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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Diamond Dog Invasion

"Everything is going as planned sir"
"Excellent! Soon, I shall make those ponies understand the true meaning of chaos!"
"Sir, there is one small problem. There seems to be a new arrival to ponyville. He seems to be some kind of bipedal creature that speaks. According to our spies, he is called Naruto Uzamaki and.... well.... your not going to believe this sir, but he seems to have arrived here from falling out of the sky.
Hmmmm.... that IS intresting... I will have to test his abilities, see if he is a threat... send in a group of diamond dogs to raid the village and see what he can do!
"Yes sir!"

-Ponyville Libary-

Naruto was reading up on some books that introduced the basic concepts of magic. Of course, Twillight did explain it to him, but he wanted to see the theory for himself. He had to admit, it was quite similar to justu, though this seemed weaker than what chakra could do. It seemed as if basic magic was just to be able to levitate objects, and creating clones, which were acadamy level justu, seemed to only be able to be used by advanced users, and even then they were rather unstable and couldn't last for more than an hour or so. He chuckled in amusement. If the day came when he had to use an A rank justu, he would love to see the suprised faces of the ponies. He decided to go into the forest and practice some techniques.


Naruto was in a forest clearing in the shape of a circle that he made with an earth justu. He started out by practicing taijustu he went over the different styles in his head and how to do them as he practiced on a statue he made from stone. He decided to end with a new attack he came up with. Naruto ran up to the statue and released a barrage of wind enfused punches at the stone, also infusing the stone with chakra so it wouldn't break. He ended the stream of hits with a lightning infused uppercut, sending it high into the air. Because of his constant training with Kyuubi, he eventually mastered all the basic elements, so now he could easily use all of them as if he had an affinity for all of the elements. He then jumped up into the air striaght above the statue and sent a blur of punches so fast it would make Gai jealous, ending it with a yell of "Danmaku No Za Kaminari Ryu!"
( Barrage of the lightning dragon) and sent the statue flying back down with a lightning infused downward kick in the face.
He looked at the damage and nodded in satisfaction at the rubble remains of the statue and the large crater it made as he walked away back to ponyville.


Twillight was currently writing a letter to Celestia. The scratches of her pen were the only sounds in the quiet libary.

Dear Princess Celestia

Today, I have met a strange creature. His name was Naruto and he claimed to be some sort of biped creature called a human. He also says that he thinks he might be from another dimension entirely, with proof being from Fluttershy, as she saw him fall out of the sky. If you could, I would like to ask your help in trying to figure out how he ended up here.

Your Faithful Student,

Twillight Sparkle

P.S. He seemed to be hiding some things from me. He had a sad look in his eyes, those eyes resembled the ponies I met who suffered much in life. I would appreciate it if you could try and help me get him to open up more to us. Thank you.

While Naruto took the long thread back to Ponyville, he thought about what he would do now in this new dimension. He obviously wasn't going to return to Konoha, as there was nothing left there to return to, so mabey he could start a new life here? That would also have some drawbacks, as he knew that as of now, most of the civilians were afraid of him, as they never had seen something like him before. He sighed in frustration as he had to yet again gain the trust of a village.
"At least they don't hate you kit"
Shut up Kyuubi, not in the mood
"Yeah well it's not like it's my fault, you couldn't handle the yokai!" The fox said, shrugging innocently in his mind.
He's right Naruto thought in depression as he continued along.
"Cheer up kit, at least in this place, not everyone hates your guts" The fox said optimistically.

-Outskirts of Ponyville-

"Are the dogs prepared?"
"Yes sir"
"Good, we attack....... NOW!" A diamond dog alpha male said as the group of 40 diamond dogs started charging at the small village.


"We're being attacked!" A panicking pony yelled.
As soon as they saw the amount of Dogs that were headed this way, everybody started panicking, people were running around the streats, the smart ones barricading themselves in, while others shouted "We're doomed!"
Twillight was in shock. How had someone manage to get this many diamond dogs out here at once? They did attack, yes, but never in such a large group! She quickly ran back to the libary and started scribbling down words furiously on the nearest piece of paper she could find to inform Celestia.(poor paper)

-Ponyville Outskirts-

Something was wrong, very wrong. There shouldn't be ponies tuning around panicking as if the world was ending, there are not supposed to be this many destroyed houses, and there should absolutely NOT be an army of 40 dogs things causing the sence before him.
"Oi! Whadda ya think your doin trying to attack this place? Scram!"
The dogs seemed to just notice Naruto as they turned around and jumped into a battle stance while the dogs surrounded him.
A dog bigger than the rest which Naruto assumed to be the leader growled.
"You best stay out of our way creature, I don't care how strong you are, you can't defeat 40 of us together"
"Why don't you find out for yourselves?" Naruto scoffed, ignoring Twillight's pleas to surrender and the shocked look of the village ponies.
"As you wish"
Suddenly, all 40 dogs closed In at an alarming rate and formed a tight circle with Naruto in the center. The leader, still thinking him as not a threat sent one dog with a spear to battle him. The dog charged, though to Naruto, it seemed as it was slow motion. He easily doged the spear and did a pivot to the dogs back, choping his neck, and possibly breaking it. The leader growled and all the dogs starting attacking. Naruto doged left and right easily, breaking a paw here, punching one in the face there. He kicked one dog in the stomach, hearing the breaking of bones, launching it into a group of 15 or so more dogs, easily dispatching of half of the group. Naruto smirked.
"I think it's time we brought this up a notch"
He jumped into the air, waving a few hand signs.
Katon! Ryuka no Jutsu!
A giant dragon made of flame blasted out of Naruto's mouth, burning all the dogs to a crisp.
As he landed, he smiled at the shocked ponies.
"Someone mind explaining this to me?"
A glowing light suddenly appeared, blinding Naruto and the other ponies. As he gained his sight back, he saw a glowing white pony with wings and a horn.
"Where are the dogs?" Celestia asked.
She looked around, confused, and saw the scorched crater and naruto standing in between a bunch of unconscious diamond dogs.
"My dear Twillight, do you mind explaining?"
"O-oh course princess!" Twillight stammered, she was about to talk before she was interrupted by Naruto.
"Talk over food?"
The mane six nodded dumbly and followed Twillight and Celestia to Sugarcube Corner.

One explanation of Naruto later

Celestia nodded.
"So you are the human Twillight informed me about, well now that that's out of the way, why don't you explain to me how you were able to defeat 40 diamond dogs by yourself?"
Naruto was about to explain but Twillight talked before him.
"It was amazing princess! He jumped into the air, and he did these weird hand signs and said something in a weird launage, then he breathed fire! And it even formed into a-"
"Perhaps I should explain?" Naruto asked, not wanting to hear more of the ramble.
"Very well Naruto" Celestia said, ushering the ponies to be quiet, and getting quite a few listeners.
"Alright, this is a dosey, so I'll only explain the basics of chakra, the rest would take to long. From my universe, we don't use magic, we use something called chakra, which I guess you could call inner energy or ki, it depends. Chakra is the result when you mix the spiritual and physical energy in the body. This chakra can take on froms of five elements, earth, wind, fire, lightning, and water. Of course, it dosen't start out as one of those elements, it starts out as normal chakra, which is a kind of blue, wavy substance. To form it into one of the elements, you have to harness the power, different hand signs mean different things, for example, if you wanted to do a fire attack, you would have to do the fire hand sign, which is tiger" He showed them the sign for tiger. "Also, people can only be able to use certain types of elements. This is called an element affinity, it means he or she can use the element much more easier than others, they could still use techniques that aren't in there element affinity, though it would be much harder to do. I myself have gained an affinity with all elements, though how I got it is rather personal." Naruto said, remembering what the Kyuubi did to him. "There are also pure chakra attacks, which include illusion, teleportation, and kawarimi, which is a justu that can replace your body with something else, like a log. That would be mainly used to escape justu and attacks that were aimed for you. These techniques, or justu are sepeated into five ranks, D, C, B, A, and S. D rank is the weakest, usually being something like a transformation justu and S rank are the most powerful, most of not all of them able to kill people. Some are even so powerful that the side affect of using it means death. Well there's the basics of chakra, I'll go into more detail if I have to use the more in depth techniques." Rainbow Dash put a pout face,
"Aw man! Whadda ya mean you won't tell us how you got specialties with all elements?! I wanna know!" She put out puppy eyes.
"Nope, sorry, it's personal." Naruto said cheerfully
Rainbow Dash grumbled a little before telling them she had to go work at the weather team. One by one, the other ponies left along with Celestia and Naruto decided to go back to the libary.

Twillight was very curious. Naruto was becoming more and more mysterious, and she wanted to find out more about him, though every chance she took to ask about his past, he never did tell him, so she decided that tonight, she would read his memories. While she did feel rather guilty invading his personal memories, she decided she needed to know, so she set her priorities straight that she WOULD read his memories no matter what.

"Well how did it go?"
"Ummm...sir.... He destroyed the diamond dogs completely by himself and didn't even break a sweat sir..."
"Intresting.... I shall get rid of this pest, send in a hydra and make it attack tommorow afternoon! I don't care how strong he is, he can't match a hydra.

Authors's Note

Sorry if the lightning dragon's barrage is incorrect, I'll try to improve my Japanese as I continue writing"

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