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Life is nothing more than a million stories blending together, the chaos which comes from such an event is what makes life more interesting, it is as discord said "What fun is there in making sense?"


When a boy who is taken from a convention and granted the powers of the character he is dressed as, he finds himself in a state of self loathing, now he must come to terms with what he is while avoiding the ponies of Equestria

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Much better... now if only I could thumb per chapter XD

I'm glad to hear you like it, also something i forgot to mention in the A/N I'm going to be doing something about beastboy eating meat. won't say what but it'll happen in later chapters

A little better, for sure. But... you missed the second [hr ] line, the one after the flashback.

Easily fixable, something I'm correcting right now

Okay, the third person story telling feels weird. Not bad or good, just weird. That may just be me though.

I have an idea! Cince beastboy can become any animal in the show, can he become a pony too?

First, your not the first to come to me with this idea, and I'll tell you what I've told others, I don't want to do that, because it would seem like a to OP power, being able to blend in with the regular ponies? No to much like a Changeling, plus I'm going off of the original Teen Titans, not that sorry excuse of a show Teen Titans Go.
I understand why it seems weird to you. Most stories are done in a first person style, plus this story was originally a first person story, so for you to see the same information expressed in different style makes your brain go "What?" the same thing happens to me when I hear a voice of a character change.

6459223 good! teen titans go is a shitty show, i prefer the original. I havent seen the original for a long time so ive firgotten some details.

There are a LOT of extraneous commas in this, as well as a number of extraneous apostrophes. Might want to talk someone into teaching you when to use them (and when to not). Also, semicolons.

Or you could use the wide, wild world of the world wide web! http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Commas and http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Apostrophes and http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Semicolon

Well that was an interesting first chapter. Hopefully you publish more soon!

And yes, Teen Titans Go was a horrible work of shame.
The creaters both admitted they had never even seen so much as a single episode. Which is why we got a gag filler series that has nothing to do with the original show.

*face hoofs* ... why pinky... just why....
more please!!!!!!

Poor Wade. He gets stuck with the odd ones.

To late!" Cyril thought.
The cube was to large for him to carry with his talons,


6506475 I don't know whether that is more insulting to Wade or the people he's met...

6506897 If I am completely honest, bit of both. Doesn't mean either is lesser for the interaction, just Wade has either the worst or best luck depending on how you view it.

Well... thats pretty much how I write him~

Definitely interesting. Changling is a good character to be displaced as and you have this guy as someone not against eating meat. My main focus is on him in the Everfree with that dragon in there. Maybe he saves another pony from it, Of course that would mean we can have the ultimate showdown. DRAGON VS. T-REX!!!!

Are you talking about the hydra? If so I hadn't considered it...keep an eye out for that chapter

6621550 Oh the Hydra would also be a great fight but I was thinking of the dragon spike found in the forest when he ran away because Twilight got her pet owl. Either one is good.

Well then. Congrats on making purplesmarts life harder. I'd advise you to run though before she razes the forest to the ground looking for her book.

and now they know there is more to the "wolf"
more please!

Now I'm left wondering what the purpose of the brown paint was, since it's now pretty much moot.

Also, you might want to look up the differences between "peek," "peak," and "pique," as well as "its" and "it's."

This fic actually raised my heart rate, i approve.

Good chapters can't wait for more and will twilight find beast boy

I don't like giving away spoilers however I think I can make an exception just this once. The paint was applied to his body as camo, but it was applied while he was in the form of a hawk. When he transformed into a wolf the surface area greatly increased making the paint virtually pointless. Cyril's original objective was not be seen as anything other than a wolf. The paint served it's purpose.

also yea I'm sorry but like I said I wanted update this story so bad that I kind of let my vocabulary slip a bit.

Is "the beast"from the episode the beast within going to apear[youtube=www.youtube.Com/watchv=37bDyR9Cmy8] IE the transformation

Mind reader no some one who was disappointed it didn't apear in the show more than twice YES it was possible the strongest BB ever got even the T Rex transformation would lose because of the his blinding speed

Not bad! Keep it going!
Am I the only one that did not know that he was beast boy until the middle of the first chapter?

Uh oh spaghettios! He got caught! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Comment posted by Breakdramon deleted Nov 25th, 2015

oh no... i feal sorry for him.

Good chapter can't wait for more

There are two possibilities available for Cyril now. Simply leaving Fluttershy, or hanging around her. Option one means Twilight will be hunting him for a while unless he moves his den, while option two means he has to deal with Twilight.

Wakes up at Fluttershy's, stars eating all the critters~

so angel is probable going to get eaten :derpytongue2::yay:

I think that he's going to go back and burn down the lab with everything in it and leave.

I really didn't. Good on ya mate!

Good chapter you did a great job can't wait for more

twilight has made a powerful enemy.:pinkiehappy:

good chapter:coolphoto::moustache::yay:
but I would like the protagonist manages to escape and twi trying to find because their samples are a mystery to her:twilightoops:
That would give a fresh air to that story, because usually always integrated with the mane 6 is makes friends and etc, etc, etc
I would like something different but the author is the one with the last opinion
but whatever it is will continue with enthusiasm this story
greetings and good luck:pinkiehappy:

6676503 i would fucking rip her legs off and break her horn then throw her into a wall at the hospital than break a leg of whoever trys to stop me or break the horn of whoever trys to use magic on me.
If it was celestia who trys to stop me id iether kill myself and say its her foult just before i die or i would yell at her for making the bitch her protégé.

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