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Awesome so this actually made it off the ground. I'll have to write something.

If I send in something unedited, do you by any chance have editing skills or know a good editor? Still looking for a new editor, hence why I havn't released anything for a while, dispite the wonderfull muse the cosmos has gifted me with recently.

Those poor drains :( That sorta stuff clogs them up like nobody's business!

It's okay, they are magic horse drains. Celestia spearheaded changes in the drain industry after she got tired of her staff taking long vacations after each estrus season. :trollestia:

I completely agree with author's note ;)

The biggest envy I ever have for poinies, unicorns specifically, is how easily they can just clean their mess up.
Two blinks and the previously utterly ruined bed, is in great shape again.

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