• Published 27th May 2012
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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Painful Memories

Twillight felt another stab of guilt as she entered Naruto's room while he was asleep. This time, she was also worried, as she had not practiced reading memories much, since it was never needed, so was rather bad at it, but curiosity got the better of her as she put her horn on Naruto's head and began the spell. The world around her suddenly started to swirl. She found herself falling in darkness. She eventually gained her sight back to find herself in a white room.
Twillight looked around in confusion. She has tried the spell multiple times and the memories would always come to her mind, she never ended up in a place like this before. Her thoughts were interrupted by a dark and forbidding voice.
Hmmmmm, Twillight Sparkle, don't you know that it's impolite to try and read one's memories?"
Twillight could only let out a terrified croak. The voice sounded demonic, as if It could kill her just by putting enough killing intent into the voice, it made her feel like the was a mountain compressing her from all sides.
Well...., since you are so curious about his past, than I guess you could SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! The voice roared
Suddenly, a grey door appeared in front of Twillight, sucking her into the hazy red.


On the roof of Konoha, sat a young Naruto and Mizuki.
"You know Naruto, Iruka dosen't hate you, he's just strict" The jounin commented.
"Humph, yeah right" The blonde scoffed in return.
"Well, there is a secreat to passing the exams"


"That's right brat! You are the reincarnation of the Kyuubi! The village will never love someone like you!" Mizuki laughed maniacly.
Red chakra started to build around Naruto.
"DIE DEMON!" Mizuki yelled, throwing a Fuma Shuriken at Naruto.
He closed his eyes and waited for the pain. Shhhkkkk Naruto heard the sound of metal sliding into flesh, though did not feel pain. He slowly peeked open his eyes.


The sun was setting in Konoha, bathing the streets with a crimson red color. In a narrow alleyway sat a boy surrounded by angry villagers.
"P-please! I didn't do anything to you!" Naruto pleaded in vain.
His cries if innocence just seemed to anger the villagers even more
"You didn't do anything? YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING?! You know what you did you demon!"
The mob started pressing against the child. The beating had begun.

-Valley of the End-

At the valley of the end stood to figures.
"Come back sasuke! Don't go to that Pedo-snake Orochimaru!"
"Tch, the village has nothing for me, I need power so that I can defeat my brother, and Orochimaru can offer it."

"Humph, weak as ever I see." Sasuke stated, looking at the limp body of Naruto.
Red chakra suddenly started forming around Naruto.
Fine! If you won't come peacefully then I'll force you! If I have to break every bone in your body I will!"
Sasuke laughed.
"Hmmm, so you also have a special ability like me, no matter! I'll show you that no matter what, I'll always be more special than you!" Sasuke said evily
The two figures clashed in a shower of red and black chakra.

"s-sasuke, why?" Naruto asked feebly.
"To gain power" Sasuke said in a voice colder than ice.
Sasuke forced his hand out of Naruto's chest and walked away, leaving him to die.

-4th Great Ninja War-

Naruto and what was left of the rookie nine fought against a wave of sound nin. Ino had died in an ambush by orochimaru and tenten hid died from a fight with a reincarnated Sasori.
Need help? the Kyuubi asked.
Gimme half of you chakra
Are you sure? That much youkai could make you lose control
Its my only option
Naruto suddenly felt a massive chakra spike and with a roar, engaged in visions combat, killing everyone, including his friends and allies.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

Twillight stared at the memories in horror.
How can fate be so cruel to somepony? She thought.
As she turned to leave, a voice cut through in the darkness.
If you leave, Naruto's going to experience everything you just saw The kyuubi warned.
Twillight paled. That mean he would find out! What would she do? What if he hated her after this? She hoped with all his heart he would understand.


Naruto awoke screaming. He fell off his bed, clutching his head in agony as memories flooded in front of him. He saw the memories of his childhood, the death of Jaryia, and all his other memories in his previous life. As the pain faded, he looked up to see a horrified and guilty looking Twillight.
"What. Did. You. Do?" Naruto asked silently.
"I-I was curious about your past... and.... I used a spell to read your memories" She said quietly.
"I'm sorry" Twillight added silently, though Naruto was already gone.
Naruto jumped out the window, not caring about the glass stabbing him, and landed in a tree. He started tree hopping as fast as he could away from Ponyville.
Just when I'm about to make friends to, they probably hate me now he thought bitterly as he finally arrived at a pond after 30 minuets of hopping. He sat down and did the only thing that came to mind. He sat down next to a tree, curled up, and cried.

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