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This felt a little bit rushed and the tone is a tad rape-y for my tastes. Upvoting for Changeling!Twiley though.

I'm glad I got something right with this one. :twilightblush:


True that. Now get to work on that Filly!Cadance chapter


oh lawd

So, you paid someone to rape your husband, rendering him helpless as a mortal enemy violated him. And once it was over, your response was to giggle at the shame he felt from the forced pseudo-incest Shining was made to endure, then tell him to clean up for visitors (one of which being the sister he was image-raped by). In response to his feelings on his rape, emasculation, forced pseudo-incest, infidelity, and failure as a husband, she does... absolutely nothing.

Great job, Cadance. Great job.

Oh, wait! You're the alicorn of Love, right. Forgot that, sorry--nevermind, I retract my previous statement.

That last paragraph pushes Shining into asshole territory, too, but at least he's got a viable excuse.

i r scared....

That had completely slipped my mind. :twilightblush:

i will give it a 7 out of 10, good job

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