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Ponies tell themselves many stories.

Tales of great towers spun from the air itself; legends of those who could bend the heavens to their will; myths of cities that live forever on the edge of memory.

Often, the stories themselves bear little resemblance to reality; the truth is found between the lines.

In the spirit of Cold in Gardez's Lost Cities challenge.

Proofread by Not_A_Hat.

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Is this 4 different cities in the forest or are Seren, Arcadia, and Sophia all actually Aletheia as seen by Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth Ponies respectively?


are Seren, Arcadia, and Sophia all actually Aletheia as seen by Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth Ponies respectively?

Correct; the city of Aletheia, as it existed, has been forgotten. Each tribe's legends of Aletheia have come to reflect more the tribe in question than Aletheia itself, to the point where they all remember Aletheia as different cities.

A beautiful, soul-stirring tale of ancient, forgotten wonder.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Author Interviewer

I wish you'd expanded these a bit. It feels sparse overall, though I have to say it's fiendishly clever.

I was half worried that I'd weaken the story's conceit by expanding it, and half worried that I didn't have the skill to keep it engaging. If you don't think the former's too much of an issue, I might come back to it and expand it at some later stage.

Happy to see people nonetheless enjoying it! :scootangel:

I like this. Very true to the spirit of Lost Cities, but also unique. The twist was good, as well.

The only typos I found were three instances of double spaces:

Out of wind and thought they wrought casements

In their name, the ponies of Arcadia bent the sky itself to cover the city, and rejoiced in the majesty of the heavens surrounding them.

Like an old tome, the legends of the city itself are worn and weathered

Thanks for catching those :facehoof:

This is absolutely stellar. I was beaming all the way through this juicy lore. To me, this flies right up there with CiG's originals.

Each city was a blast to imagine and very original to me. Liked and favorited :twilightsmile:

I didn't make the connection that they were all the same place – I read the comments after reading the story to get that. By the end, I seen Aletheia as a first city, a sort of pre-harmony, that had all great things that the three races loved before they split and made their own cities elsewhere that accentuated both their values and favorite parts of Alethia. In that, each tribe could only have history of those segregated cities since all characteristic in each races history and myth overlap with Alethia, the original Tri-Eden from where it all started. In this way, Alethia was forgot by a sort of three-way overshadowing.

Maybe I'm just dense :applejackunsure: but both interpretations are so awesome :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for writing this Foehn. I'm going to be daydreaming of the splendor of Alethia for weeks :scootangel:

Also it looks like for pegasi, that Midnight City was their church

Thank you, and thank you again! You had me grinning for the better part of a day :twilightsheepish:. I'm happy you enjoyed it so much :twilightsmile:.

both interpretations are so awesome

And both are equally valid, death of the author and all.

That was beautiful and tragic. A great exploration of how stories change based on who tells them.

Thank you once again! So glad that you enjoyed this one.

Very well written! At some times, you repeat yourself (like for “ancient” and “wisdom”), but the atmosphere is perfectly suitable for what you describing.

9 of 10
Could be better, if you add more variety to cities (some “magical properties”?)

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