• Published 27th May 2012
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Heart Without A Beat - ewejam

The fourth great ninja war has ended, orochimaru and the Akatsuki killed, but for naruto..........

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Meeting the Mane Six part 3

I'm having a new layout from now on
Human/pony speaking-I can't believe it's not butter
Human/pony thinking-I can't believe it's not butter
Kyuubi/other demons speaking-I can't believe it's not butter
On with the story-----

The sun was setting in konoha, and a very pissed of blonde was cleaning the hokage faces of paint.
"And your not going home until every single scrap of paint is cleaned"
The blonde boy grumbled in return.
When is he going to grow up? Iruka thought, sighing.
"Say naruto, if you clean these faces, I'll treat you out for ramen"
He's very energetic when it comes to food Iruka chuckled quietly.
Iruka remembered the day he talked to Sarutobi.


"Hokage-sama, you can't be serious! To make me teach that, that demon!"
"I'm quite serious Iruka, I wish for you to become his homeroom for the academy."
"Because he is a lot like you Iruka, he has no parents to love him, just like you"

--flashback end--

Iruka stared at Naruto as they sat at Ichiraku's, pondering to himself about the boy. Perhaps he really was just an innocent boy? After all, if he was the demon, the village would already be destroyed.
"Finally!" Naruto exclaimed as a bowel of hot steamy ramen was put on the table.
"Thank you for the-WATCH OUT!!!!

Naruto was abruptly wrenched out of his peaceful dream by a cyan blur knocking him of the tree onto the forest floor.
That was all naruto could say as a cyan pegasus rushed up to him.
"Oh my Celestia I'm so sorry can you forgive me I was flying and trying to do a sonic rainboom and I lost balance and crashed to you are you okay are-
"It's okay, just be more careful next time" Naruto said, trying to reassure the cyan pony that he was alright.
After a few long minuets of Naruto trying to calm the pony down, they were walking, or in the pegasus's case, trotting through the forest in awkward scilence.
"What's your name? Mine is Rainbow Dash."
A fitting name Naruto thought as he noticed her rainbow mane and tail.
"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki"
"Soooooo, what are you?" They pony asked him with curious eyes.
"I'm what you call a human, I found myselve here a few hours back, falling out of the sky and got found by some ponies, who are trying to help he find a solution to how I ended up here."
"Wait, so your telling me you just fell out of the sky?"
"I don't believe you" Rainbow Dash scoffed.
Their conversation was interrupted by two voices.
"Naruto? Are you there?" A quiet voice called out.
"Naruto! Where are you?" A louder one called out.
"Twillight! Fluttershy! Is that you?" Rainbow Dash asked.
The two ponies emerged from some shrubbery.
"Rainbow Dash? What are you doing here?"
"Oh I was just flying and crashed into Naruto here."
"Naruto! Where have you been? You've been gone for three hours!" The purple pony exclaimed tiredly.
"Oh, ummmmmm I kinda fell asleep and Rainbow Dash here crashed into me while flying" Naruto replied sheepishly.
"You two know him?" The now confused Rainbow Dash asked.
"I met Naruto when I was looking for Angel in the forest and he fell out of the sky" Fluttershy said in a shy voice
"And I met him when Fluttershy took him to me to find out about how he ended up here." Twillight added.
"Wait, so are you from another universe? That is so cool!" The excited pony exclaimed, and started bombarding him with questions.
"Are there ponies where you come from? Can some humans fly? Can-
"Dashie? I think we should gather the girls, I'll explain once we get back to my libary"
Naruto looked at Twillight, with a thankful look on his face and mouth out a thank you.

--On the way to the libary--
"So tell me about yourselves, what are your likes, dislikes, and dreams?" Naruto asked, quoting from what Kakashi said when he was still genin. Rainbow Dash was the first to reply.
"I like flying, praticeing tricks, and hanging out with my friend! I don't like disloyal people and my dream is to one day join the wonderbolts!"
She reminds me of myself He chuckled quietly.
"Wonderbolts?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Yeah! There're the best fliers in Equestria!"
"Well that's very ambitious Rainbow, so what about you Twillight?"
"Oh, well my likes are researching, reading, and hanging out with friends, my dislikes are things that I can't solve, such as a hard puzzle, and my dream is.... well I never really thought of it really."
"Ok what about you Fluttershy?"
"oh........ I like taking care of animals and talking with my friends, I dislike ponies who hurt my friends or animals, and my dream is to mutter mutter mutter"
"Could you repeat that? Naruto asked
"mutter mutter mutter"
Naruto was surprised, he had extra sharp sences, even better than kiba's and this was the first time he met someone this quiet! She was even shyer than Hinata! Naruto's musing was interrupted by Twillight.
"Sorry, but Fluttershy is rather embarrassed about saying her dreams, not even we know it"
"Oh, that explains it" Naruto nodded in understanding, as they reached the Libary.

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