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Twilight Sparkle Gets A Physical

More like "Twilight Sparkle Gets Physical."


Ooohhh... That's a funny one right there! :pinkiehappy:

But now... This was a highly entertaining story, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. A+ :twilightblush:

Great, now every time I read this I'm gonna here that song 'Let's Get Phsyical' XD

Wonder what other spells that book has? Specifically, ones that Cadance would use on Shining in combination with this one. :twilightblush:

The writing was a little off putting, what with most sentences beginning with 'She' and some of them using incorrect punctuation, but that's alright to be honest. I enjoyed the story regardless. Thank you for writing it!

This... This is something I've wanted for awhile. Not the seeing or anything but male on futa on female is something I've surprisingly not found. Thank you, dear author, it was glorious.

The pun be real.

Despite never having heard that song, I was considering naming it that, but then I thought of how cliched that would sound.


That's funny. I think "Bad Touch by, The Bloodhound Gang" is more appropriate for this fic :rainbowlaugh:.

I agree with you.

'Let's Get Phsyical' is not naughty and straight forward enought:pinkiecrazy:

it read like "in,out,finish"... much to short for a decent clop scene.

Other then that it's original enough. I don't think I ever saw a Futalight story with nurse redheart where Twilight got penetrated herself by a doctor.

Maybe more oral action, position-change, tag-teaming nurse redheart, etc. and it could have been good.

5256591 True, but still ya can't help but sing it to yourself XD

How come there are not more stories where a Herm is being penetrated while penetrating a vagina?! Or if there is, could you link me to one?

5259177 My fetish is a futa being vaginaly penetrated while penetrating another vaginaly. I have yet to read another fic of that...


[somewhat wrong inso many ways. But the PMV version]

I can't find the old amv version that I used to watch, and was the best video for that song. But that's the song.

well that was interesting :P

Oooh~ :raritystarry:
I wasn't expecting a follow-up!

It was clear

Ah, so she isn't producing sperm in her seminal fluid. That's good. Or I am misinterpreting the reason it is clear?

I have to wonder, why do their personalities shut off one moment, but then the next they (IE: Shining) get a conscience?

Nope, you got it right.

They got caught in the heat of the moment. That and I'm not a good clop writer. :derpytongue2:

A mixture of semen and marecum sprayed out of Shining and all over his sister's upper body, getting some on her face and in her mouth. Cum drained out of his sphincter and pussy and fell onto the bed.

No mention of blood?

Twilight was unfamiliar with stallion anatomy

You would think she had read up plenty about it growing up for 'research' purposes. I can see first hoof experience though.

“Still, I would prefer if it was just between us.”

Doctor/Patient confidentiality Twilight.

Twilight was now terrified. “Research?! As in-?”
Redheart nodded as she set a tube on a tray beside her. “Sexual research, yes.”

That's not what she meant Redheart.

when he saw his princess rut his nurse. “What the hay is going on here?!” He demanded.

What does it look like? Really, think about it for a moment.

Twilight chewed her lip and weakly nodded.

She's going to be getting a lot more action soon.

“1000 Spells to Improve Your Sex Life”, written and compiled by Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

“1000 Spells to Improve Your Sex Life”, written and compiled by fimfiction.net.

Cadance waved a hoof at Twilight as she spread her legs,

She always spreads her legs.

No Cadence or Shining tag?

That's why I used the "other" tag. Character limit is five tags, I'd need six tags for this story.

5767079 why am I unsurprised you said that

5767079 why am I unsurprised you said that

Okay, I think it's safe to say we've had our fun with futatwi. There's only so much one can do before it goes stale.


Pretty good, but you've got to improve your pacing. Everything was rushed through, and the speed at which ponies agree to sex (or disagree and get raped) is bizarre.

Just read chapter one for my clop channel on Youtube.

Was thinking of doing the other chapters or a newer of your fics. Whattya think? Should I?

Horses do not have a hymen, at least, I think not.

Holy hell, it's alive. Back onto the read later list, with you.

So thanks for that.

It's actually on life support. :raritywink:

What, no! Don't you die on me!
Live damn you, liiiiiive!

Or don't, whatever. Still on my list either way.

So thanks for that.

Stable smiled and nodded. “Forgive me.” He said with an apologetic tone as he rubbed his cock against Twilight's snatch. “Would this be your first time being vaginally penetrated?” Twilight chewed her lip and weakly nodded. “You're going to experience a moment of pain. What I want you to do is focus on the pleasure you're currently receiving.”

He's a doctor, he of all people should know that sex doesn't hurt the first time.

Shining found himself being lowered. His mind halted upon realization that he was going to be fucked in two holes at once. “No! Twiley! Cadance!” His pleas went ignored and he felt two horse cocks prod both entrances. “Twiley! Please!” All she did was grin at him as she forced him further down. He threw his head back and let out a mixed scream of pleasure and pain. Pleasure from being filled in two holes and pain from the tearing in one of the holes. “Oh, Celestia! I should've been born a mare!”

that's still rape...

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