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Pinkie Pie loves working at Sugarcube Corner. But while she enjoys her jobs, there are some moments and some ponies that make her wish she just stayed in bed instead.

Join Pinkie Pie as she deals with the everyday trials and tribulations that comes with working at Sugarcube Corner!

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Well, Pinkie, looks like you're going to be put through the grinder. Even the Magic of Friendship won't save you from the hordes of customers.

Also, it sounds like this is going to be one of those months.

Reminds me of some stories my wife told me about working at the library.

Customers suck

Wow...reminds me of my old job. Except I'm not Pinkie, who's an optimist.

WHY did I suddenly get flashbacks to my customer service representative days back at T-mobile? :applejackconfused:

 a yellow earth stallion with a stripped white and blue mane.

Should be striped?

Nice story, but there's a minor typo.

There was this lady who though this was Carousel Boutique!

That should be "thought".

May I please recommend a site called Not Always Right? It is a site dedicated to the stupidity of some customers. This story reminded me of it when I was reading. And it was fabulous. That peanut butter, raisin, chocolate chip bit made my day. :pinkiehappy:


Lol, now you know where I got the inspiration for this story. :scootangel:

Waaaaait, so are you telling me that this lemon cookie has lemon in it, or just a substitute that tastes like lemon?

And oh my god finally someone else knows the joys of Not Always Right.

:rainbowderp: That last customer...wow...talk about just plain evil. I feel so bad for Pinkie...

This.. oh my... :facehoof:

All this makes me think of this http://notalwaysright.com/


Welcome to the harsh life of retail. A LOT of bone headed customers tend to do this to employees. :/

Loving this story so far. Good to know Pinkie can count on her friends to be there for her in the middle of workdays like these. Amazing how many people are utterly unaware they are terrible.

6686851 Ugh...I can't believe some people,,,

6686906 Taste like pain...

That second to last one, you really should realize you have a problem if Rainbow Dash is correcting your math.

:rainbowdetermined2: Yeah!
:rainbowhuh: Wait, what do you mean by that?

I actually pointed that out at Chapter 1, and apparently this is inspired and some of the stories are from not always right. Those people are crazy!


:twilightsmile: Well, Rainbow Dash, it means that you've officially become an egghead!

wow, is that last one based on a real story?

“I’m not getting my cinnamon bun, aren’t I?”

I'd like to imagine that, immediately after that was said, Pinkie leaped over the counter and began beating her face in.

Hate to say it but my favorite part of this chapter was the first customer. I've met tons of people just like that...

I had a good laugh at several of the jokes such as the one lady becoming what she hates. I also love the military like way Pinkie takes charge for a party.

“I have become the very thing that I hate.”

I sense somebody works retaaaaail~ :trollestia:

Plus that last bit~ Love it~

6737513 EVERYBODY forgets Spike! :twilightsheepish:

6738145 :raritystarry::twilightoops::fluttershbad::ajbemused::pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:

We forgot Spike!

:eeyup: Wuts the mater little feller?

:moustache: They forgot me, guess I'll read my comics see how Humdrum's doing. . .


Spike wasn't forgotten. Who do you think is piloting that helicopter at the end of the chapter? :moustache:

6738700 Spikey?:raritystarry: A helicopter pilot!
:scootangel::rainbowlaugh: Awesome!

Well somebody make sure he wears his ear protection! Tinnitus is no joke!


Oh... yes indeed they do.. well some of them.. okay.. well most...

*sighs* the things we put up with..

Why would that last customer even think that would work?

Hmmm... Money or angry wife........

I choose......

Ha, best chapter yet!

Now I want to know how the date went


:pinkiegasp: Trust me, you do NOT want to know!!!

That first bit~ Oooh I( love that one~ and the second one! Oh my gosh I haven't seen that in a looong time. My favorite~ <3

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my gut! That was great! That last part really got me!!!

I like the "buy some apples" part. Very classic.

The wonderful world of customer service!:pinkiecrazy:

My favorite part was Derpy lol :)

I must admit to my shame to losing my cool recently with the customer service of Verizon after they knocked out our internet while repairing our phone lines leaving us without the internet for thirteen days. Trying to contact them to get it fixed proved more of a hassle than would have been liked...

This should be made into a short film "The life of Pinkie Pie at work" :pinkiesmile:

So how much longer till Pinkie has a perfect day I wonder?

Ah, the wonderful world of sales!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh boy...I think I've seen every customer in this chapter...that was great!

Bravo! Bravo!

Kill all the customers

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