need to write more, you're the writer after all.

Keep up the amazing work, but only in a style with which you are comfortable. :twilightsmile:

Also, another collaborative effort? Is that out yet?

7417629 Nope! Foals and I have a lot of collaborative stuff that we either haven't finished, or haven't published, at least yet.

7417174 Well, if you ever do decide to revisit this rather titillating AU, I'll read the heck out of it! :rainbowlaugh:

Generally speaking, becoming a slave is not exactly something to aspire to.

Generally speaking, the master in question is not one of the Royal Sisters...

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