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I love this fandom, best thing to ever happen to me. Obviously, my favorite ship is Rainbow Dash and Soarin. I will have many other stories so stay posted. I will see you all next time, Brohoof.


Everypony needs a break from their busy life, even royalty. Twilight Sparkle the princess of Friendship is dating some special somepony. A cyan rainbow mane Pegasus named Rainbow Dash who is a sergeant of the WonderBolts. Even with there busy life, they still managed to date each other and finally have some free time. So follow TwiDash as they have a free day all to themselves, with a few cameos along the way. Also Rainbow has the perfect way to end the day with a surprise for Twi.
Credit to TheFlamingGay for editing story.

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Hmm... A Day With Twilight... Ehhh? I wonder where that came from :rainbowkiss: huehue
JKJK, Nice story man! It could use a little work on spacing, and the thoughts need to be italicized, but this is great!

Nice job!

6587279 Thanks for the feed back! :twilightsmile:

6587447 Welcome, what's a friend for? :rainbowkiss:

That moment when you want to comment but don't know what to say... :applejackunsure: Oh well. Great story I really enjoyed. Also my prediction was right! :pinkiehappy:

Yay, great guess then. Glad you liked it.

Escalated rather quickly with little description of events. Other than hthat it's an adorable story. I more so expected a Saorindash fic.

There will be probably later tonight.

Just as a little mesage. Part 2 of high flying love is here!

I thought it was cool how you had the story in Rainbows point of view. But I wish you would have gone more in depth of her thoughts about Twilight.
Anyway cute story, keep up the good work!

“That sounds great! You guys can stop by at anytime if you want something. Alright?” Said the pink mare looking at me and Twi. We nodded and continued our trot.

At least she ain’t being a cockblock lmaooo she’s been one for the last four books I’ve read. I love her tho :pinkiesmile:

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