• Published 27th May 2012
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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Meeting the Mane 6 part 2

"ummm, hi, my name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto tried to sound as friendly as possible. "M-my name is F-fluttershy" The yellow pony replied quietly. "Can you tell me where I am?" Naruto asked. "Your in P-ponyville" Ponyville? That was a weird name to naruto, then again, they were probably all ponies so this town might of been named after it. 'Sweet kami where did you send me?' Naruto thought silently. "Ummmm, I think you should meet my friend T-twillight, I think she should be able to help you find out what happened to you" Twillight? Did all ponies here have such weird names? Naruto asked himself. Oh well, he could ask once he met this Twillight pony. "well, ok, let's go."

On the way to Twillight's house, Naruto was receiving lots of glances. 'this feels a lot like my childhood' Naruto thought uncomfortably. "Sorry about this, but we never seen your species here before, some ponies might get scarred" Fluttershy muttered over two or three ponies yelling "the horror!" and another one burying it's face in a pie as if it would protect it. "I can see that" Naruto chuckled lightly. He was so used to those eyes, those cold, unforgiving eyes, as if the moment a chance came up, they would try to kill him. It happened on a daily basis when he was a small child in Konoha, before he earned the villagers trust. He just hoped that he could earn the trust form these ponies as well.

"Here we are" Fluttershy said quietly. Naruto looked around with confusion. There wern't any houses, there was just a giant tree. "Where is her house?" Naruto asked in confusion. "ummmm I-it's the tree, t-the tree is her house." Fluttershy replied. HUUUUUUU?! Inside the tree?!" he asked in shock from what he heard. "T-twillight lives in the library" Fluttershy informs him after he calmed down. "Is somepony out there? Please don't yell. A voice said from the tree. "Sorry Twillight, but my friend here has never seen any kind of structures inside trees" Fluttershy answered. I found him hurt in the everfree forest, he needs your help with something" "Oh come in then!" The voice, Now much friendlier replied. Once they went in Naruto looked around. The inside of the tree was filled with bookshelves, each filled to the brim with different colored books. The air was extremely musty and smelled of old tomes, it was a lot like the room in the hokage tower where the forbidden scroll was located in, Naruto noted. As he passed them, he saw hundreds of titles. History of Equestria, A Guide to Beginner's Magic, History of summoning circles, classic poems, wait.... Icha Icha Paridise?! DaFaq? Once they passed the almost endless amount of books, they reached a small clearing of what seemed to be a living room. There sat a purple pony. She had a violet mane and tail with a pink stript in between. "Hello Fluttershy! Where is the pony that needs my help? And what is this creature that you brought along?" "Oi! That's rude! I can talk you know!" Naruto said in annoyance. The purple pony's eyes bugged out. "You can talk?! OmygoshomygoshomygoshthisisanewdiscoveryWhereareyoufromhowcanyoutalkwhatareyou-mmmmffffff!" Naruto covered the pony's mouth from saying anymore, she sounded a lot like one of sasuke's fan girls, which made naruto grimace because he know how annoying they could be. "okay, sit down and let me explain everything."

one long explanation of Naruto's arrival later

Naruto only told her the details of when he got here. He left out his past because he did not feel the need to talk about it. The purple pony had her mouth open in shock. "Sooooo let me get this straight, you just suddenly found yourself falling from the sky? What were you doing before that happened?" Oh no, Naruto did NOT want to talk about his past. "uhhhhhh stuff?" He replied and tried to sound as convincing as possible, though even he knew how meek it sounded. "Stuff? Ok, what kind of stuff?" The purple pony asked suspicisouly, Naruto could tell that she was the type that wouldn't give up until she got an answer. He could try to escape from the window, but that would make them even more suspicious, so he decided to only tell a little of what happened. "Well, I......I died." Naruto said sighing. The purple pony was now even more shocked. "Oh! I'm so sorry! Do you want to talk about it?" "No thanks....." Naruto replied now sounding a little depressed. "Well since your here, I guess I could tell you about the history of this place."

one more long explanation, this time of equestria later

It was Naruto's turn for his eyes to bug out, though his face was a bit more shocked. His eyes had no puipls and were bigger than the ramen bowels he ate at ichirakus, he face faulted several times throughout the lesson, and his jaws literally hit the floor halfway through the lesson..... and they were still on the ground right now. "Naruto?" Fluttershy asked worriedly. "Huh? Oh.... yeah..... I'm fine...... I going for a walk, I be back in a hour...." "Naruto wait!" Fluttershy said. "Leave him be Fluttershy, he needs time to take in the information."

Naruto walked into the everfree forest. Since he was little, he was very attached to nature. It didn't insult him like the villagers did in the village and was very peaceful, so he would usually go to the forest outside konoha when the states became to much. Naruto lifted his face, letting the light and shadows dance across his skin. Humming birds chirped and flew in and out of a patch of pennyroyal. He inhaled the minty scent and continued on, delighting in the sound of his feet sliding along the leaves. The forest shined with a plea sent glow as he watched little critters go along with daily business, how inviting the forest look right now, it made him want to live in the valley of green. The trees danced along with the wind in a gentle breeze, as if they were alive. Naruto perched himself on top of a tree and soon fell asleep.

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