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No One and Nobody

Just a brother and sister writing some fun stories.


This story is a sequel to Pony's Island

In a failed attempt to make Richie cool, Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph find themselves transported to Equestria. What follows are hijinks, mayhem and Fonzie being awesome.

There is a prequel to this story, but you don't need to read it (it just explains some of Pinkie's jokes).
Constructive Criticism is appreciated. I'm writing this story with my little sister so please keep the comments clean. It's worth noting that this is a tamed down version of the Fonz.
We don't own Happy Days or MLP.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 8 )

best crossover ever!!!!:pinkiehappy::raritywink:

Freakin beautiful, man. Freakin beautiful. Definitely keepin' track of this funfest. Can't ruin Fonz's cool factor, no matta what ya do.

Week done. Haven't watched the show but I'll keep reading

In the words of the great Fonz himself: Ayyy!

No One and Nobody,
You did just great with Vinyl!


6323650 it's not ", ayyy" it's Eyyyy

I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry: if if that's ok with u I mean

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