• Published 27th May 2012
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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Meeting the Mane 6 part 4

Naruto decided to take a nap while waiting for Twillight's friends to arrive.

Naruto was standing in Konoha town square, with villagers surrounding him at all sides. He vaguely realized that his body was once more in his younger form, but did not react to it. The night was clear, with fireworks blasting away in the night sky, adding to the already festive mood of the village. All around him, people chatted away, it was enough to make even Sasuke giddy with joy. He walked through the village, enjoying the mood and smell of food in the air. He suddenly saw a head he recognized to be as his former academy teacher Iruka. "Iruka sensei!" Naruto yelled out in joy as he ran toward his beloved teacher. The chatter suddenly stopped and the fireworks dissapeared. It was as if time itself froze. The sky turned red and the crowd starting moving in a pattern, eventually swallowing Iruka whole into the mass of moving bodies as they started to form a circle around him. He could hear mutterings in the crowd and recieved lots of icy glares. Among the voices, he could hear things such as:

"demon brat"
"why is he alive"
"he should just go die"

The mutterings increased in volume as the crowd of people closed in on him.


"S-stop! Why are you doing this?!" Naruto's child self asked in vain.
The villagers got closer and closer, until eventually they began to spin in a circle, faster and faster, and everything was just one dark blur. The child Naruto fell on his knees and started crying.


Naruto fell of the couch in the libary and looked up to see six extremely worried ponies.
It was just a dream Naruto thought, trying to calm himself.
"Don't worry, I'm fine, I just had a nightmare" Naruto tried to lie as convincingly as possible.
"Are you sure? You were screaming in you sleep" Fluttershy asked in an extremely worried tone.
"Yeah, I'm fine. So who are these ladies?" Naruto asked, trying to avoid the subject
"Oh, yes! Naruto, this is Applejack" Twillight said, pointing to a yellow pony with a blonde mane.
"Pleasure ta meet cha" The pony said in a southern accent, shakeing Naruto's hand so hard he was sure it would fall of.
"This is rarity" Twillight gestured to a white unicorn.
"Oh hello darling, it is such a pleasure to meet you! If you don't mind I would love to study your clothing, I have never seen such a marvelous style!" Rarity said, marveling at his hokage attire, which consisted of a cape, a black shirt, and a fishnet shirt, which surprisingly were still in perfect condition after his fall from the sky incident.
"And finally, this here is Pinke Pie" Twillight said, now waving towards a pink pony.
"OhhimynameispinkepiedoyoulikecupcakesoranykindofcandywhydoyoulooksoweirddoyoulikepartiesGASPOHWAITYOURNEWANDISTILLHAVEN'TPREPAREDAWELCOMETOPONYVILLEPARTYYETWHATSHOULDICALLITIKNOWI'LLCALLITWELCOMETOPONHVILLEWHATEVERYOUAREPARTY!!!!" The hyperactive pink fuzz ball exclaimed as she ran out of the libary by jumping through a window.
"uhhhhhhhhhhh......" Naruto managed to get out. "Did she say all that in one breath?"
"Oh that's just Pinke being herself, you'll get used to it eventually" Twillight said sighing.
"Well, I guess we'll be going then, by the way, where will you be staying Naruto?" Fluttershy asked.
"Oh he can stay here, I'll conjure an extra bed for him" Twillight replied.
"Excuse me" Naruto said, still bewildered.
How the fuck did she say all that in one breath? Naruto wondered, as he went deeper into the libary. She seemed to have more energy than a drunk Lee on suger high, and the time that happened he almost destroyed Konoha.

--author's note--
I really need someone to tell me if they want one giant chapter per one to two days or two to three small ones per day

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