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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Goddess vs Demon

Dear Princess Celestia

I think you should come to Twilight's, she's not doing well. I awoke to find a broken window, Naruto gone, and her crying. Apparently, she got curious and decided to take a peek in Naruto's memories since he wouldn't tell her about it and unfortunately, the memories wern't so pleasant, in fact, they were pretty bad. I wouldn't know since she didn't tell me what she saw, but after seeing it, she refused to tell us about his past, claiming that they were to personal and that Naruto wouldn't want it. I would like for you to assist us in trying to get Twilight to explain exactly why she won't tell us about his past and in finding Naruto.

Your faithful student's apprentice,


Spike finished the letter and sent it to Celestia with a puff of green fire. He then went back to the living room to try and get Twilight to explain.
"Comon Twi! I know that you saw sumthin bad and we just wanna know!" Applejack protested to Twillight, who shook her head.
"I'm sorry Applejack! What I saw was just to personal for me to just tell you, plus from reading his memories, I could tell that if any of us knew, he wouldn't want us to spread it!" She said, sighing in exasperation.
Rainbow Dash had now lost her patience and walked up to Twilight.
"Oh come on Twi! Just spill the beans already! It's not like we'll judge him for his past! So what did he do? Injure somepony? So what? He seems kind enough and I'm pretty sure from his attitude that he would be sorry of it anyway!"
At hearing this, Twillight turned and glared at her.
"That's exactly what he's afraid of Rainbow, he's afraid of us judging him and I could understand why!"
"Yeah well since we aren't gonna, why don't you tell just us what you saw?! Rainbow yelled back.
"No! There was a reason he didn't tell us! He had a reason to not tell us you know! You think that he didn't see how kind we were and that we wouldn't judge him from the past? He did! He had reason to do it! Twilight yelled back, turning her head away from Rainbow.
Rainbow was about to resort when a light filled the room, blinding them all.
"So Twillight, tell me what's wrong." Said a very worried Celestia, stepping out of the flash along with Luna.


"It seems that Naruto has fled from Ponyville. According to my spies, it seems that Celestia's student Twillight Sparkle tried to read his memories, and Naruto found out. I don't know what happened, but it caused him to try and escape to the forest.
Well, that IS good news. I know the power the boy has, mabey I could trick him into doing my dirty work for me!


Naruto was lying on the grass, drowning in his own sorrow.
Now that they know that I'm a jinchuuriki, they'll never accept me He thought in misery.
He had shut the Kyuubi out when it tried to talk to him, and he could still feel it it trying to break the barriers he set.
KIT! LISTEN TO- The Kyuubi was shut out as Naruto sent out another barrage of barriers.
Naruto would of continued to wallow in misery, but was interrupted by another voice surrounding him in the forest.
Hmmmm, so they kicked you out of Ponyville huh?
"Who are you?" Naruto asked with wariness.
They will never except you, you are trash, you can never be a part of Ponyville The voice whispered to him sadistically.
The voice seemed to hallow him of all hope, as if it was draining him of his happiness. Suddenly, six figures came out into the clearing. Naruto recognized them as the mane six, though something was of. They were literally dripping with malice, it was even worse than back in the village!
"I should of known you were a demon!" Twillight said with an evil look on her face.
"I should of left you to die when I found you" Fluttershy said right after, with an angry look.
Before Naruto could say anything, the ponies jumped on him and started beating him. It felt much worse than the beatings in the village, because they were his friends just yesterday. With every insult they said, he felt worse. He could feel himself losing control of the Kyuubi's demonic chakra, as it fought for control in his mind.
Oi! Kit! What are you doing! Stop pulling my chakra! The foxed yelled to no avial


Red chakra blasted arounded Naruto. His nails grew longer and shaper, his pupils changed into slits while his eye slowly faded from the once brilliant blue to crimson red, and his whisker marks enlargened. With a mighty roar, he blasted away the six ponies and he started running back towards Ponyville, tearing all the trees and animals down along the way. Back at the pond, the dead bodies of the mane six turned to black smoke, and out of it came a certain Draconequus who chuckled evilly.
Its going to be a pain trying to tame him, then again, I never did know he had a demonic side. He sighed, examining his claws.

Meanwhile, in another part of the everfree forest, we find two alicorns.
"Naruto! We do not wish to hurt you! Please come out!" Celestia yelled.
She looked at Luna with a sad face.
"Do you think we'll find him Luna? And even if we do, what do we do if he hates us?"
"Don't worry sister, I'm sure that he is very forgiving from what you described of him"
The two sisters couldn't be anymore wrong, as Twillight did not tell them anything about Naruto's memories, saying it was to personal, thus did not know about the Kyuubi.
A sudden roar come from the two Alicorns' right as the trees were obliterated in a red light, blinding the two princesses. When Celestia opened her eyes, she was shocked at what she saw before her.
"N-Naruto?" (Wouldn't you hate me if I ended it here)

The sight before the two princesses screamed evil as they both felt the massive amount of killing intent radiating from Naruto. Celestia also noticed his eyes were different. No longer were they the blue, kind eyes of the ocean, but demonic red eyes with slitted pupils. Never before had they feel such evil from anypony or creature. It felt even worse than Discord! While the chaos god didn't kill or harm anypony, just caused havoc open towns like forming chocolate rain, the Naruto right now seemed as if he wanted to go and tear out the throats of any living thing he saw. With a mighty roar, it charged the two sisters.

-Insert battle music-

Naruto charged at Luna with breakneck speed with a rasangan, which was blocked by Celestia, followed by a spiked energy ball sent by Luna, which hit him straight on since Celestia held him down with a levitation spell. He was sent flying into the trees. He got up a few seconds later, his worlds already healed, as if the damage was never done. Before the princesses could speak, he aimed a giant fireball at them, which Luna managed to deflect back to him. He sent five more fireballs at the returned fireball, causing it to grow bigger, and kicked it toward Celestia. She managed to dodge it, though the attack did destroy a chunck of the forest, She turned around and charged him, while Luna enhanced her speed and strength. Naruto jumped into the air, sending a giant beam of red chakra towards Celestia, which was blocked by with the combined efforts of the two goddesses. Luna charged a fire spell while Celesria charged a wind spell, they both released at once, forming a giant flaming blast that they sent full speed toward naruto. Naruto raised his hand and the red aura around him increased to a giant red claw, and the the princess' surprise, catches the giant fireball! He then threw it back towards the princesses at twice the speed, blasting them both. Celestia's mind was working overdrive as she landed.
How did he do that? She thought just before she blacked out.


-author's note-

I changed the diamond dog invasion chapter a little at the main parts. Those are the invasion and the explanation of chakra. Cheak it out if you want.

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When Kyuubi meets Discord, Discord will wish he was dead.


u bastard..... I FUCKING HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

fucking update soon dont leave me on a cliffhanger :flutterrage:

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DANG YOU CLIFFHANGER JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2:

Hey do you think I could rewrite this?

lol cliffhanger no jutsa XD:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

update soon you bastard.

only 11 weeks later :3

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Comment posted by sniper alchemist deleted May 16th, 2013

RAINBOW DASH IS BEST PONY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: :twilightsmile:

its been over a year since last update, I unofficaly declare this fic dead :fluttershysad:

this fic is dead indeed bad luck i liked it

oh come on whats it with Naruto story's never being finished D:

the creator of this site needs to put in a muchanic that removes stories that go longer then a year without an update and are not marked complete. and a fuasticorn tag

When are you updating?!:flutterrage:

Before I read it, what is the Gore tag for?
And how bad does it get ?

1.the fight needs some work, 2.was anyone else play undertale megalovania well reading the fight?, and 3. please give us MAOR!

I wonder what would really happen if the princesses went up against Naruto.

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